Let Go Brother

Your prince's crown Cracks and falls down. Your castle hollow and cold. You've wandered so far, From the person you are. Let go brother, let go. Cos now we all know... - Frog Prince

"After him, he'll lead you to Edmund. Peter, clean your sword." Aslan said.

Peter watched on as Oreius, among others, ran after the wolf that had attacked his sisters. He knew he should be paying attention to the Great Lion, but something more important was on his mind.

"Edmund…" Peter longed to see his brother again, but he was still unsure if it was to hug him or to slap him.

Peter turned his attention toward Aslan and finally cleaned his sword. As he knelt down he felt Aslan's paw on his shoulder. He was unsure of exactly what Aslan had said, but he had caught the end.

"…Wolf's-Bane, Knight of Narnia." Aslan said with great pride in his voice.

But as Peter stood and sheathed his sword, knowing he should be happy with the honour being bestowed upon him, all he could think of was Edmund.


All Edmund could do was sit and wait. He was bound, tightly, to a tree. His wrists were tied together, the rope digging into his skin, rubbing it raw. The rope had long since turned pink, from the blood ever so slowly seeping into it. There was much more extensive damage along the rest of his body that was hidden from sight due to his now tattered and dirty clothing. Bruises and scrapes peeked out from under his shorts and above his socks, giving hints to the damage inflicted on his previously pale and perfect skin.

The worst pain though came from the wounds developing on his face. The gag for his mouth pulled so tightly that the corners of his mouth split, turning the gag to a lovely shade of pink to match the rope that bound his wrists. His bottom lip was also split, one of the many injuries caused by Ginarrbrik personally. Edmund had tripped while being pushed along, after the Witch's sledge had been rendered useless because of the lack of snow. As punishment Ginarrbrik felt the need to demonstrate that just because he was smaller than Edmund didn't mean he could not deal out pain. There was also a sizable bruise developing on his left cheek. The memory of why he received the slap from the White Witch was much more painful than the black and blue mark forming along his face.

"Thank you Edmund. It's good that this creature got to see some honesty… before he died!"

Edmund cringed at the Witches words. Thank you Edmund. Edmund had done her a favour; he wasn't helping the fox at all. Why couldn't he just keep his big mouth shut for once? He supposed it was a bit ironic given the fact that his mouth was now gagged. He would have laughed in spite of himself had it not been so upsetting, and that it would have inflicted more pain upon himself to do so.

"You deserve this you know. You've put your entire family in jeopardy for sweets. You deserve this… no. You deserve worse."

The worst was coming, and Edmund knew it. It was only a matter of time before Jadis would come to the conclusion that Edmund was no longer useful. For the meantime she was busy with battle preparations, but soon enough the end would come. Jadis knew of Aslan, the army he was forming, and where they were located, all because of Edmund. Jadis no longer needed information from him; he had served his purpose for the most part. The only thing Edmund had not done was deliver his siblings to her, but soon that would not matter. Soon the Witch would march her army on Aslan's camp and destroy all in her path, including Lucy, Susan and… Peter.

Edmund began to drift into despair, a place where hope was not welcome or desired. Edmund kept no hope for himself, for he hadn't any faith left… in himself or otherwise. He felt fatigue creep into his aching body, and he welcomed the sleep it brought with it. Soon it would be over, soon the hurting would end.