Welcome to the next and last chapter of Truth. This fic was really a spur of the moment kind of thing. I have another in that great big space called my mind and it's spicy, very spicy.


Truth Chapter 2: Can't Handle the Truth!

The bell rang and Tucker headed off to class barely able to wait to use the Fenton truth ray on his unsuspecting peers. He arrived and quickly got into his seat.

Mr. Lancer: Now class I (gets zapped) WEAR WOMEN'S CLOTHING!

Everyone broke out in laughter and Tucker took advantage of it and zapped Paullina.

Paullina: I USED TO BE A MAN!

That made them stop laughing, infact some people started crying others threw up.

Tucker on the other hand ran out of the room before anyone could notice his device and made a mad dash for home when he ran into Dash!

Dash: Hey Bad Luck Tuck what ya' got there.

Tucker: Uhh, science project.

Dash: Well I need to pace science so gimme. (Grabs it) What's this thing do any way? (Zaps himself) I SLEEP WITH A TEDDY BEAR! YOUR'E DEAD FOLEY!

The techno-geek ran for his life from the angry guy past the broom closet a very happy Danny and Sam emerged from.

Sam: An angry mob chasing Tucker! This day just keeps getting better and better.

Danny: I hardly think Dash qualifies as an angry mob.

Sam: Well it will once I join him. (Pulls out pitchfork) Hey Dash, save some Tucker for me!
Mr. Fenton just shrugged and headed off the cafeteria, after all it was sloppy Joe day.

The End.


You just have to love happy endings don't you. My next update will either be Jazz Fenton's Heck Chapter Nine: The Insane Ending or Sam's got a Date with Fred Fredburger Chapter 2: Not-so-fun Times at Nasty Burger.