Well, I guess I'm back for a little bit? I watched this anime while staying at my grandmother's house, and promptly fell in love. However, I must say I was disappointed at the ending. It ended rather quickly, don't you think? Only 24 episodes? There could have been so much more to that story.

One thing that I was hoping for was that Karin would finally bite Kenta. I wanted him to become a vampire too. Maybe it's just because of my own desires to be a vampire. But when she finally did bite him, Kenta just recovered and went on his merry way. "No way!" I shouted (really, I did). "That flippin' sucks!"

Thus, this story was born.

So yeah, I'm back for a short. I know I haven't finished my other stories. I have a bad habit of just leaving things uncompleted. But I shall promise to go through with this. I don't think this story will end up being too long, so it should be rather easy to finish this. All the same, wish me luck! - Nahemah

Disclaimer for the entire story- This piece of literature belongs to me, but the characters and scenario belong to the companies that support the anime Karin.


Kenta closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly as the sharp fangs dipped into his skin. He had gotten used to the feeling by now, and even started to enjoy the feeling. He'd learned that if he just relaxed and let her do her thing, it felt good. If he moved around too much, it started to hurt. He wrapped his arms tighter around the little vampire. Whenever he was around her, he felt happier. He didn't even need her to bite him.

She pulled away, wiping her mouth a bit and looking downcast. "I'm sorry, Kenta."

He smiled at her. "Don't worry about it," he replied cheerfully as he fixed the collar on his shirt to cover the bite marks. "Just don't wait until the last minute every time. We can't have you getting more nosebleeds." Kenta checked his watch. "Whoa, we've been out here for a while. Our manager probably thinks we're up to something."

Karin chuckled. "He's probably just thinking about how great it is to be young."

Kenta scratched his head and laughed. His neck was a little bit sore from all the bites he had gotten. Ever since Karin had first bitten him, he had received bites almost every day for almost a month. Not like he would complain about it, though. He was doing this for a dear friend. Maybe more than a friend. His cheeks became a light pink.

Who am I kidding? he thought to himself. Though technically he had already confessed his feelings, he hadn't taken any action with them. Ren's words still echoed in his head every time he thought of Karin. They lived on different time spans. He would age and fade away, but Karin would remain untouched by the currents of time. Even if they weren't together forever, the thought in his mind would plague him. Kenta wondered what Karin thought about it.

Julian's was busy that night. The two went back to their work diligently. Welcoming guests, taking their orders, bringing food, cleaning, and making sure the guests were as comfortable as possible. Waiting was much harder than it appeared. The two became absorbed in their tasks, only stopping to speak when they needed to ask a favor. Kenta didn't even have time to muse over his problem with Karin.

Eventually the flow of guests slowed to a stop, and they began to trickle out. The two began to close up the shop with a list of necessary chores, including whipping the seats and tables down, mopping the floors, locking the doors, and turning out the lights. The two walked into the kitchen when they were finished, where some food had been left out by the chef for them to grab, most likely leftovers or messed up orders. Kenta happily boxed up the food. His mom would appreciate the dinner. It was more than what they usually ate. At least for tonight they wouldn't have to eat whatever foods his mom had gotten at a discount price from the market.

After changing out of his uniform he waited outside of the building, enjoying the fresh air. The sun had just set, leaving the world in a state that wasn't quite light but not quite dark either. He held tightly onto his bags as he looked up at the stars. It wasn't long before Karin came out, also freshly changed out of her work uniform. "Sorry about the wait," she apologized with a smile.

It was Kenta's turn to grin. It never ceased to amaze him how beautiful Karin was in the darkness. She had a way of attracting the shadows, making her look like a predator that was just waiting to leap out of hiding. The whole vampire image really suited her. "It's all right. Ready to go?" She nodded cheerfully, and the two were on their way. Normally their walks home would be filled with chatter, but tonight they just enjoyed each other's silence.


"Wow!" Fumio exclaimed as she looked at the food Kenta had brought home. She instantly took it from Kenta's hands and began to heat it up again. "Would you mind setting the table, dear?"

