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Author's Notes: I have not been so inspired to write fanfiction these days, but here I am with yet another story. I love mint-flavored and scented items, plus Rein x Shade is one of my OTPs. While I am no longer working on my challenge at 16scents (the community died), I will be basing the rest of my upcoming one-shots on the themes from it.

"Huuuu—!" the pink-haired princess of the Moon Kingdom whiffed.

The item in question was a simple parcel. It was wrapped in rather expensive-looking blue gift-wrapping paper with gold embellishments on the edges. Milky would typically ignore the items her brother received, but something about this object - namely its scent – attracted the child. Also, she could not understand why Shade had left it unopened for quite a while. Surely his interest peaked in it too!

"Milky, please refrain from smelling packages from strangers." her brother gnawed from his desk, not letting his eyes off of the book in his hand. "You can't trust outsiders so easily."

"Babu! Babuuuu!"



The boy, while not quick-tempered, could not help but give young Milky a sharp glare. The child's playfulness disappeared from her face in an instant, but she soon realized he was simply teasing her. With a smile on his face, he placed his book on his desk and approached Milky and the package. Picking it up and gesturing his sister to follow him, he took the peculiar object and sat down on the floor.

"Now, let's see what this is all about." he spoke.

"Babu!" Milky exclaimed. "Babbuuuu!"

"A scent? Hmm, interesting."


"The Sun Kingdom sent this, huh?"

Taking her 'words' into consideration, he decided to sniff the package for himself. Much to his surprise, he instantly caught the subtle yet distinct fragrance of mint. He savored the whiff for several moments, but his sister's wailing snapped him out of his trance-like state.

"Very well, let me open it."

With that said, he neatly tore off the wrapping paper by its folds, leaving only an exposed white box. He then opened the top of the box and removed the packing material within it. Besides the scent, he was left with another surprise.

"Babu!!" Milky jumped.

"C-chocolate?" Shade questioned, raising an eyebrow in response.

The chocolate bars – five to be exact – were elaborately wrapped in aquamarine-colored foil. Each piece was generously portioned, and, before he knew it, Milky had already started eating one of them. He was about to stop her from eating some stranger's chocolate, but his trained eyes soon found a simple card dangling on the side.

'Prince Shade,

Here is a small token of appreciation for you. I should have considered your likings and disliking first, but I believe chocolate is a reasonable gift. Sadly, I'm not a great chef, but I put all of my effort into these bars. I hope you will enjoy them.

Sincerely, Princess Rein.'

Giving a hardy chuckle under his breath, he carefully peeled open the foil on one of the bars and plopped a small chunk of it into his mouth. The minty flavor kicked in first, followed by the rich taste of milk chocolate and a hint of vanilla.

Shade was not a sweet lover, but something about this made it special enough for him to go for another bite. And another. And yet another, until only mint-scented foil was left.