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Chapter 1- The Promise

It all started out as a perfectly normal trip to Mars. That is of course if you could call five 5th graders riding in a rocket made by an 11-year old to Mars "normal." The gang (Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Sheen, Carl, and Goddard) was on this trip to Mars so that Jimmy could collect rock samples for his science project at school.

"Now we'll only be here for a few hours so don't go wandering off anywhere alone." Jimmy said to everyone. "Those rock-like Martians we ran into last time didn't exactly make us feel very welcome."

"I think we all remember that, Neutron!" Cindy stated matter-of-factly. "Those stupid Martians almost blew up the entire Earth! However, I decided to bring some water bottles just in case any of them try to scare us again." She smiled and pulled out five water bottles, one for everyone. "I'm sure you remember that they're scared of water? Or did your overly large brain finally explode?" she added smartly.

Jimmy's eyes went wide with horror. "Cindy! What's the matter with you! We promised not to threaten them with water again!" He started pacing frantically. "If they find us with those water containers, the might believe we came back to attack them!" He headed towards Cindy and stopped just inches from her. "And who knows… they might end up attacking us before we even SEE them!" he practically yelled in her face.

"Jeez, Neutron! Keep it down!" She said back, looking around cautiously and trying to quiet him. "It was supposed to be just between the five of us… NOT the whole freaking planet! Unless they decide to attack us of course..."

Jimmy and Cindy continued arguing back and forth and after just standing around for forever watching them go at it, Libby decided she couldn't stand it anymore. She angrily walked in-between them and pushed them apart. "Will you both shut UP?" she said, annoyance heavy in her voice. "Let's just get those stupid rock samples Jimmy came for so we can get back home sooner!"

"Yeah!" Sheen chimed in. "Ultra Lord comes on in 4 hours, 26 minutes, and 3 seconds. I don't want to miss it because one of your adventures gets us almost killed… again!" he said, folding his arms and trying to put on the best annoyed-face he could muster.

"OK! OK! Let's just go find those rocks then…" Jimmy said, giving in. The rest of the time was spent in silence as Cindy, Libby, Sheen, and Carl helped Jimmy find the rocks he came there for.

"Well… I think that's all I need. Let's head back to my rocket. Goddard, locate our current position and the position of the rocket." Goddard's monitor popped up and displayed a map of Mars, with the gang's location as well as the rocket's. It was only located about two miles to the west of them. Jimmy began calculating in his head. "I believe it will take us about 32 minutes to walk back to the rocket. If we head back now, we can make it back to Retroville before 6:00 pm, just in time for dinner!" He said as his stomach began to growl.

The instant Jimmy said "dinner" Carl's face lit up with excitement. "Hey Jim, is your mom making dinner again tonight? Because if she is, do you think I could eat over there again? Your mom is so…" he stopped once he felt everyone's gaze on him. "I-I mean your mom's cooking is so… good!" he said nervously.

"Oh…uh… Carl… I think we are um… having pizza tonight… and pizza night means no friends over... uh, so I don't think today would be a good day to come over for… dinner…"Jimmy said slowly, looking at Carl rather suspiciously.

Carl just sighed an "alright" and then began to stare off into space as the group started to walk back to the rocket. After about 25 minutes of walking, Carl stopped and started to pant heavily. "Hey Cindy, didn't you say you had some bottles of water with you?"

"Yeah, Carl. It doesn't look like we'll be attacked by anything so you can go ahead and drink yours." Cindy replied and tossed him a bottle of water.

"Thanks," he said simply before chugging the entire bottle. But before he could finish the last few gulps, a thunderous tremor began to shake the ground.


Just then, several of the extremely large rock-like Martians came out of the ground, shaking it, causing Carl to fall over, and began to surround the group. "W-Wait!" Jimmy nervously yelled to the Martians. "We didn't mean any harm! We only brought them to…" he quickly glanced over at Cindy and gave her an angry look. "…drink!" He then looked back to the creatures. "We weren't even thinking (once again, he glared at Cindy) of hurting you!"

