Three Ghosts by PatriciaS

Sunset Beach and all the characters etc. belong to scriptwriters of the Story and Aaron Spelling. This is done for fun not money.

All errors and omissions are the ones that have ducked every time I've looked for them so please treat them kindly. New characters are mine. Ratings - Some swearing, murder and the odd love scene but not too much – it's based on the Soap Opera.

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Story takes place at Ben's house after Derek killed Tim Truman.

Chapter 1

Tim sat in the easy chair watching Tess's restless sleep and called her name softly at first then again louder.

Hearing his voice cutting through her dream she sat up suddenly awake, mouth open the scream starting to form was choked off as she saw and recognised him, sitting in the chair, wet concrete in his short blond hair and on his clothes.

He laughed and it seemed to fill the whole room, when he spoke his words came through it rather than after it giving a very eerie effect. "I will come and see you every day till I get justice. When you get up, when you eat and when you try to get to sleep. Oh Yes! In your dreams as well. " True the last threat he wasn't sure he could carry out but it sounded good and had the desired effect.

Wide eyed and shaking Tess grabbed at the sheet covering herself up to her shoulders as if it would protect her from him. As her mind cleared a stray question crossed it 'Will that concrete ever dry?' and tried to control her breathing then said coldly, trying to sound braver than she felt. "You're just a pathetic ghost that only I can see. All you can do is make silly silly threats! If you could do anything you would have by now. Remember I love my son and nothing will ever come between us. So go!" She'd said the words with all the love and protection a mother can feel for her child - Benjy.

Tim tried hard to stay, but her feelings were too strong. They buffeted him as he concentrated harder on staying on the chair and he could not stop the fading feeling that grew till eventually he found himself outside the house standing on the beach looking up at the windows.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" And with each angry word he found himself further and further down the beach, away from the house. He stopped swearing and sat down half expecting to fall through the ground, like he had the first time he'd found himself wandering the earth as a ghost. His anger at his death and his obsession for Meg had fuelled his ghostly energy up out of the new monument where his body had been hidden, forming into what he was now and as he landed he started to slip into the ground as his mind panicked.

Now he sat still and quiet, remembering what the passing spirit yelled out to him 'relax let your subconscious work on keeping you on the ground and moving, concentrate on what you want'. He would have asked more but it had gone, he calmed down and found himself on the ground by the monument and after a while he started to explore. One thing still frightened him - the thought of being here forever.

He talked to himself knowing no one could hear him and hearing his own voice made him feel solid … real. Not just a thing of energy and thought, waiting to be blown away into nothing when the world ended. "What did he want? - He wanted justice!... Meg's love! - Well he could not have that … but her respect or knowledge that he died trying to help her... Ben! ... Could he do it through him? ...Could he find him, and then bring Derek and Tess down.

Okay how? ... Tess didn't know where Ben was only Derek knew … and he'd never talked in his sleep or to himself when alone. … Anyway I don't like getting too close to him in case he can see or feel me … after all Tess can and if he did … that could be dangerous for Maria and Meg... Right then where would Derek stash dear old Ben... somewhere empty - the warehouse like last time..."

There was a flash of darkness and suddenly he found himself sitting in an empty warehouse and knew it even though he hadn't actually been inside before. It was the same place Ben had been kept when Derek kidnapped him the first time. It had been rebuilt because of the fire Derek had caused to destroy the evidence. It was still empty as no one wanted to use it. He wandered around getting over the surprise of being suddenly and instantly transported from one place to another and concentrated again on Ben, drawing a picture of him in his mind and found himself materialising in the Ben's nightclub The Deep.

He cursed as he saw a table just below him and thought hard about landing on the table so he wouldn't go through it. It still made him feel queasy when he was faced with the fact he did not exist in the world he was born into. In this new one he could walk through anything and did not need anything to eat or drink and time meant little, which was just as well as he had had to walk everywhere. But now he had found a short cut provided he could land alright. He felt the table under his legs and relaxed let himself continue landing so he sat on the table and thought out loud while people danced nearby.

"This is not getting me anywhere, Derek and Ben have been here, they are identical twins and as Derek's taking Ben's place I could just finish up with Derek every time. Hang on... I wonder if Ben could be here. … Didn't someone mention caves where Maria and Ben used to meet … down near the cellar?" He was there in the thought flash, with the sound of the waves crashing around the edge of the caves. It gave him creeps because of the darkness and the ground he had gone through.

