Vampires, Lies, and Revenge
Chapter 6
Shopping and Arguements

In a heated argument we are apt to lose sight of the truth. -- Publilius Syrus

Edward's POV

She loves you! Alice insisted.

Bastard. Emmett sneered.


"She's gonna kill you." Rosalie was the only one who spoke out loud.

"Not if I do it first." Emmett growled, but Rosalie took his hand in hers.

"Calm down. Don't get so worked up over him." She purred in his ear, and tugged on his hand slightly. He let himself be pulled towards their bedroom, but he kept sending me dirty looks over his shoulder.

The front door opened slowly, and Carlisle, Esme, and Bella all walked in. Alice ran over to Bella and said something, but I barely heard it. I couldn't stop staring at Bella.

She timidly raised her head to look at me, and she had this dazed look. I hadn't dazzled her in so long, and I remembered how much I had loved doing it.

"We need to talk." Carlisle announced, and I nodded slightly. He walked past me, heading for his office. I let my gaze linger on Bella for a second longer, before turning around to follow him.

This was going to be a long day,

Bella's POV

Esme put a comforting hand on my shoulder, and Alice attempted a smile as Edward walked away.

"We'll know why he left soon enough," Jasper, who I hadn't noticed before, said confidently. Alice nodded happily and spun around to look at me.

"Wanna go shopping?" She said eagerly. I knew she was trying to distract me from the conversation going on in the other room, and I gladly agreed. Anything to get my mind of Edward.

"What about this?" Alice asked, holding up a blue shirt. I was about to say, 'okay,' but she quickly shook her head and put it back down.

We had been to seven shops and had only been shopping about an hour and half. We both knew Carlisle and Edward weren't done yet, so we went on.

We paid for everything Alice had gotten, and the five tops she had insisted on buying for me, and went on to the next store. I hadn't realized where we were going until we were inside.

I looked around mutely. She wasn't serious.


"Yep!" Alice squealed. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me on. She ran around grabbing random clothes for the stuffed animals. Suddenly, she shoved them all into my arms and handed me her credit card.

"Go pay." She said firmly, and had run off before I could protest. I sighed tiredly, and walked off in general direction of the cashier. I dropped them all on the counter, and she stared at me amazed. I finally looked down at the things Alice had grabbed, and noticed she hadn't only gotten clothes. There were toys, beds, everything.

"Geez, Alice." I said under my breath. The cashier stared for a few seconds, but began to ring everything up. At least fifteen minutes later she shakily told me the amount.

Whoa. She thought idly. There's no way she can pay for all this.

I glared at her, and handed her the credit card. She raised an eyebrow, but took it. After a few seconds she handed it back and began stuffing everything into bags.

"Thank you," She said, mock pleasantly. "Come again."

I snatched all, what six? bags away and stalked over to Alice. She took all the bags away from me, and handed me four stuffed animals.

"The black dog is mine, the pink cat is Rosalie's, Esme's is the rabbit. And yours is the lion." She smiled knowingly at me. The whole affair had taken around 45 minutes and we figured it was okay to head back.

"We can come back another time and get ones for the boys." Alice said, looking forward to another shopping trip. We had somehow managed to stuff everything in the trunk, but it when it was time to put the stuffed animals in I stopped her.

"I want my lion." I said.

"Yes, yes you do." She said handing the lion to me. I knew we weren't talking about the animal anymore.

"How could he do that to me Alice?" I whispered, and she shrugged.

"Like Jasper said, we'll know soon enough."

I immediately disagreed, because even if I learned within the next two seconds, it was still at least a hundred years too late.

Emmett and Jasper were waiting on the porch when we arrived. Jasper went to help Alice get our things from the trunk. Emmett came over to me, his face grave.

Jasper carried his wife's twenty bags on one arm and my five on the other. Everything, besides my lion which I still carried, had been bought against my will.

Alice and Jasper headed in, but Emmett and I stayed put.

I don't know how long we just stood there, staring.

"...Nice lion." Emmett whispered, and I could help but smile. I was holding it in a death grip, as if I was afraid he would try and steal it.

"...He...wants to talk to you." He looked up at me, slightly cautious. I simply nodded.

In one swift motion, he had turned, opened the door and was holding it for me.

"Ladies first." He said, bowing mockingly.

"Nah." I said playfully, but went inside.


"So..." He mimicked.


"You should go..."

"Yeah." I headed for the stairs, sending him one last fleeting look.

My bedroom door - well technically it was Edward's - flew open.

"Bella." He said pleadingly, and I followed him back in the room.

We had a lot to talk about.

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