Disclaimer: I do not own X-Day.

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

We had dreamed of this day for so long, all of us, and not one of us would deny it. It had been what had brought us together in the first place and in the end it was the only thing that kept us here until the day itself came.

I must admit that it was everything I had hoped for, yet it was nothing at all at the very same time. We had looked forward to X-Day, our day of triumph, for a long time. I suppose though that I would be right in saying that it was only after the deed itself was done that we all truly realised what had occurred.

The remains of the school lay before us, a symbol of our triumph over the system. On second sight however, our opinions changed; we saw it for what it was – what lay at out feet was no great triumph; it was simply a ruin, another reminder of a broken society run by those with broken hearts and broken minds.

In the end out dream was brought to life. In the end we achieved nothing.