Roy had to laugh.

He was going to become Fuhrer to stop the abuse of life. He was going to become Fuhrer to protect the people of Amestris. He was going to become Fuhrer to honor Maes' memory. He was going to become Fuhrer for Riza. And now he was going to become Fuhrer so that Edward Elric would pay him back?

Well, he'd never assumed he was doing this for himself.

"I'll pay you back when you're Fuhrer," the Fullmetal Alchemist had said. Shaking his head, Roy smiled at the memory of Edward's face: the expression had, for a moment, mirrored Riza's whenever she talked about his goal.

The message she'd sent was loud and clear, and Roy appreciated it to the depths of his heart. 'I'm not going to forget,' she had told him through her talk with Ed. 'I'm not going to forget, and neither should you.' It was a reminder that he wasn't alone.

Sometimes, Roy worried about his lieutenant, though he knew she didn't need his concern, and would probably have been annoyed he wasn't thinking of his own saftey. But here she had indulged him, at the same time reminding him of his reasons. For tonight, Roy could sit back and forget his clever plots, his pretty informants, his constant tightrope walk. For tonight, he could sit back and remember the feeling of having someone he trusted having his back.


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