Patient Escape

By: Fallen Serph

A/N: Ah… My first Gale x Jenna fic…. This story starts out basically at the ending of Digital Devil Saga 2…. Now may I remind you this is a songfic so it might be short….

Disclaimer: All the characters shown do not belong to me but to ATLUS….

Warning: Complete OOC ,AU and Hints of Lemony Freshness….

I was thinking it's a sign

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when we kiss

They're perfectly aligned

And I have to speculate

That God himself did make us

Into corresponding shapes

Like puzzle pieces from the clay

Slicked blonde hair intertwined with crimson hair with brightened blue eyes meeting darkened crimson ones. Moonlight providing their only source of vision but was deemed unnecessary for the darkness shed more light and heightened senses collided with each other as the sounds of passion dripped moans quickly silenced by placing a hungered kiss, lust becoming more and more powerful until it went beyond their control. Instinct being the loyal guide through the couple's inexperience as the time that was spent becoming one was soon coming to a close.

And true, it may seem like a stretch

But it's thoughts like this that catch

My troubled head when you're away

When I am missing you to death

When you are out there on the road

For several weeks of shows

And when you scan the radio

I hope this song will guide you home

Tangled inside the sweat filled sheets Gale silently looked towards his side for any trace of his 'partner' but only found an empty space that only she could fill. It was always like this at night they would celebrate with the sensation of each other's touch but in the morning she fled without any trace. "I will never be able to fill in the place David always kept warm will I Jenna….?" Gale asked to thin air as his heart ached horribly as every second without her made him feel empty and used but he never paid it no mind because he knew very well she would return and he would be needed once more.

They will see us waving from such great


"Come down now," they'll say

But everything looks perfect from far away

"Come down now," but we'll stay . . .

I tried my best to leave

This all on your machine

But the persistent beat

It sounded thin upon listening

And that frankly will not fly

You will hear the shrillest highs

And lowest lows with the windows down

When this is guiding you home

Perhaps it was love that had kept Gale sane as he waited in his room every night hoping tonight Jenna would come back again but it always depended on how much faith he had in her. Sometimes it would not work and sometimes it did as he spotted a lone figure just by his door with a look of pain in her face. This was his duty now, to keep Jenna company and comfort her in anyway as another night ended but not before he heard her utter the one name that would always be more important than him.


They will see us waving from such great


"Come down now," they'll say

But everything looks perfect from far away

"Come down now," but we'll stay . . .

It was never enough for her but Gale did not care nor did he wish to comprehend their figment of a relationship that was fading away from his head, from his heart and from his soul. Soon the sun would rise and she would disappear once more from his sights to leave him in his routine of his rotting patient love.

Somehow this moment was different as she did not plan on waking up soon with her hand locked into a state of harmony with his as Jenna placed her head on his bare chest with a scorned smile on her lips.

"I can never move on from him….."

These words left a burning sting into his heart for every word she uttered next would just destroy him now. Tear threatened to spill from her eyes at the realization of what she had just said to her 'escape'. Jenna knew she was hurting both of them by suddenly leaving in the mornings for she could not leave the love she had for David which struck bitter irony since Gale had David's soul with him. He was her escape from the torture and guilt of her paste deeds.

Her vision was getting blurry as she was certain the tears were coming from her but to her shock it was Gale who had shed bitter tears as he held his emotionless face on while placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I will wait for how long it takes….."

Giving in to her guilt she clutched his head and pulled him into a chastise kiss while sobbing uncontrollably. Gale gave her comfort, his heart and his company that had kept her far up into the sky as every little thing she needed was given with no conditions.

Returning the kiss with gentle care as his hands took her into a warm comforting hug.

"This is love right…?"

"I comprehend now….."

"I will wait…. Until she is ready…"

"For now I will be her patient escape…"