Title: How the Story Ends.

Summary: "I'm sorry Kim."

Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible or anything affiliated with the show.

Rating: PG

A/N: I know I should be getting on with Thief to Thief but I was in a really angsty mood when I got the need to write this and I didn't want to write any more of Thief to Thief while I was in that kind of mind frame.

"Shego, please!"

"Sorry Kim." Shego looked away from the pleading teenager.

"Don't call me that!" The red head snapped. "Call me Princess or Kimmie, or something…please!"

The older woman kept her gaze lowered as she growled. "It's over Kim. Just leave, ok?" The teen heroine snapped and grabbed hold of the other woman by the waist, pulling her in close. "I don't understand." She sobbed. "I love you!"

"It's not enough!" Shego pushed her away, only to have Kim pull her back.

"Why not?" Kim pleaded desperately. "We're right for each other and you know it! We can make it work." The dark haired woman slumped against the teenager, her long time enemy and lover.

"Kimmie." She soothed. "We're not good together. We're enemies. You can't be bad and I won't be good…not even for you." She felt cold tears against her cheek and tried desperately not to let her own spill out. "We won't work Princess. So please, just leave and don't come back for me." She pulled out of the girl's clinging grasp and opened her apartment door.

"I-I don't understand-" The teen' tear stained face and wide eyes were wrecking Shego with guilt…and doubts. She had to end it quickly.

"No, you don't, because you're just a kid!" Shego shouted and pushed Kim to the door. She had to make sure she wouldn't want Shego back. She had to push away the only person who would ever truly lover her unconditionally. "I don't love you Kim. I never did."

The second the words left her mouth the pain they had caused the red head was obvious on her face. She looked torn between crying and lashing out. As she ran off Shego wasn't sure who hated her more at that moment, the heart broken teen, or herself.

"You did the right thing." Unlike Kim, Shego was aware that they had not been alone in the apartment.

"Get out." Shego growled clenching her fists.
"Kim has her whole life ahead of her Shego, you'd only of held her back. Dragged her down."

"I love her" Shego replied in an eerily calm and quiet voice. "That's why I did this. Not for you or Ron or anybody else. Got that? You wanted Kim to hate me, well now she does." Shego's fists ignited. "Now get the hell out of my apartment Mrs. Possible before I give her another reason to hate me."

Mrs. Dr. Possible sighed as she approached the door, leaving the seething heartbroken woman glaring at her resentfully. "You did the right thing Shego. You've given Kim another chance at a life. Thank you."