Gradually he got used to it and saw a shape of a candle and some matches. He remembered the ornament he had broken in Tess's room in the blaze of anger the first time he visited her, but had not being able to do it since. He thought hard about light and although nothing moved suddenly a flame appeared just above the candle and there was a gentle deep laugh behind him. He spun round half expecting to find Ben, but realised the laugh was deeper than anything he had ever heard before.

The voice seemed to come out of the walls of the cave; it was still deep, gentle and soft with an old fashion way of speaking as well as a British accent. "You disturbed my sleep little one... Come tell me what you seek."

Tim still could not see anyone and felt a bit of a fool speaking to nothing then realised he was nothing to other people. He wanted to keep it simple; the whole story would take too long and put him in a bad light and thought for a moment before taking a deep breath and starting. "Meg who I love is in danger. Someone I know has been kidnapped; I need to find him to bring my killers to justice. But I don't know how to start looking for him. I know he was here with his wife … I don't think his brother has been here. They are identical twins so I cannot separate them in my mind."

It was quiet for a while and he thought he had been imagining the whole thing.

Then voice replied, "I have seen many come and go. There was couple who used to come here, made it their secret place with a secret door to another place. I was quiet when they were around and turned my back when they made love … but then he came in sadness and betrayal. Strange I could feel his pain. There was a dark gap when one came then he recently returned with her ...just once … but something had changed between them. … He respects the lass, discussed memories, which were cloudy for her at first. But she grew agitated and left … I could feel he has a deeper love for a different lass in a way I have never felt before. Is he the one you seek?"

Tim had listened in wonder "Yes... His name is Ben hers is Maria his wife but now he loves another called Meg. She was my childhood friend and first love … I ... died trying to protect her from Ben's identical twin brother Derek. I could not contact her to warn her. Who are you?"

The voice was sad "Just someone from long ago. My schooner's sail came down in a storm and we lost cargo and crew. I am comfortable here, perhaps one day I shall move on to be with my shipmates and be at peace... but do not worry yourself." There was a moment's pause and the voice came over thoughtfully as if he was thinking out loud. "Do you know where he was recently … the twin will interfere … perhaps he has taken a horse or ship to another town or country. You need to find someone who is thinking of Ben not his brother. You can approach people in their minds if you are quiet and willing to rest beside them for a while. It's the sudden approaches people don't like. I found they tend to scream and have the vapours and the men get jumpy.

Control your anger and it will do many things. I made the light for you but you can learn. If the things have happened in life then you can use it … many of the things I know have gone. You always walked on the ground so you do now but if you are not careful you can fall through floors, usually when you are too hasty in thought... Use your mind carefully, though time is forever here it can be quick or slow compared to our old world.

Now your friend Meg if she loves this Ben she may be dreaming of him and if it is as strong as I think he will think of her and they may connect but not realise it. Be careful you may only get into his past with her if so try again and think of where was he last known to be you may pick up a thread of a thought."

Tim called out as he felt himself going again "Thank you. Would you mind if I return?" And felt the reply "No I would like to pass the time with someone again." Go through him and back into the wall of the cave as the darkness came.

This time it was slower and he felt the flash of darkness then looked around him and smiled he had done it right. He was sitting in the chair in Meg's room at Surf Central and watched her as she slept curled up in a ball hugging a pillow. He could feel and see her sadness all around her and felt cross that he had let his own scheming get in the way of what could have been a strong friendship.

She had offered it to him even after all he had done and he had turned it down to carry on scheming, thinking about it he realised that Ben had tolerated him around mainly because of his past with her parents Joan and Hank. He shook himself out of his mood and concentrated gently getting into her mind, hoping she would not feel his presence and would not mind the intrusion.

After a while he found himself in darkness feeling as if he was being buffeted by softballs made out of shimmering coloured lights. They seemed to just fall away from him. He thought of why he was there and one stuck and disappeared into him. A warm glow went through him and a picture seemed to grow around him. He recognised he was in The Deep standing on the edge of the dance area watching Ben and Meg dancing in an embrace. He caught a fleeting glimpse of her long white dress otherwise she was hidden from his view by Ben's body. They seemed to be in a spotlight and he sensed people around them but could not see them.

He was careful not to let his thoughts intrude on hers, and concentrated on Ben. The dream seemed to shimmer as Meg came round into view, her head resting against Ben and he felt they were dancing alone.

