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Axel:Hello you all know me as Axel

Demyx: And I'm Demyx

Axel: Yeah he just follows me everywhere, playing that sitar and making water go everywhere!

Demyx: (playing sitar)

Axel: (Grabs it and throws it)

Demyx: (Starts crying)

Axel: Oh shut up! Anyway were going to take a closer look at KINGDOM HEARTS II!

Demyx: Sweetness!

Part 1


Axel: These are some Deleted sceens we are going to show you what you missed!

Demyx: Note some sceans may shock, disturb or contain possible "SPOILERS"!

Axel: So it was supposed to be Sora would say to some ORGANIZATION XIII Members how did you get into the orginization!

Demyx: And then a cutscean would appear.

Axel: Here are some of the cutsceans!


( Xemnes, Saix and Xaldin sitting at a judging table)

Xemnes: So what makes you think you can into the organization?

Demyx: I can make water appear and disapear! ( Goes to a sink and turns on the water and then turns the water off)

(Crickets chirp and a baby cries)

Demyx: I did good!

Axel: Whatever.



Xemnes: So what makes you think that you can get into the orginization?

Xigbar: Well I'll shoot each and everyone of you in the if I don't!

All three judges: (Gulp)



Xemnes: What makes you think that you can get into the organization?

Luxord: Because I'll offer free poker lessons!

Saix: Sweet!

Xaldin: You don't know how to play poker!

Saix: I know how to play!

Xaldin: What a two pair?

Saix: What's a what?

Demyx: So how did you get in Axel

Axel: I'm not telling!



Xemnes: What makes you think that you can get into the organization?

Axel: I don't know! Because I want to!

Xemnes: Okay!

Axel: How did you get that footage!

Demyx: It was in your pocket!

Axel: Oh!

Demyx: So what else are we going to talk about?

Axel: How about the free food we got! We had no problems with that!


Axel: You call these bagels!

Some guy: Yeah what do you call them!

Axel: I call these (Bleep)!

End Flashback

Demyx: That was a complaint right there!

Axel: No it wasn't!

Demyx: Yes it was!

Axel: NO IT WASN'T YOU (bleep)

END of chap 1