"Headmaster Snape! Headmaster Snape!" Was yelled out as a young boy ran into the office, not noticing Severus had company. All conversation ceased in the room as the boy ran to the Severus. He leaned over and lightly whispered in Severus ear and the only audio you could hear was "She is?" "She's where?" Suddenly they stopped and Severus stood up briskly. Fixed his robes and strode out the door. He was closing the door when Draco cut in to ask the boy what had happened.

"What is the emergency, Williams?" Draco asked. Williams just turned to him, smile so big you would assume it was painted on. "Professor Snape has gone into labor and is in the infirmary."

The whole staff just stood there in shock and as if someone had just whipped them into motion. They all went bustling down the corridor as Draco ran to the floo. "Lucius Malfoy." The fire roared green as Lucius' head came floating in. "What is it Draco? I was in the middle of a meeting." Lucius stressed as he was still there. "Well Dad I was in a meeting to until Severus got a message that Hermione has gone into labor. So I thought you might want to go and keep Severus calm." Draco ended as he disengaged the connection to Lucius as he grabbed a handful of floo powder. "Infirmary." The fire roared around Draco as he came strolling into the Infirmary as Severus finally made it.

"Draco how did you get he..." Severus was drowned out by scream that came behind the curtain of a bed. "Hermione." Severus said panicking and ran over to see that she was being prepped by Madam Bogot for delivery. "Severus." Hermione whimpered as her contraction ended. Severus came over to her in one stride and took hold of her hand.

"Okay. Hermione I want you to push down as hard as you can for ten seconds. Headmaster count for her while I guide the child through." Madame Bogot commanded as she positioned herself in a place that only Severus had ever been, excluding Hermione obviously.


"Headmaster Snape and Professor Snape I would like you to meet your wonderful baby boy. Nine lbs. and three ounces." Madame Bogot said as she handed the small little bundle wrapped into a blue blanket into Hermione's exhausted arms. Madame Bogot slipped away as the new parents smiled upon their little miracle. "What should we name him Severus?" Hermione whispered trying not to wake the small boy. "I don't know. What do you want?" Severus asked gently as he stroked his son.

"Stephen Severus Snape." Hermione said in all seriousness as she gazed from her baby to her husband. Severus was mystified why she would pick that name but thought about it. It was the perfect name for their baby. "Stephen Severus Snape is the perfect name. I love it Hermione." Severus declared as he leaned over placing a gentle kiss on Hermione's head.

"Hey can some family come in and see the newest edition?" Draco whispered sarcastically from the door while seeing the tender moment going on. Severus looked back to Hermione who was shaking her head for Lucius and Draco to come in. Draco came to stand beside Hermione's left as Lucius came next to Severus. "What have you named your son Severus?" Lucius asked as he watched Hermione slowly drift off into sleep.

"Stephen Severus Snape. Hermione's idea and I love it." Severus declared as he went back to lay with his family. Draco and Lucius seeing it was time to leave, backed out of the room and closed the door, letting the sleeping couple have a world of peace before crying babies, dirty diapers and sleepless nights consumed them.


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