Xander drank in the sights and sounds around him and felt a piece of his soul had come home after a long journey. The fact that he was currently in Kansas, and there was nothing but crops beyond the city limits told him that it was more than likely that it was the part of his soul he had inherited from his father making him feel like this, but he wasn't going to complain.

"Is there a reason why you're here?" asked Clark as he appeared on the road next to Xander.

"You almost make it sound like you expected me to stay locked up in Titans Tower until I was sent home," said Xander as he glanced at the counterpart of his father. The man was dressed in the typical Clark Kent attire of a suit and glasses, but he completely lacked that meek aura that made the eyes of the best reporters in Metropolis slide off of him.

"That was the plan," admitted Clark.

"Yeah well, blame Conner, he's the one that told Ma and Pa that their grandchild from another dimension was visiting," said Xander. "As soon as that thing with Raven was over Ma had Conner drag me home by my ear."

"I'm sure it wasn't that bad," said Clark until Xander leaned his head to the side exposing a red and inflamed ear. "Then again, maybe it was."

"Yeah, expect to get grilled about why you and Lois don't have kids yet during dinner," said Xander as he revealed the reason the elder Kent's had decided to hold a family dinner that night, and it was made clear that attendance was mandatory. "Honestly I'm curious about it myself. From what I've heard you two have been married for a few years now, and Lois doesn't strike me as the type to put her career first for this long."

"It's complicated. After all, no matter how much alike we look, Lois and I are two different species, so it may be imposable for us to have a child."

"You know in all the excitement I can't remember if we were properly introduced, my names Xander Harris, but my birth name is Jole Kent, biological son of Clark and Lois Kent," said Xander in a somewhat playful tone as he reached over and offered Clark his hand.

"Just because it's possible in your dimension doesn't mean it's possible here," said Clark with a shake of his head.

"If I didn't have to hit you hard enough to send you through a wall to make you feel it I'd so give you a dope slap right now," said Xander as he rolled his eyes. "I mean as a writer I know how important it is to learn and hold onto words to make our point, but really by this point in your life you shouldn't even be thinking that something is impossible."

"I try not to think that way. I have my limits, and if I believe that there's nothing I can't do then I'll eventually take on too much and get myself and a lot of other people killed."

"That's why we have friends," said Xander his tone becoming a bit more serious as some memories of his father began to become clearer. "In my world my father learned enough about genetics from the Kryptonion database Jor-El sent with him that he was able to get my mother pregnant. The thing is nothing he learned taught him how to keep me from killing my mother once I had absorbed enough yellow sun light.

"He didn't let that stop him though, because he wanted me just as much as my mom did. So he swallowed his pride and asked his friends from the JSA to help him. Five weeks later Dr. Fate returned from a quest with a magical amulet that emitted red sun radiation and wouldn't harm my mother in the least.

"I haven't been in his universe very long, but I've been here long enough to see that it's possible to combine human and Kryptonion DNA and create life. You have friends that can walk between the layers of reality, or fly to the edges of the galaxy and make it back for dinner. Impossible only exists if you let it, and I think it's in the contract we signed when we became Superman to defy the impossible every chance we get."

"Maybe you're right, but I'd really hate to ask my friends to go through so much for just my personal benefit."

"Just remember that there's no harm in asking as long as you're willing to go to similar lengths for them."

"Maybe," Clark conceded.

"Good, because it's time for the awkward dinner, followed by you being grilled by your parents, while your wife extracts every drop of interesting information from my head."

"You make it sound like you're about to be interrogated by the CIA."

"Please, the CIA lives in envy of the information gathering skills of Lois Lane," Xander stated with a snort.

"And don't you forget it," said the aforementioned reporter as she came into the kitchen.

Dinner went about the way Xander expected it would. Ma and Pa Kent hinted that maybe it was time for Clark and Lois to start thinking about starting their own family while Lois was busy interviewing Xander, even if she would never be able to publish most of the facts she got.

"So Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in your world as well?" asked Lois.

"Yeah," said Xander as he sat back and let the meal digest. "August 6th, 1945. Paul Tibbets dropped the bomb flanked by the Blackhawks. It's kinda ironic really, the people with the superpowers were the propaganda golden boys, but because of the spear of destiny it was the normal soldiers and scientists that won the war."

"I've never understood why the bombings took place myself; Germany had fallen, and the spear of destiny was lost, there should have been another way to end the war with Japan that didn't involve using such a weapon," stated Clark.

"The argument was brought up, but apparently Japan was working on something called Eternal Dawn in my world. My father was never told what it was exactly, but apparently it could give Japan enough of an advantage that Truman gave the go ahead to drop the bombs," said Xander with a faraway look in his eyes. "Besides, even though we couldn't go on the offensive because of the Spear, that didn't mean that, the JSA didn't fight tooth and nail to hold the line when we could. By the time the bombs dropped everyone had seen so much bloodshed that they just wanted the war to end."

The uncomfortable silence that filled the room was broken by the most overlooked individual in the room. Krypto was apparently smart enough to know that no one was watching him, and used his powers to fly over the table, grab the remains of the turkey, and fly out through the window.

"Geez, first Starfire's garden, now this," said Conner as he got up and started to chase after the dog. "I swear if he keeps this up I'm going to ask Cyborg to make a kryptonite shock collar for him."

Xander simply shook his head at the sight, as if he needed proof that this world was stranger than his own. After all one case of parallel evolution is plausible, but to have two different species from two different worlds look exactly like each other, as well as having the exact same powers under a yellow sun was pushing it. Once can be a coincidence, twice indicates a deeper connection. That or god was feeling lazy.

Oh well, not his world, not his problem. Let the natives sort it out; Xander was perfectly content to simply watch and laugh at the situations the mutt got Conner into. After all it was much funnier when this stuff happened to someone else for a change, even if that someone else was a cloned dimensional twin of him.

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