Summary: Gosh, could there really be a book entitled 101 Ways To Annoy Yami Yugi? By Ra, I do believe there is! Warning- to all worshippers of the Pharaoh- Do not read this!

Genre: Humour

Rating: Teen

Authoress's Note: Bah, I have had so much bad luck with this fic. First, it was banned for being a list, so I rewrote it, and then someone hacked into my account and deleted it. Probably jealous. Anyway, we are back, and thank you to all my past reviewers, and I hope that you will continue to support me! All material from this fic IS original, and was at the time this fic was first published, which was in March 2005 so if there are any plagiarists out there, I came first.

Sakina's back, taking the Fanfic world by storm!

Guess who's back, back again, Sakina's back, with a vengeance!

Bringing it back from the Fanfiction Graveyard, it's:

101 Ways To Annoy Yami Yugi

101 ways to annoy, harrass, confuse or generally scare his Pharaohness, Yami Yugi.

or: Sure fire ways to get yourself sent to the Shadows!

Yugi walked down the dark, musty shelves. Yami had scores upon scores of tomes in his soul world, and as Yugi was determined to explore every nook and cranny in the mysterious abode he had had to include the gigantic library, much to his dismay. How could the Pharaoh have read so many books in his short lifetime? Perhaps there would be a secret passage somewhere, or some hidden door, leading to the cure for cancer or some miracle, like it always was in the movies.

Beginning to despair, he realized he was running out of time. Yami would be back from his duel with Joey anytime soon, and if he found Yugi in the no access regions, then all hell would break loose.

Yugi turned back and began to run down the dusty shelves. Strange, he could've sworn he'd only just passed this one…No! He was lost! Spinning around, it seemed all the shelves were closing in on him…

Abruptly, the shelves upon shelves ceased and he came up against a wall. Now what? Gazing back at the way he'd come, he saw something move in the shadows. A book flopped down, title up for him to inspect:

101 Ways To Annoy Yami Yugi

Note: the author of this book is currently held for tortureby none other than the notorious Pharaoh and must be rescued at all costs.

Further down it read: So what are you waiting for? Read the book and save the author- the world deserves to know the truth!

Curiosity aroused, Yugi opened the leather bound volume at a random page.

"Laugh at him.

Shave off his hair.

If not the above, then set fire to his hair. There is nothing more amusing than watching someone try to put their hair out."

Gosh, that was mean, Yugi thought, but it sounds kind of fun. Smiling evilly, he read on.

"Turn his Millennium Puzzle the right way up, so it is pyramid shaped.

Tell him that 2+26

Ask him when was the last time he changed clothes.

Volunteer to buy him a cape, so he doesn't have to use his jacket as one.

Dye his hair orange so it looks like a starfish."

Bah! The stuck up Pharaoh refuses to acknowledge that I am the sole possessor of the trademark Yugi hair! Grrr…how novel it would look, to see Yami's face when his hair turns orange…He began walking, engrossed in the book, feet on a journey of their own.

"Call him Yugi-boy.

Say that Pegasus has died, and then tell him it isn't true.

Say that Yami Bakura is dead."

Hah! That would annoy him! Bakura can never be dead, because he isn't alive!

"Lock him in a room full of swirling colours and see how long it takes for him to pass out.

Iron out the creases in his trousers.

Try to teach him to play a mouth organ.

Anytime he enters any room, insist on entering first and announcing him grandly.

In these announcements, fake a trumpet noise and give him an equally fake drum roll.

Get the song 'Mr. Tambourine Man' stuck in his head.

Whack him in the arm and say 'mosquito' every few minutes.

Tell him to get a life!

Remind him that he isn't really alive."

"Yugi!" Yami's voice echoed across his mind chamber. "What are you doing near the Dimensional Dungeons?"

"Erm…" Yugi hadn't realized where he'd been going, but it seemed as if a force had been guiding him in some direction. He slipped the book into his pocket and tried to look innocent.

"Yugi, you should've seen the way I pummelled Joey. Of course, if only he'd believed in the Heart Of The Cards then maybe he would've stood a better chance. It must've been fate that I drew the right combination to…"

Yami set off, Yugi walking beside him. But he wasn't really listening, for his mind was on the book, and the mysterious author…

Just for the record- I don't actually hate Yami, I am just annoyed after having two fics banned and have some anger I need to vent. Unfortunately, Yami was the nearest, so sorry Yami fans!

Any new ideas would be appreciated; though I've already written most of the story there will be room to squeeze some more in at the end!