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Just A Little…

Déjà vu

Carolyn Barek yawned and stretched, not unlike a cat lying in the sun. And she was filled with the same kind of warmth and bliss. She snuggled closer to the cause of her contentment, and couldn't help feeling just a little déjà vu upon waking in a familiar place with a familiar body.

Unfortunately for Carolyn, nature called. All she really wanted to do was lie there next to the amazing man she called her partner. Well, she called him a lot of things; annoying, childish, brutish, stubborn, charming, compassionate, handsome, sexy. So she bemoaned her dissatisfaction as she pried herself away from his warm body.

Logan yawned and stretched his stiff muscles, aroused from sleep by the movement of Carolyn leaving his bed. He blinked, suffering a bit of déjà vu resultant from the image before him. Again, he was staring at the beautiful bare back of woman. But this time, he knew it was Carolyn, and this time she was making no attempt at modesty. He watched her as she rose from the bed and made her way into the bathroom, admiring the view of her naked backside. He wondered at how much trouble this would get him, for nothing this good ever happened to him. But he did not really care about the consequences as he watched her unclothed hips swing back and forth with each step. Instead he found himself preoccupied with the present, and the very recent past.

Thoughts of the previous night were forced from his head when he noticed the return of his brown-haired beauty. This time he was given the even more alluring view of her figure from the front, her bare breasts bouncing subtly with her soft steps and her hips swinging in a severely enticing manner. She smiled at him before lifting the blankets and slipping back into bed and cuddling up to him again. He jumped slightly as her hands slid over his bare skin.

"Cold hands?" she asked coyly, rubbing her icy fingers over his warm flesh.

He wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her in close, than shifted so that she was lying under him. "We'll just have to warm them up then."

"Is that really all men think about," she teased. "We could get up, go outside. It's a beautiful day."

The way she wrapped her legs around him told him she didn't really want to pursue her offer. The look in her eyes said that she would much rather entertain his suggestion, and he was far more amenable to spending the day in her welcoming arms, exploring her willing body.

Carolyn couldn't help thinking how happy she was as Mike placed kisses upon her flesh. She couldn't help comparing it to how confused and frustrated she had been just a week ago, how lonely she had been before this entire revelation happened, before she had fallen in love with Mike… How lonely and sad the woman who had helped her confront her emotions still was.

"We should do something for Bobby and Alex," Carolyn announced her decision aloud. The kisses and caresses ceased and within seconds Mike was staring her in the eyes.

"What?" he asked. Goren and Eames were the furthest people from his mind at the moment, right next to the Captain and his mother, and the school nurse-well, maybe not the school nurse. In all honesty he had had a crush on the school nurse when he was in sixth grade. But the point was he really didn't want to think about detectives or anything else to do with the police force, or the world beyond him and Carolyn that morning. All he wanted to think about was Carolyn's gorgeous body, sweet smile (he had never before seen enough of it to determine that he loved it so), and melodious laugh (that could be induced by touching several areas he had determined were ticklish).

"They helped us get over, well, being us and realize that we could be this," she explained. And Alex was so lonely and sad. It hurt Carolyn to think of the troubled woman. Mike sighed.

"Their relationship is different than ours," he tried to explain his reservation in meddling in the affairs of others, specifically other cops.

"No kidding," she countered, kissing his nose and rocking her hips back and forth along with his which were encompassed by hers. He rolled his eyes.

"I mean it's different than ours was," he attempted again.

"You're right," she conceded. "But still…"

When he failed to respond, she lifted a hand to cup his cheek, and gently urged him to say something. "Mike?"

"It'll take some thought…"

"But you are going to think about it?"

"Yes," he said exasperatedly. He loathed prying into other people's personal business, unless it was going to help him solve a case…or provide some sort of amusement. But he knew what Carolyn was proposing would do neither. And yet he knew she was right. He had noticed the intense bond between the other pair of detectives. In fact he had initially figured them for already having a history of the nature he was creating with Carolyn.

"That's all I wanted," Carolyn responded, willing to let it drop for the time being. Letting it slide to the side, she refocused her attention, engaging her partner's lips and welcoming him to her again.

"This is good," she drawled.

"This is good," Mike conferred between kisses. And it was; very good. He hadn't been this happy in a long time.