Chapter 18: The End

"Max," Dean called motioning for Max to come over. "Can you carry him out? We have to get him and Bud to a hospital soon." Max nodded yes and picked up Sam before grabbing Bud and following Dean into the church.

Dean reached the top of the stairs and peaked into the church before motioning for Max to follow him. They crept down the center aisle to the back of the church and tried to open the heavy wooden doors only to find they were locked from the outside.

Max was just starting to try his luck with the door when they heard footsteps behind them. Dean slowly turned around to see Father Bennit standing behind them and the banshees coming through the back door. Dean swore under his breath and grabbed Bud from Max.

"Bust through the door already!" he said when Max tried to grab Bud again. Max nodded and got a running start before busting right through the doors like he did the wall. Dean pushed Bud through first then Sam as the banshees prepared to attack. When Sam was finally through Dean scrambled through the hole and ran after Max who was already at the car.

"Get in already!" Dean said as he dove into the driver's seat. Max followed his example and got into the passenger's seat just as Bennit and the banshees got out of the church.

"Stop them!" screamed Bennit as Dean started up the car and tore out of the parking lot onto the main road. Dean floored the car and sped on into the night with the banshees following him at a distance.

"Where's the nearest hospital?" Dean asked when the banshees were safely behind them. Max shrugged and pointed in front of them, indicating that they would get to it if they followed the road they were on. Dean sighed and looked at Sam in the rearview mirror, he was barely breathing and Bud still wasn't awake.

They drove for about 20 minutes before Dean saw the sign for the hospital. He turned down a side road and followed it for another 10 minutes before they got to the hospital. Dean drove around to the emergency room entrance and motioned for Max to grab Sam and Bud and follow him.

When they walked in the door a swarm of nurses and doctors quickly surrounded them and got Sam and Bud onto stretchers before whisking them away to asses the damage. A doctor kept Dean and Max in the waiting room and began interrogating them for information on Sam and Bud.

When he was done the doctor looked them straight in the eye and studied them for a minute before continuing, "That's everything, right?" Dean and Max nodded their heads. "I hope so, for their sakes." Dean looked at Max in puzzlement.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, a hint of fear coming into his voice. "Are they going to be okay?" The doctor sighed and shrugged his shoulders before motioning them to follow him. Dean knew it wasn't looking good for Sam and Bud and followed the doctor down the hallway to where they were.

Dean's voice caught in his throat as he saw Sam laying there with his head wrapped and tubes coming out of body every which way. Bud wasn't doing much better and was hooked up to a ventilator as well as tubes. Dean went over to Sam and could only stare at him. Finally he turned away and looked at the doctor.

"How is he?" he said motioning to Sam. The doctor went over to his chart and looked at it before answering.

"He's holding on, but I'm not sure for how long." the doctor replaced the chart and lead Dean and Max into the hallway. "He lost a lot of blood, almost too much. He needs to have multiple blood transfusions and has serious head trauma. The other one," he motioned to Bud as he said this. "He has serious head trauma as well but he also has some internal bleeding and heart trouble. He has less of a chance of making it than your brother. But you need to have realistic expectations." Dean and Max nodded and the doctor left them alone.

When the doctor was safely away Dean turned to Max and said, "We have to stop Bennit before he finds us here, but I can't leave Sam." Max nodded in understanding and went over to sit with Bud while Dean pondered on what to do. He decided to sit with Sam until he woke up and then go after Bennit. Dean walked into the room and pulled up a chair to wait for Sam to come out of his comma.

"Don't worry, Sam." Dean said, more to ease his own conscious then to talk to anyone. "I'm going to get the sonuvabitch who did this to you. I swear it."

Dean came back to the hospital everyday for ten days, and still Sam didn't wake up. The doctor's weren't holding out much hope he would wake up at all, but Dean didn't give up.

When he came in the room on the eleventh day he looked over at where Bud usually was and saw only an empty bed with Max sitting next to it. Dean walked over to Max and laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Max sighed, "He died during night, just out of the blue. I'm just glad he's not suffering." and with that, Max got out of his seat and started walking out of the room.

"Hey, Max." Dean said when Max got to the doorway. "We'll get him for this, and for what he did to Sam." Max nodded and walked out of the room. Dean sighed and sat next to Sam.

"I wish you could help me with this Sam." he said, hoping it would help Sam to wake up but he also needed to get it off his chest. "I don't know what to do, and I don't think I could ever forgive myself if you died."

"That's sweet, Dean." Sam croaked turning towards Dean slightly. Dean smiled.

"Sammy, nice to see you awake and talking." Sam sighed and closed his eyes as one of the doctors peaked in.

