Prompt: Lightning

Thanks for all the reviews, everyone! I've really appreciated the suggestions and awesome outpouring of support for this series! This drabble is basically the result of too much P!nk. I recommend listening to "So What?" while reading.



Kurogane picked at a leather strap on his shoulder distastefully, as Fai stretched his arms and twirled the sticks he held deftly. Syaoran was behind them a little, trying to make sense of the black box that his guitar was plugged into.

"Remind me why we're doing this again."

Lightning seemed to flash out across the club's dance floor as Sakura adjusted the microphone stand nervously. She ended up having so much trouble with it that Syaoran had to leave his strumming and help her with it. She smiled at him embarrassedly.

Fai tapped out a lazy beat. "Because it's fun, Kuro-min!"

"I didn't think I'd enjoy learning to play this much," Syaoran mused, still bent over the box.

"Not to mention we were getting really tired of having to take Sakura gambling in every world we passed through," Fai added. "Trying out a job is a lot more interesting than watching slots go by, right, Sakura-chan?"

The girl nodded, her hands a little shaky, causing her tambourine to rattle with the motion.

Kurogane sighed. He was clad in all manner of odd clothing: a shirt that looked more like a fishing net than an article of clothing, wearing more belts than he would have previously thought possible for a human being, with tight leather pants and a black and red guitar to complete the ensemble. He'd been told that the guitar he held was electric, but that hardly made sense. What, was it powered by a lightning storm or something?

He briefly seethed to himself at how easily he'd gotten dragged into this.

The strobe lights flickered once again, and coupled with the roar of voices and stomping, he actually wondered whether they were in a storm or not. The music of the song seemed to be swelling around them as they prepared to go on.

"Alright, everyone, do your best!" chirps the pork bun, hefting a mallet twice its size as it prepares to assist Fai on the drums.

Syaoran finished getting the settings straightened out on his amplifier, and nodded. Sakura gulped, and stood straighter, her pink and black dress swaying with all the lace it had on it.

Lights flashed on them, and Kurogane grinned darkly. If he was using the power of storms to play this thing, what couldn't he do? His fingers plucked out a baseline and the melody spun into motion.

Hell, maybe he had a future as a rock star after all.