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The suite life of Zack and the boys

"Man I'm bored" Zack said. See Cody was off for some school convention and Carrey was gone for the weekend trying to get a demo cd.

"Jesse needs to comeback again at least that way I can play videogames with someone" Zack continued to say. Zack decided to go down to the lobby and see what Maddie was up to. When he got there he realized she wasn't there and someone else was filling in for her.

"Great now there's no one" Zack shouted.

"Excuse me where's Maddie" Trevor said tapping Zack shoulder.

"I don't know and who are you" Zack asked.

"I'm Trevor" Trevor said (Zac Efron).

"Oh hey…would you want to hang out here with me until she gets back" Zack asked hopefully so he can have something to do.

"Sure" Trevor responded.

"Cool we can go to this one suite with a mini fridge that's always stocked" Zack said leading him to the room Jessie McCartney stayed in. Once there they started playing videogames. Zack suddenly got an idea on how to have more fun.

See he always new he was gay. He never told anyone not even Cody.

Zack got up to get them drinks but on his way back he ACCEDENTALY spilled one drink on Trevor.

"OH man I'm sorry" Zack said.

"Oh its ok dude…would it be ok if I took a shower real quick" Trevor asked.

"Yeah go for it its right through that door" Zack said pointing to a door.

"Thanks" Trevor said walking into the bathroom. Once Zack heard the water start running he went to see if he locked the door. To Zack's surprise it was open. Zack went in and looked for his cloths and found then thrown in a pile by the sink. Zack took the cloths and hid them in the closet.

As he hid them he notices that the black boxer had cum stains all around the crotch causing Zack to take a quick sniff and then hide them.

"Horny just what I like" Zack thought. Zack heard the water stop and then he locked the closet but only before taking a sock out. Within seconds Trevor came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waste and water dripping of his tanned six-pack.

"Hay have you seen my cloths" Trevor asked.

"I got them come and get them" Zack said only to see Trevor walking towards him saying give them here. When Trevor got close enough he threw the sock causing Trevor to turn around to go get it. As Trevor turned around Zack stepped on the towel to make it fall of revealing a round tight ass.

"Hey" said Trevor as he turned around and revealed a nice 9 inch long 3 inch around hairy hard cock.

"I like what I see" Zack said running up to him and grabbed him in a big bear hug and start kissing him. Trevor didn't know how to fight it so he went along with it opening his mouth for the tongue war of a life time. After about what seemed like hours of kissing they wound on the bed with Trevor naked and Zack in only his black wife beater and blue striped tented boxers and white socks.

The heard the doorknob turn only to hear:

"I think I left it in hear OH MY GOSH…" Jesse McCartney shouted. "Zack I thought…how could you…" Jesse said.

"I know I should have told…" Zack started only to get interrupted.

"Why didn't you invite me" Jesse said as he moved towards the two as he unbuttoned his shirt. Once he got to them he was shirtless.

"Wow I cant believe I am about to have a three way with Jesse McCartney" Trevor said getting harder then he ever had. Zack got off Trevor and went to Jesse and started to undo the belt and zipper to his cargo shorts with his mouth. Once the pants were down all that was left were his black sock and green bulging boxer briefs.

"Now I get to see if the great Zack is as good in bed like he is with videogames" Jesse said ripping the rest of Zack's cloths off leaving him naked.

"I just cant wait to see the prize I have been pleasuring my self to in all the fantasies I can have…by the way names Trevor" Trevor said.

"I see I got a fan" Jessie said tearing off his boxer briefs and revealed ad 8 ½ inch hairy cock. Now with all three boys naked they Zack decided to take action.

"Get over hear pretty boy" Zack said commanding Jesse towards him.

"No I got the money so I am in charge" Jessie said getting a wicked grin across his face. "Trevor get over hear" Jesse said. Once the two met they started kissing and grinding their cock into one another's. After a few seconds Jesse pulls off of him turns him around and pushed Trevor down onto the bed and started to screw his ass like there was no tomorrow. Zack not wanting to be left out moved in front of Trevor and made him take his 5 1/2 inch hard cock.

"Suck it like the bitch that you are" Zack said making sure no other rooms could hear him. After what seems like a life time Jesse's knees began to buckle and he shot it large load all in Trevor's wanting ass.

"Bitch I want the favor returned" Jessie said. Trevor sucked Cody off the rest of the way but before he could taste the cum Zack shot his load all over his face along with a few shots in his mouth. After he shot his loads he hear a cell phone ring. Zack got nervous thinking they got caught. Trevor answered the phone and hung up in a few seconds.

"Hey I got to go that was Maddie she wants to meet me at the movies…I guess we will have to continue this another time boy" Trevor said.

"I am taking you up on that offer here is my number and don't hesitate to call it" Jessie said giving it to both boys.

"Now where are my cloths" Trevor asked as Zack went to go get them and give them to Trevor. As all the boys got dressed Zack wondered if he should tell Cody. He also wondered if Cody would like to try something with him, or if he should invite him to his next three way.