Title: What He Knows

Rating: K+ …. T to be safe

Spoilers: Seasons 1-4

Pairing: Jackie/Hyde

Summary: Why does Hyde always try to get Kelso caught cheating? Because he knows when Jackie finds out she'll run to one person……HIM. Takes place sometime season 1-4...

Disclaimer: I don't own That 70's Show. Trust me if I did, It would have ended very differently…… (Cough) Jackie and Fez would never happen... (Cough) No skank named Sam… (Cough) :-)

Author's Notes: This popped into my head while watching earlier seasons of That 70's Show when Hyde is always trying to get Kelso caught cheating on Jackie. Just my take on it, considering he could have really liked her the whole time Kelso and Jackie were dating. At least that's the vibe I got anyway! I hope you like it even though it's short, well it's a drabble, so it's meant to be short! Leave me reviews please, I live for them!

What He Knows

Steven Hyde was not dumb. Nope, he was far from it, and he knew a thing or two. He knew one thing for sure; Kelso was going to lose Jackie sooner or later. Whether it be from an act of stupidity, which was surprising that it hadn't happened yet, or from getting caught cheating on her with one of his many 'secret' flavors of that week.

And Hyde did everything in his power to get Kelso caught. He was constantly leaving little "bread trails" like Hansel and Gretel. Ok, so not literally leaving bread trails, but dropping several obvious hints. For example, telling Jackie to come along on the Vanstock trip when Hyde knew Kelso was bringing Laurie. One of these days, his plan was going to pull through. At least that was Hyde told himself, he didn't have to try hard to out-smart Kelso.

Why did Hyde always want to get Kelso caught anyway? It wasn't because he thought it would be funny, although that's was the cover up he used. It was because he knew that when Jackie found out, she wouldn't want to be comforted by Donna, or Eric, or Fez. She would run straight to him like she always did. Just like the first time she had broken up with Kelso.

Even though Hyde would never admit it, he loved to be close to Jackie. And the only time he got to be that close was when she cried. It wasn't that he liked when she cried, even God, who he didn't believe in, knew he hated it. And though Hyde acted disgusted by her presence, he secretly loved it. He was constantly telling himself that everything that he did, from comforting Jackie to trying to get Kelso caught, was just part of a major burn on Kelso. It had nothing to do with his feelings……no…..It was all just a great burn. Yeah, that's what it was. Yet, he consistently felt the need to protect Jackie. He would do that for any 'friend' that needed to be protected. And by Hyde telling himself these lies, he hoped that one day he would come to believe it.

Maybe deep down Hyde really did like Jackie. But he would never admit it and no one ever dared to ask. The words 'I lo…like Jackie' would probably never pass Hyde's lips because she was with Kelso, probably always would be, and she would never like someone like him. She wasn't his type, in fact, they were almost exact opposites…it would never work. So for now, he hid all those certain feelings behind the wall he carefully built to ensure no one got past it, and his well-rehearsed mask of Zen.

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