She looked beautiful in a long blue dress, which seemed to shimmer in the lights; Ben was in a dark suit. The lights were low and the music seemed to swell around them, as did the aura of their love for each other. It was so deep and loving it made him regret what he did to them. Ben lifted his head and looked across at him, as if sensing Tim's intrusion, but gave no indication of it. He gently eased Meg away from him and cupped her chin in his hand gently lovingly tilting her head so they looked into each others eyes and said "I'm sorry for all the hurt I've have caused my love…" and suddenly was gone.

Tim felt himself being pulled out of her mind and she started to wake up, crying out Ben's name, and heard running footsteps of Sara and Casey. Then there was pressure and darkness with streaks of light all around him as though he was going through and along something at great speed. He got scared and the word 'stop!' shot through his mind and he came to a crashing halt sliding down something hard to the ground.

He found he hadn't gone through the ground but was gasping for air and realised it was silly he was a ghost and did not need air and nothing could hurt him. He shouted. "Damn! Knowing he'd lost Ben's thread just for a silly human thought. He chastised himself. "Get real Tim you're a ghost! You can do anything! How the hell do I catch up with Ben? I don't know where I am!" The sound of a blare from a horn brought back to his surroundings.

At the entrance of a tunnel with a very large truck was approaching fast.

Tim looked up at it controlling his fear and thought hard and found himself in the cab of the truck. "Hey this is fun!" He exclaimed as he leant back in the seat looking around and at the driver who was chewing gum as he drove totally unaware of his passenger.

While they where in the tunnel Tim carefully let his mind draw the picture of Ben again, as they came out again the voice on the radio caught his attention, it was the traffic helicopter reporting an accident just a head on the freeway to Seattle. Darkness hit him.

As he materialised, he sensed the wind and the noise of the helicopter's engine and quickly thought hard of Ben.

He felt a strong pull and was falling from a great height. The words 'soft landing please' came into his mind but were unheeded as he crashed through the roof of a house. It took him a split second to realise he was not hurt or damage done as he went through the ceilings/floors catching fleeting glimpses of the rooms as he passed through to the ground floor.

He stopped and materialised near the end of the passageway, to his left was an open door into a room and knew there was a door out to the house behind him. In front of him was Ben running as best he could towards him, hampered by the chains around his ankles, and his wrists seemed to be chained around his waist. Seeing an up turned table across the passageway by the front door he knew this was Ben's only means escape.

Tim started to yell a warning about the man coming from the kitchen and realised he could not be seen or heard. He tried concentrating on the kitchen door to make it close but nothing happened until too late.

The man was in the passageway and brought Ben down to his knees; struggling Ben tried to turn so he could fight better. But the man pulled the chain around Ben's waist so tight he could not move his arms, and then pushed him over so he was face down on the floor. The man put his hand in his pocket and got out a stun gun put it to Ben's back and fired. Tim felt the pain surge through him as it went through Ben who then lay still.

The man got up swearing, gave Ben a kick just to make sure he was unconscious and called out to his friend. There was no reply so he walked unsteadily towards the open basement door and disappeared from Tim's sight. Tim crouched down beside Ben cleared his mind and gently as he did with Meg got inside and found nothing just the darkness of unconsciousness. He came out and decided to have a quick look around noting that all the windows Ben would pass were blacked out and every room was furnished but no one else around until he came to the basement and found the two men.

The man who had stunned Ben was calling to his friend who was lying at the bottom of the wooden stairs. The man stirred and tried to sit up and cursed. "My bloody arm's broken. Josh! You got him all right. I'll get the bastard for this no matter what his brother says!"

Josh started to help him up "He's been stunned. Jake you are not to hurt him! Derek wants him in one piece or we don't get our money. Ben's going to get killed in the end with Tess and Meg so dear old Derek can have Maria. Lucky bastard having the choice of three! I'll get Ben down here and take you to the hospital his punishment will be locked down till we get back and having to clear up the mess afterwards. Understand!" The words shocked Tim realising that Derek had been planning to kill Tess all along as well as Meg.

