Hey everyone one! This is my first story, and it's Lee x Neji. It's also a self insertion, I am Mio! Fear me. And no, I don't really take drugs, on weekdays…..

Anyway, I hope its at least a little bit good. If it's not, oh well, I cry.


"Hey Lee! What's shakin?" came grating voice from the end of the street. Lee turned around quickly with a half smile-half grimace. He didn't want to be rude, but this Mio person gave him the creeps. He was pretty sure she did some kind of drugs.

"Um.. Hello Mio-san. Quite a nice day today isn't it?" He said, trying his hardest to be friendly, after all, it was what Gai would have done.

"Yeah I guess so. Anyway, let's cut to the chase."

"What do you mean Mio-san?"

"Please Lee, we're pals, call me Mio-chan!" she said with a smile.

"O-okay," Lee stuttered.

"Alrighy, so Lee, how is Neji?"

"Neji-kun? Oh I do not know, Mio-chan, I haven't seen him in quite some time," he said, a smile crossing his face as he though of Neji.

"Oh Neji-kun, is it?" Mio said with a smirk the size of Kentucky.

"Oh um, did I say that? I meant –san! Neji-san." Lee spewed a little too quickly to be normal..

"Sure Lee, sure. So, I thought you liked Neji," A strange look appeared on her face as she said this, although Lee wasn't sure why. "Don't you hang around together?"

"Of course! I consider Neji my best friend!" Lee exclaimed with the power of youth. Mio smiled at him. Not a smirk or an "I'm planning your demise and its awesome" smile, but an actual smile, but then she began to giggle like a psycho-maniac, and Lee's thoughts of 'Maybe she's not so scary after all' were shot to hell. "What is so funny Mio-chan?"

""I was so right!" she giggled, "Um… so Lee, wanna hang out tomorrow?" Lee winced. He'd known this was coming.

"Well, I um….I think that I am busy tomorrow Mio-Chan." he muttered quickly.

"But Leeeee! I was going to go to the Hyuuga estate tomorrow anyway! I thought you might like to come with me and visit with your precious Neji-kun!" she whined. Lee's eyes widened.

"N-Neji? Well, that would be ni-" Lee began.

"Wonderful! It's settled then! We'll meet at the gates at 6:30 A.M. sharp!" she grinned, then started to jog off down the street.

"But Mio-chan, I really do have something to do tomorrow!" Lee called after her, but she was gone. 'Oh well, I guess I'll just have to tell Gai-sensei that our outing is cancelled' Lee thought sadly, and headed home.

-----------THE NEXT MORNING------------

Lee headed down the road that led to the Hyuuga mansion, wondering why Mio had decided to meet him so early. Surely Neji wouldn't be awake yet.

"Hi Lee!" Mio yawped from a few yards away.

"Good Morning Mio-chan!" Lee called back. He was in a very good mood today, as he would finally be near Neji again. Lee wasn't sure why, but every time Neji was around, he got a strange feeling in his stomach. He found that he couldn't help but steal glances at the older boy. Lee had even awoken from quite a few not-so-innocent dreams about him as well. He blushed as he recalled some of them, and cursing his hormonal mind, continued to walk forward.

"So Lee-kun, I have an idea. Now this may sound a bit strange, but I am going to pretend to be your girlfriend!" Mio excitedly blurted, then looked up at Lee as if it was the best idea anyone had ever conceived.

"Wh-why would you do that Mio-chan? I am sorry, but I am already in love!" Lee panicked.

Mio laughed, "I know that Lee! That's exactly why we're doing this! I figured out that you have fallen for Neji-kun, and I also noticed that Neji-kun doesn't seem to feel that way towards you. So I figure if he sees that you are dating me, then he'll get jealous and finally admit his feelings for you! Some people are like that, they don't realize how much they want someone until that someone is taken!" Mio proclaimed proudly.

"You know, that actually does make sense," Lee murmured, wondering how on earth she'd found out about his feelings for Neji. He didn't think this girl had a coherent thought in her head, but apparently he had been wrong.

"So, will you try it?" Mio grinned.

"I guess it couldn't hurt!" Lee youthfully exclaimed.

"Alright, so here's what we'll do…"


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