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Chapter 1: Nightmares and pissy fits

Dean looked over at Sam, concern covering his face. Sam was having another nightmare, he just knew it. Sam was drenched in sweat and was tossing and turning in the passenger's seat.

Dean sighed. He knew Sam wasn't telling him something, and it was eating him up not being able to help him. Dean turned his eyes back on the road and stared straight ahead. He didn't want to run off the road in the middle of nowhere. They hadn't passed a single car for over 5 miles.

Dean took another look at Sam and saw that he was awake and staring around. Sam locked eyes with Dean and sat up in the passenger's seat still drenched in sweat.

"Hey, Sammy." Dean said as he put his attention back on the road. "How did you sleep?" He already knew the answer to that question, but he decided to ask it anyway.

"Ooh… not so good." Sam said as he winced in pain from being in an uncomfortable position for so long. Dean figured he probably hit his head a couple of times too.

"Another nightmare?" Dean looked at Sam in concern, as if probing his mind for a way to help his younger brother. Sam had been having so many nightmares that Dean should have been used to it now, but he wasn't. He simply felt useless and helpless towards Sam. Maybe it would be better if Sam told him everything, but Dean knew that Sam was keeping a big secrete to himself.

"Yeah, I guess so." Sam answered him after a slight pause. He opened up the glove compartment and pulled out some napkins to wipe himself off with. He looked over at Dean and saw concern etched into his face.

"You want to talk about it?" Dean asked him, breaking the silence that had formed between them.

"Talk about what?" Sam asked as he continued to wipe himself off the napkins.

"What do you mean 'talk about what'? How about your nightmares?"

"It's no big deal, really. See? I'm fine."

Dean slammed on the brakes and sat there staring at Sam. In utter disbelief, he was pissed off. Sam sensed a pissy fit coming on.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked Dean who just continued to sit there staring at him, growing more and more pissed by the second.

"What am I doing!" He yelled at Sam. "Well, let's see… I'm sitting here in my car with my stupid brother in the middle of the road!"

Sam stared at Dean in disbelief.

"What is up with you? You've been getting like this more and more lately just because I don't want to talk about my nightm…"

Dean cut him off and shoved him up against the car door.

"You think this is just about the nightmares!" He pushed Sam harder as he spoke through his clenched teeth. He was really pissed off now. "I know something is wrong. Something is tearing you up inside and we can't afford to have that in our line of work." Dean stared straight into Sam's eyes looking for a response before continuing.

"Remember what happened when we faced Bloody Mary? I nearly lost you because of that." He let Sam go and sat back in his seat. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked at Sam. "I can't afford to lose you Sammy. Who's going to save my ass and do all the research if your gone? I might actually have to do something besides kick ass." He smiled but Sam could tell that he was scared of losing him.

"Dean, I…" Dean cut him off as he revved up the engine and blasted the music. Dean had no time for this right now, but he hoped beyond all hope that Sam would tell him his secrete at the motel.