Title: Past, Present and Future
Pairing: Abby/CJ, CJ/Maggie
Prompt: slashthedrabble's #87-Angst
Timeline: The Nut Before Christmas
A/N: It does not take a genius to figure out what happened once after that door closed.

Abby never thought she was the jealous type. Sure she would get the odd pang of jealously every now and again, but other than that she never really gave much thought…until now.

When CJ first told her about the case, she managed to ignore the jealously that rose. She could understand why CJ wouldn't want to take this case, Maggie was her ex-lover, after all. But what she struggled to understand was the alteration in Cara's behavior.

Was she still in love Maggie? And if so, what she was? Some kind of replacement?

"A football? Awesome!" Eric's excitement brought Abby back to the present. He spun around. "Thanks mom!"

She smiled faintly. It was their tradition to open at least one present on Christmas Eve.

"Eric, honey? I loved the bracelet." Her gaze briefly fell onto the sliver charm bracelet. "How long did it take you to save your allowance money?"

He shrugged before running toward the staircase. "'Night, mom."

Abby's smile faded as the front door opened. "Don't spend too long on the Nintendo. An hour max."

He threw her a look of innocence, as he ran toward his room. Abby scoffed lightly before making her way toward the kitchen, only to have CJ hot on her heels.


Abby cringed at CJ's concern. Forcing a smile she spun around. "I'm fine."

"You're not a good liar."

Abby laughed, awkwardly. "It's not important."

CJ rewarded her with a skeptical look.

"You're still in love with her. I'm not stupid, CJ. Your behavior's changed…a-and I saw the way you looked at her today in court…you've never once looked at me like that," her voice cracked, slightly as anguish took over. She took a few steps back as CJ approached. "Eric and I will be spending Christmas morning at my parents." She paused briefly, lowering her head as she fought back the tears. "I will not be a replacement for Maggie."


"You're still in love with her! And clearly the feeling's mutual." Abby snapped, before storming out of the kitchen, pausing by the small table in the hallway. "So, let me make it easier for you…" She grabbed a set of keys from the table handing them back to CJ. "Here! Give them to Maggie I'm sure she'll appreciate them…unless she's still got her own set."

CJ placed the key back on the table. "Abby."

Abby angrily raised her hand. "Don't! Just don't!" With that Abby grabbed her car keys and stormed out.