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I don't think this is as funny as previous chapters, but I think it nice to bring this fic back from the depths for new readers to read.

This chapter, like the last one, takes place in the chat room "Red Dawn". As such, it uses Part II exclusive characters, and may contain spoilers to the future of the manga if you're only familiar with the English version of the anime (the manga is up to the Sasuke and Sai arc, I believe, so there shouldn't be any spoilers except for the identity of future Akatsuki members).

Also, the characters' screennames are different this time around. Everyone's birthdays but Zetsu's has been revealed, and Zetsu, well... everyone seems so darn sure his ring means "Boar" now (it was Tortoise when I wrote the last chapter!), so I have to change that. Apparently, Sasori's no longer means 'king' in addition to 'ball, jewel'... but I'm keeping his.

Lastly, should I up the rating for Hidan's mouth? He is censored and all, but still. I guess it doesn't matter too much- if you know the words, you know the words, and if you don't, you'll come up with some.

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My Jinchuuriki is Kazekage now. Not going to be easy. Un.

Still no signs of my Jinchuuriki. I've heard of a giant beast attacking coastal villages.. I might go take a look over there.

Still unsure about my Jinchuuriki's whereabouts.

Bah. Still pretty sure that my Jinchuuriki is some Cloud kunoichi. You haven't ordered us to #$%-

ing move yet. It's been so long!

You all already know the status of my Jinchuuriki- dead.

Dead and buried. Both of them.

Well, I wouldn't say 'buried'... hehehe.

Eh, mine's some old man who travels from country to country. It's going to be tough locating him.

Mine has been travelling with the Sannin Jiraiya for some time.

...Jiraiya, huh...

At any rate, I don't forsee them separating any time soon.

Ramenkage810 has signed into "Red Dawn".

Hiya! Long time no see!

....good evening. What brings you here?

Eh, I don't know. Taking a break at an internet cafe before I head back to Konoha. Was looking through a list of chat rooms and I saw this again.

Back, you say? Have you been on a trip?

Yeah. I've been training with my pervert of a sensei for the past couple of years, but now I'm finally going home! Good thing, too, I'm getting tired of hanging out with him

ScarletWeasel69: ...I see. ...how has Sasuke been doing?

Ramenkage810: ...I'd rather not talk about it. SO, how's everyone else here doing?

SouthShark318: You're an odd one, you know that? Hmm.. I guess I'm doing okay. I need some sushi, though, and fast.

ThirdRook42: Is sushi all you #$%-ing think about?

SouthShark318: No! I'm just hungry right now, is all.

I'm working on my latest piece of art, un. It's gonna be a bang!

ALL of your so-called pieces of 'art' are 'bangs'.

AzureArtist55: My, my, so they are. Un!

ThirdRook42: Stop #$%-ing typing that.

AzureArtist55: When you stop swearing. Un.

NorthernBishop815: Great. That means NEITHER of you will EVER shut up. Just. Great.

YinBoar: It certainly looks that way...

YangBoar: You never know. Miracles happen.

ThirdRook42: ....shut up.

Ramenkage810: Hey, are you two, like, twins, or something?

YinBoar: Or something.

YangBoar: I guess you could say that... he can say that, right?

YinBoar: ....considering we have the same DNA...

YangBoar: So he can say that...

GoodBoy1224 has signed into "Red Dawn".

GoodBoy1224: Hello, everyone!

SouthShark318: Tobi! Good to see ya :D

ScarletWeasel69: .....hn.

WhitePaper220: ....Tobi. What brings you here?

GoodBoy1224: My Good Boy senses were tingling, and I just knew that you guys were on! :D

ThirdRook42: Well, #$%. I was hoping to have a nice, civil conversation without Tobi coming along.

NorthernBishop815: You? Civil? That's a laugh.

Ramenkage810: 'Good Boy senses'?

GoodBoy1224: Uh-huh! They never fail!

YinBoar: ...it doesn't hurt that you're sitting next to me.

GoodBoy1224: Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody my secret!

Ramenkage810: ...your secret's safe with us, Tobi...

GoodBoy1224: Yays! Thankies :D

Ramenkage810: Well, I've got to get going. Need to find my sensei. Pervert's probably at the bathhouse...

ScarletWeasel69: Farewell.

GoodBoy1224: Bai!

SouthShark318: See you around.

Ramenkage810 has signed off.

Zero919: Well, that's pretty much all for now. Deidara, Sasori, make your move on the Suna Jinchuuriki. Everyone else may continue doing as they please. You are dismissed.

AzureArtist55: Yeah, un! Time to show off my latest piece of art!

ThirdRook42: Well, #$%. I wanted to be next to go.

AzureArtist55: Too bad for you, un!

AzureArtist55 has signed off.

ScorpionKing118: I suppose I need to go, too. Don't want to keep him waiting.

ScorpionKing118 has signed off.

ScarletWeasel69: We'll be going as well. Kisame, how about we go to a sushi shop for dinner?

SouthShark318: Fine by me!

ScarletWeasel69 has signed off.

SouthShark318 has signed off.

NorthernBishop815: Come. We should go to the Land of Lightning so we can be on standby for whenever we do get put into action.

NorthernBishop815 has signed off.

ThirdRook42: ....fine.

ThirdRook42 has signed off.

YinBoar: Come on, Tobi. We're leaving.

GoodBoy1224: But... but...

YangBoar: Or do you want to be on the dinner menu?

GoodBoy1224: Coming!

GoodBoy1224 has signed off.

YinBoar has signed off.

YangBoar has signed off.

WhitePaper220: So... how awfully convenient for the Nine-Tails to just come in and verify that he's a viable target again.

Zero919: ...it's probably just fate being on our side. Come on.

Zero919 has signed off.

WhitePaper220: ....is it, now? I wonder... I also wonder why I'm typing this to myself. Hmm....

WhitePaper220 has signed off.


Who's who

Zero919- Pain
WhitePaper220- Konan
NorthenBishop815- Kakuzu
ThirdRook42- Hidan
AzureArtist55- Deidara
ScorpionKing118- Sasori
GoodBoy1224- Tobi
YinBoar/YangBoar- Zetsu
SouthShark318- Kisame

Itachi is the same as before. Kisame's and Hidan's are my faves. Hidan's sounds intelligent (which is oxymoronic for Hidan), while Kisame's, well... you can probably guess. Not that I actually watch that show.

Tell me what you think :D I know it's not my stories, but it's nice to do something different every once in a while.