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The suite life of Zack and Cody

"I have been waiting all week for this" Zack said walking past his brother giving him a slight slap on the but.

"I know mom is leaving again for another weekend and we get it to be just us" Cody said giving a evil smirk.

"Ok boys I am leaving Moseby will come over if you need anything but behave while I am gone…Love you both" Carrey said before hugging them and leaving.

"Ok by we love you two" they said hugging her also.

"Now we got the place to ourselves now take off that shirt" Zack said.

"No…you aren't taking control of this" Cody said pushing Zack down on to the couch. Once Zack was on the couch Cody started to unbutton Zack button down Hawaiian shirt. Once it was off Cody started to lick around Zack's nipples and also suck on them.


"Just shut up and enjoy" Cody said moving his way towards Zack's growing member. Cody took off Zack's pants using his mouth only to reveal Zack's 5 1/2 inch hard cock. Before Zack new it Cody was taking Zack's member all the way down. After a few seconds Zack felt three fingers start to move in and out of his ass.

Zack pushes Cody off right before he shot his load and it landed all over the couch and on Cody's face. Zack then moved in and began to kiss Cody and licked the cum off of his face.

"Screw me" Zack whispered to Cody. That's what Cody wanted to hear. Cody took off all of his cloths and before Zack knew it he was on his back with his legs hanging over Cody's shoulders getting his ass screwed like never before.

"OH CODY" Zack shouted in pleasure. With in seconds of that Cody shot his load and doubled over so him and Zack were stomach to stomach and shared a passionate kiss.

"Return the favor Zack" Cody said. "Suck me and screw me" Cody whispered. With that Zack dropped to Cody's 7 inch hard hairy cock. Zack started to swirl the cock around his mouth and flick at the sensitive spot.

"Don't toy with me just go for it all the way" Cody told him. This made Zack only tease him more. Before Zack new it Cody shot the biggest load of his life. Zack was shocked on how good he did when eh realized he couldn't take it all down and some of it was running down his chin.

"Screw me Zack" Cody said bending over giving Zack direct access.

"My pleasure well acutely yours" Zack said before steadying himself and going all the way in.

"Faster" Shouted Cody. Zack started ramming in and out like never before. Right before Zack shot his load he heard the door open.

"There's eww it's the two of them" A unknown voice screamed.

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