. the green-eyed monster .

. by snowmirage .


Summary: Jealousy is a word that was never in Hyuuga Natsume's dictionary. But somehow, his actions and thoughts betray his words. A NatsumexMikan one shot.


Hell hath no fury like a jealous man scorned.

"Mikan, I love you."

These four potent words, innocent as they may seem, will never be heard coming out from one Hyuuga Natsume's mouth.

Not even when hell freezes over.

Yet, many speculate why is it when middle branch Toshiro Yamamoto proclaimed these very four words to the shocked but flattered lady in question, he ended up in the Academy's hospital for severe burns the very next day.

Of course, the burns were a dead giveaway as to who the guilty party was.

When an extremely annoyed Mikan stomped into the classroom to confront the boy on exactly why he did that to the first person who had ever confessed his love for her, the boy in question simply smirked and drawled out," I was saving him from a fate worse than death: Having you as his girlfriend."

Yet, some wondered if, just if, Hyuuga Natsume might just be in love with Sakura Mikan despite all his cold ways and nonchalant acts.

It was a question nobody dared to ask and nobody thought to ask.

When one brave soul finally gathered the courage to pop the question to our fiery hero (Do you like Sakura Mikan?), he found himself joining the ranks of Toshiro Yamamoto in the intensive care unit for the treatment of severe burn wounds.

When asked again why on earth did he do that to the poor soul in question, all Natsume did was to shrug and say," Because he was an idiot and the world revolved much better without him."

But to Yome Kokoro, the school's resident psychic, Natsume's thoughts were loud and clear:

Damn it. Now the whole academy knows I like that baka youjo.


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