The Stories between Two

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Title: The First Meeting

Rating: T

Summary: episode 24 of gundam seed.

She screamed as he prepared to stab her with his knife. She thought she was going to die but she was wrong, she saw him stopped his act and he muttered a girl. Then he started to tie her but she was wondering why he didn't kill her, was it because she was a girl?

It started to rain and she tripped into the water, he helped her up, he laughed when there was a crab in her head. She was annoyed, and began to shout at him. She got up and enjoyed herself in rain. He approached her and untied the ropes around her hands and legs. He told her about the crab in her shirt and she immediately raised her cloths. She saw a tint of pink in his cheek and he tripped.

They stayed on the cave, and when he slept, she took his gun. He woke up and pulled again his knife from his pocket. She could shoot him right away but her fingers were numb. She was natural and he was coordinator, but why she couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger. Annoyed with the complicated feeling inside her head, she raised the gun and tried to throw it into the ground. He jumped to help her and yelled how stupid she was. She began to apologize and helped him tend his wound.

Cagalli, she told her name when they parted. He looked at her and he gave his name, Athrun. She nodded her head and went into Kira. It was their first meeting, a fateful meeting that would change their life forever.


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