Without you

By Miss P

Summary: When Angela dies, Booth is there to comfort Brennan. But things don't end up as he had hoped…

Part one of three.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones…


Chapter One


Time went by slowly as Brennan nervously paced back and forth through the waiting room. Zach, Hodgins and Angela's father was there too, silently praying the artist would survive. The accident hadn't been stoppable as a car in full speed ran her down at the sidewalk. Angela had been rushed to the hospital in a very bad state and that was six hours ago.

Brennan couldn't be still, she couldn't bear just sitting there, waiting, hoping. She had to do something to take her mind away, she wanted to work, but she didn't want to leave the hospital either. She had always thought her best friend would be around, that Angela was someone who would never leave her, and now everything was at stake. Temperance shivered, there was a huge risk she would loose her best friend. What would she do without Angela? She would be lost without her… crushed…

"Bones," his voice brought her back from her thoughts and she stopped.

"Booth, I thought you were in New York…"

"I was, I took the first flight back as soon as I heard what happened, are you alright?"

Brennan shook her head but didn't say anything. When Booth had called her earlier this day, she's been almost hysterical. Now when the truth had caught up with her and she'd realized what was happening, she'd calmed down to her normal rational self.

"Angela?" Booth asked.

"It's bad, really bad…" Brennan whispered sadly.

"I'm sorry Temperance," Booth gently placed his hand on her arm in a comforting effort.

After what they all thought was an eternity, a doctor entered the waiting room, walking up to the group of three. Brennan hurried up to them with Booth following. She gave the doctor a look, trying to find out what he was going to say. But Brennan had never been good at reading people and failed.

The doctor sighed and started talking. "I'm afraid I have some bad news about Miss Montenegro…" he started and that was all Brennan needed to hear. She already knew, suddenly she saw it in the doctors face. She couldn't move, even though she just wanted to turn and run away.

"We did all we could, but she was too injured internally… I'm sorry…"

Brennan felt like she couldn't breathe. She wanted to talk, to find out all the fact that she so desperately needed, but she couldn't make a sound. She didn't notice the doctor leaving them alone, neither did she notice Booth's protective arm around her shoulders.

Brennan felt her head start to spin, her knees weakened. Before she hit the floor Booth caught her and prevented her from collapsing. He sat down at the bench with Brennan still in his arms. Booth thanked god he had gotten there in time. What if he'd still been in New York now, who would have been there for Bones? There was no way he would let her go through this alone.

"Dr Brennan?" Zach almost whispered her name. Brennan managed to straighten enough to look at him. "I'm so sorry Dr Brennan… Angela was a great friend, to all of us," he said and Brennan was not surprised to see his eyes all watery.

Brennan nodded. "Yes, thank you Zach," she hardly recognized her own voice as she spoke. It sounded so hollow, so far away…


Brennan was in shock as she let Booth drive her home. She didn't say a word as the car stopped outside her apartment and she let Booth follow her in without protesting. It was like she wasn't there, her mind was somewhere else and she felt so hollow inside. She felt like she'd left her soul at the hospital, left it with Angela as she'd said goodbye…

"Temperance?" Booth's voice was soft as he spoke. "Hey Bones?"

Brennan looked up at him from her position on the sofa. Booth gestured for the furniture. "I could… stay… if you want some company…" he said a bit hesitatingly.

"Thank you Booth… but I…" Brennan's voice trailed off. She shook her head, looking down at her hands.

Booth hesitated before sitting down next to her. "You shouldn't be alone," he whispered. "I'll stay."

Brennan met his look. "Thanks," she whispered.

There was a long silence and finally Booth broke it. "Temperance, it's okay to cry," he said gently touching her arm. "I understand how much it hurts loosing a friend… Bones, you don't have to bottle your feelings up, just let it out, okay?"

Brennan looked at him but remained silent. She took a trembling breath, biting her lower lip hard.

"I'm… I should get some sleep," she mumbled, getting up on her feet quickly. "You don't have to stay… the sofa isn't that comfortable sleeping at you don't have to if you…"

Booth cut her off. "It's fine. Hey I'll be right here if you… uh… need me."

Brennan nodded, walking into her bedroom carefully closing the door behind her.

Booth leaned back, sighing. He still couldn't believe Angela was really gone. She'd been so full of life, always putting a smile on everyone's lips. Booth felt sad, Angela had been one of his friends too, but what hurt him most was the look on Bones face. He knew she was in shock. She knew what had happened but refused to face the truth – that her best friend was gone forever. It was so unfair. Brennan had lost so much in her life, everyone she loved had left her, and now the history repeated itself with Angela. Booth didn't even want to think of what this tragedy would do to Bones. He was afraid she would lock away her heart and never let anyone close again. Booth prayed he would be able to help her open up, before it would be too late…