Playing Favorites
- Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana; Zeldalia x Delsus
- one-shot, flash-fic, 202 words.

You don't look a day over gorgeous.

It wasn't that she never got complimented on how fantastically young she looked. It was more that there wasn't ever anyone AROUND to do said complimenting. So when a stranger, handsome and devilish, showed up in her home and muttered his compliments under his breath, it took all she had not to flush and titter like a little girl. And when he came back, alone, her resolve to keep him at arm's length was bent. No, it was more than bent. It was broken, it was shattered, it lay in shards all over the floor.

In fact, it puddled right next to her clothes beside the bed.

He held her gently, whispered into her ear softly. He never promised her rose gardens and the light of the moon in a jar. All he promised was here, was now, was this. He swore his fingers would dance over her skin, he pledged that he would take her to heights never seen before. He did all of that, left her quiet and breathless between the sheets. In his arms, she felt alive.

He never promised he'd always be there, but she promised he'd always be her favorite.