The "leader" of the group, the one who had spoken before, spoke again. "YOU LIE! NOW PREPARE TO DIE!" In the leader's hands appeared an energy ball, the same type of energy that Jimmy and Eustace had fought over on their previous trip to Mars.

"RUN!" Jimmy screamed to his friends. They all began running, with Carl at the tail end as usual. But he wouldn't be last for long. As the group dodged the blasts from the energy ball, Cindy tripped over a protruding rock and fell face forward, her bag spilling its contents at the same time.

The Martians noticed what was in her bag right away: the water bottles. "YOU! YOU MUST BE THE SOURCE OF THE EVIL! NOW DIE!" Cindy's eyes grew wide as the leader powered up its energy ball and aimed it at her. But she had twisted her ankle by the fall and couldn't run away.

"CINDY! NO!" Jimmy screamed and ran towards her, with Goddard at his side. "Goddard, activate protection shield 263-S!" He ran in front of Cindy and put up the shield, which was a glowing blue energy shield about 6 feet tall, just before the energy blast came.

"N-Neutron! W-What are you d-doing!" Cindy managed, her voice trembling.

"Get out of here Cindy!" He yelled back to her. "You and the others get back to the rocket and go! Goddard, once everyone is in the rocket, set it on autopilot and DO NOT come back until Cindy is home and everyone is safe! You should be able to get back to the rocket safely because the other Martians don't have any energy balls! So just avoid them as best you can!"

"But what about you!? Jimmy, we can't just leave you here!" Cindy said to him, as tears began to well up, realizing the situation. "The energy is way too–"

"Just go, Cindy! Don't worry about me! I promise that I will see you again!"

"But –"


Libby and Sheen ran up to Cindy and put her arms around their shoulders. The rocket wasn't very far away now, but the four of them traveled back to the rocket as fast as they could, avoiding the Martians along the way. Libby and Sheen helped Cindy get into the rocket after Carl, and then they joined them. Goddard hopped in last and programmed the rocket for autopilot.

As the rocket's engines began to roar, Cindy turned back to where Jimmy was. The shield was almost destroyed, due to the enormous power the energy blast contained.

"Jimmy…" she said almost to herself. And just like that, the shield was gone, and Jimmy was flying backwards through the air.

"Jimmy!" she said louder. When he landed about 100 feet away from the rocket, he slammed his head onto a rock. Cindy knew all too well that he was unconscious… and even possibly… dead. But it was too late. The rocket blasted off, leaving Jimmy to await his fate alone.

"JIMMY! NO!" Cindy screamed through tears as she looked back at his shrinking form, not being able to detect any movement from him. "YOU PROMISED!"

All Libby could do was hug Cindy, terrified herself, as her best friend cried on her shoulder. As much as Carl, Sheen, and Libby wanted to return to Mars to get Jimmy, they couldn't. Goddard had programmed the rocket on autopilot, and the only one who could take it off was Goddard. And Goddard could not disobey his master. He had to get Cindy home.

But Cindy wasn't going to give up without a fight. As they neared Retroville and Cindy could even see her house, she began pressing every button she could find to turn the rocket around, crying hysterically the whole while.

However, one button did do something. As the rocket began to approach the ground and lowered its wheels for landing, one of the buttons Cindy had pressed caused the wheels to retract. With no wheels for landing, the rocket crash-landed into Jimmy's front yard and sent the gang flying into the neighbor's yard.

Fortunately, they all came out of the crash with only some minor scrapes and bruises. Even Goddard still worked properly. But the rocket, however, was totally destroyed. There was no way Goddard could get back to Jimmy without a rocket. His own rockets just weren't strong enough.

Cindy just stared at the remnants of the rocket with horror. "How can we get back to Mars to rescue Jimmy now?" Her mind raced. Tears began to well up once more as she realized Jimmy wouldn't be keeping his promise to her. "You promised me, Jimmy Neutron! You promised!"

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