Unsteadily Josh and Jake made their way up the stairs into the passageway where Jake sat leaning against the wall and Josh started to clear up then he suddenly exclaimed quietly. "Oh! Hell!" and carefully put the phone back on the table leaving the handset hanging and putting his finger to his mouth warning Josh to be quiet. He quickly went to the front door unlocked and opened it so it was just ajar. Then made his way quickly past Jake to Ben, he grabbed Ben's legs and started to drag him towards and then carried him into the basement. Jake wondered what was going on, as Josh passed Jake with Ben he said quietly "Dialled 911" Jake caught on and crawled over to the bottom of the stairs and laid down as though he had fallen down the stairs. He could just hear the siren of the police car and hissed a call to Josh, who was running back up the stairs. He flicked the light out in the basement and locked the door, then ran out of the back door into the garden and waited.

Tim paced up and down the passageway regardless of Josh and Jake movements through him wondering how he was going to warn the police or ambulance men when they came.

There was a loud knocking on the front door the Officer called out who he was as he opened the door. Josh appeared in the back doorway as the second call came and pretending to be surprised exclaiming "Oh My God!" They all went over to Jake who was lying on the floor with his eyes closed.

The Officer leaned over him and then spoke into his radio. His mate, who had followed in behind him, lifted the handset to the phone and spoke to the operator, then to Josh "You are sir?"

"Josh Kincaid this is Jake my brother. I've been out back putting some things in the shed. Is he all right sir?"

The Officer was now supporting a groggy Jake as he replied. "He must have fallen downstairs but managed to phone for help. His arm feels as though it could be broken. Are you hurt anywhere else Sir? The ambulance is on its way. Only the two of you?"

Josh replied "Yes, We're looking after the house for the owner while he's working abroad." There was aloud crash from the kitchen, which made them all jump.

Jake groggily exclaimed, "Damn cat! That's what made me fall."

The Officer went to the kitchen with Josh to see what the damage was. Tim cursed Jake's quick thinking and hoped the Officer would realise that there was no cat around. On Tim's visit to the basement although it was dark he knew there was nothing to make a nose with. Everything moveable had been taken out or secured down. It was just Ben, unconscious, chained and gagged so he went to the kitchen. Josh looked confused at the broken bottle of fruit juice lying smashed on the floor. He could not remember leaving it near the edge of the table. The Officer returned to the others leaving him to clear up the mess.

The ambulance men arrived and after taking all the details put Jake in the ambulance. The Officers went over what had happened and Josh said he would follow in his car.

Tim decided to go with the Officers in the car and sat in the back wondering how he could get them to go back to the house. He listened half hearted to their comments which was at first just general chatter then with interest.

"I would never let them near my house no matter how desperate I was."

"I'm sure I know that Jake lad must check his name."

"You know their stories are wrong. I mean if you fell down those stairs and broke your arm could you reach the phone … that table was around the corner and still be lying down at the bottom of the stairs?"

His partner laughed. "So you think they had a fight, a brotherly fight or one abusing the other and staged the ending. Doubt if there'll be charges unless the hospital can tell when they check out the bruises."

"So we'll follow this one up quietly. Pity we cannot tell them it's for health and safety records or something. What about the cat?"

"What about it, there wasn't a cat dish or empty tins on the side. Anyway Jake should be kept in for the rest of the night and possibly tomorrow. I'll ask if we can keep an eye on the house from a distance and check who owns it just in case they are squatting. Is Josh keeping up all right?"

His partner looked in mirror while he concentrated on the traffic a head "Yes still with us I'll check the reg. as well while he's waiting.

Tim smiled to himself but knew it was not enough, and suddenly got worried about Ben back at the house and found himself crashing to the ground back in the darkness of the basement and groaned out loud. "I really must steady my thoughts. … What did he say about the candle?"

He looked up at the light and thought hard after a moment it came on and he could see Ben, gagged sitting up leaning against the shelves, which were fixed to the wall. At first he thought Ben was awake but realised he was still unconscious and wondered why he was not lying on the floor. He slipped carefully into the very small gap behind Ben and realised the chain had been shortened so he could not move. He shivered noting Ben's wrist chains had also been clipped tighter to the chain around his waist. He went up to the passageway knowing he would have to leave Ben in darkness.

He started back towards the kitchen wondering what he could do to make sure Ben would be left alone till he could find help. He looked around the room and smiled at the glasses and china left on the side waiting to be washed up. He started to get angry concentrating as he did when tried to close the door and more successfully the jar of juice. After a while the glasses came first and smashed on the floor, he had to stop himself from jumping out the way as they went through him. The noise was almost deafening as the rest followed. When it was over he looked around at the mess and smiled.

He knew he had to get help, as fast as possibly and it would have to come from the only person he knew he could contact. He had been tormenting her, now he needed her co-operation and belief.