"How is he?" the doctor said as he went over to check Sam's charts.

"He was just talking a minute ago, doc." Dean said as he watched the doctor playing with the many knobs and buttons surrounding Sam's bed.

"Hey doc." Sam croaked as the doctor went over to check his stitches. The doctor pulled back abruptly as Sam turned his head to look at him.

"Well, it's good to see you awake Sam." the doctor said as he replaced Sam's IV drip. "Let's see about getting you some light food." and with that the doctor walked out of the room and down the hall.

"Dean." Sam said as he sat up in bed. "I know what the cursed object is. It's the church, to kill the banshees and Bennit we have to burn down the church." Dean looked skeptical.

"But won't burning down the church curse us too?" Dean asked as he helped Sam to sit up in bed better.

"No," Sam said when he was finally settled. "The church was never really used as a church that much so it isn't really hallowed ground." Dean thought about this for a moment before nodding his head.

"So all we have to do is burn down the church, huh?" Sam nodded and leaned back into the pillows. "That doesn't sound too hard." Sam nodded again and closed his eyes.

"Just don't go alone Dean, remember the banshees." Sam said as Dean started to leave the room.

"I know Sam," Dean said as he walked out of the room and down the hall. When he was out of earshot of Sam he whispered, "but I've got to do this alone Sam."

Dean went out into the parking lot and went over to his car; he looked around before opening up the trunk to grab some weapons. There was a rustle in the bushes behind him and he spun around to see a cat walk out of them. He sighed, he was just being paranoid. He closed the trunk and opened up the back seat, threw the guns in and closed the door, and went over to the driver's side. He was just opening the door when he was hit from behind and everything went black.

Sam woke up to see Max sitting next to him instead of Dean. "Hey Max," Sam said as he turned towards him. "How's Bud?" Max sighed.

"He died last night." Sam's voice caught in his throat.

"I'm sorry Max. He was a good friend." Max nodded but didn't say anything. "Have you seen Dean, Max?" Max shook his head.

"Not since this morning when he came in." Max said looking concerned as Sam's face went from tiredness to one of horror.

"Max," Sam said as he started to get out of bed. Max tried to get him to lie back down but he wouldn't listen. Sam grabbed him arm. "Listen Max, if we don't go to the church and find Dean he's going to die." Max looked into Sam's eyes and nodded as he helped him out of bed and into his clothes.

"You're going to have to help me out to your car, Max." Sam said when he was all dressed. Max nodded and helped him out into the hallway and into the parking lot. They looked around and Sam saw Dean's car in the parking lot.

"Max, help me over to Dean's car." Max nodded and helped him over. When they got there Sam looked at the ground by the driver's side, there was fresh blood on the pavement and Dean's keys on the ground. Max bent down and picked them up. "We have to hurry Max, we'll take Dean's car." Max nodded and got Sam into the car and buckled him up before getting in on the driver's side and pulling out of the parking lot towards Prioroty and Dean.

Dean woke up in front of the church tied to a stake. He looked around him and saw all the towns people looking at him helplessly form behind a wall of banshees. Bennit was giving some sort of speech to them that was making them even more scared. Dean sighed, what ever was happening was not good. Bennit walked over to Dean and knelt down to look him straight in the eye.

"I'm going to watch you die." he whispered into his ear. "I hope it hurts, a lot." When he finished he stood up and looked at the crowd. "Now it's time to make him and example for all of you planning to come against me." He looked at Dean. "Any last words prisoner?"

"Yeah," he said, his anger showing in his tone. "I'm going to kill you for what you did to my brother and Bud." Bennit just smiled and nodded to one of the banshees who began screaming its deadly scream. Dean cried out in pain and tried to cover his ears but couldn't get the ropes cut.

"Hey ugly." a voice said through the horrible screaming. "Eat lead." and with that the sound of a gun could be heard as one of the banshees screamed in pain and dropped to the ground. The other banshees crowded around it like the other one. Dean looked towards the voice and saw Sam and Max standing there with some guns.

"Max, grab the gasoline and lighter and torch the sucker." Max nodded and ran off to the church with the gas and lighter while Sam went over to Dean to untie him.

"No!" Bennit screamed as smoke appeared from the direction of the church. "I will not be stopped I….." and then there was no more Bennit and the banshees burst into flames like the church and disappeared, screaming the whole town. Sam finished untying Dean and looked over at the flaming church. Dean held him up as the crowd came over to thank them. Finally they got away and back to the car after saying good bye to everyone.

Dean got into the driver's side and Sam got into the passenger's. Dean sighed, "That's my favorite part of the job, watching the bad guys go up smoke." Sam just shook his head and turned on the radio as Dean pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road.