"Sure." He opened a drawer and pulled out the necessary utensils and dishes. "How was work?" he asked, bracing for the worst. He was always prepared to hear that his mother had lost a job or was having difficulty finding a new one. Not like it made it easier to deal with in the end, though…

"Things are actually working out well," Fumio responded. "I never would have guessed that working in a clothing store would be where I ended up. I generally only see women in there. Naturally though, the clothes are so cute!"

Kenta smiled, sitting down at his side of the table as his mom put the now heated up food down. He clapped his hands together, quickly uttered a word of thanks for the food, then picked up his chopsticks and began to eat. It seemed like ages since he had eaten Karin's lunchbox, and his stomach was rumbling loudly. Kenta swallowed bite after bite with little time for breathing in between. Fumio sat down across from him, taking what she wanted but leaving the majority for her son, who seemed to be really starving. She grinned and watched him with amused eyes.

After what seemed like only five minutes to Kenta, he put the chopsticks down and stared at his now empty plate. It wasn't like him to be so gluttonous. "I'm sorry," he said to Fumio. "Did you get enough?"

She smiled and began to clear the table of dishes. "Yes, I grabbed what I could. Guess all that growing you're doing made you hungry?"

Yes, it did, he thought to himself. He had gone through enough food to satisfy at least three people. All that food could have been saved for other nights. Not that it had turned out to be that good. The flavoring had been mild, not the usual loud taste food from Julian's usually had. He had eaten enough of it though. He placed his hand over his stomach, willing it to keep from rumbling. So why am I still so hungry?

Kenta glanced at the clock. It was nine o'clock, about time he should start doing his homework. If he was going to be a model citizen then he had to study and get good grades. He forced his hunger to the back of his mind and got up to find his textbooks.


The electric clock Fumio had gotten at a marked down price flashed four o'clock, the red digits blinking over and over again. Kenta had been staring at the clock for an hour and twenty-six minutes exactly. For some reason he couldn't get back to sleep. He was just too full with energy, although his stomach was still empty.

He sat up reluctantly. Obviously he wasn't going to be getting any sleep soon. Quietly he got up from his bedding on the floor and got dressed in warm clothes. With the utmost care he slipped silently out of the small apartment and out into the dark winter night. I'll be back soon, he thought before taking off into a jog.

Despite the darkness Kenta knew exactly where he was going. The cold, biting to any other person walking the streets, didn't even bother him. He let his feet lead him into the park. During the day it was a cheery place, but it went through a transformation at night. Shadows appeared to move and play tricks, the wind whispered secrets, and every sound brought a thousand images to the mind. Kenta slowed to a walk here. It was at this very spot where he first saw Karin biting someone. At the time, he had thought that she was merely selling herself out to a man for an allowance, but she was really putting her blood in him. So many things were started on that night. If he hadn't been there at the exact time, he would never have gotten the chance to know Karin so closely. He couldn't resist the happy smile that crept on his face at the thought of her. He was hopelessly in love, and he couldn't deny it.

A sudden wave of dizziness nearly knocked him off his feet. He clutched at his heart, which was now beating rapidly. There was a ringing in his ears that just wouldn't go away. He sank to his knees as it grew harder and harder to breathe. His lungs just didn't want to open and let air in. What's going on? He thought in a panic. His fingers dug ravines in the bark of the tree. Am I going to die here?

"'Ey look, itsa poor bloke who kin hardly stand on his own two feets."

Kenta looked up slowly. A rather shambled looking young man was smiling down at him. The bags under his eyes told of many nights without sleep. The alcohol on his breath was heavy. At once Kenta recognized him as a man who had spent the night drowning his problems out. Such laziness, came a primitive and cruel voice from inside him. Instead of working to solve the situation, he thinks he can make it go away with a few drinks?

All reasonable thought was forgotten. Instinct took over. Kenta pounced.


WHEW! I'm so glad that's over. I was about to fall asleep through it, I swear! I feel like this isn't written very well. There wasn't a whole lot of action until the very last part. Actually, I don't think this piece will have all that much action in it. Nor will it be nearly as long as my other pieces. I'm thinking three chapters?

But what do you guys think? It's been a while since I stepped out of the shadows and revealed my artistic powers. Read and review, cause everyone knows vampires need love too! – Nahemah.