This will be a short fic, about two chapters long. I will mainly updated on weekends but this is an exception.


Truth chapter 1: The Truth!

School was very school like for Danny, Sam, and Tucker. Very school like indeed… Danny had brought something his crazy ghost hunting parents invented to show his friends that day.

Danny: Behold The Fenton Truth ray, designed to make any evil ghost reveal its plans.

Sam: (sarcastic) It's incredible. It's even better than the Fenton Back Massager.

Tucker: Does it work on people too?
Danny: Let's find out. (Zaps Sam)

Sam: (gets zapped) I'M WEARING PINK UNDERWEAR!

Danny and Tucker burst into laughter and the Goth's face turned as pink as her underwear. Tucker quickly snatched the Fenton Truth Ray out of Danny's hand and fired it at him.


Sam: Really?

Danny: (gets zapped again) YES! Tucker stop doing that.

Sam: Awe, that's so sweet. (Moves in to kiss Danny)

Danny: Wait! We can't kiss in public, or that "we're not lovebirds" stuff is going to make us be humiliated by the whole school.

Sam: You're right. Hey I think there's an empty broom closet down the hall.

Danny: It's a date.

Tucker watched the two lovebirds run off and stroked the precious machine.

Tucker: I'm gonna have so much fun with you…


This story is going to be short but expect the next and last chapter to be longer.