So it goes...

I had hopes that the fragment of the second chapter to this story had survived in one of the four computers I've used in these past six years. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Oh well, best to start fresh anyway.

This story used to be called Untitled. As you can see I've changed it to The Children's Crusade. As many of my readers know, this is the name of an older story of mine that I had abandoned some years previously.

No more.

The Children's Crusade that you are now about to read is a new vision. One that will sweep across the length and breadth of the Evangelion canon. People will be changed, events altered. This is not the Evangelion you watched when you were younger. This is an Evangelion that will try to rival its original with darkness and despair.

There may be something here for those interested in seeing the blossoming of love, but do not expect much.

For those Rei fans out there...don't shout about her detachment from the story. She wasn't overly active in the series y'know.

Prepare yourselves,

Seldon is back.

IA Seldon.