Neko-chan: Konnichiwa, Neko-chan here with one of her odd, strange, freaky stories!

Naruto: I don't know how you got us to agree to this.

Neko-chan: Remember, Naru-chan? I had a part celebrating my many reviews on DeviantArt last night, and we had sake' and Moni spiked the punch. Then I made you and Sasu-chan sign a binding contract stating that you must do everything I tell you for the sake of my story!


Sasuke: -throws a pillow at Naruto- Shut up...dobe...head...hurts.

Neko-chan: Ah, the wonders of hangovers. Now, Naruto, I have the contract right here with both your signatures right here in cold, black ink.

Naruto: -swipes contract and tears it up- Not anymore!

Neko-chan: -shrugs- I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid, at least not that stupid! That was just one of a million copies.

Naruto:...and you were able to do this all in one night, how?

Neko-chan: ...-sobs- I have no real life!

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Naruto: By the way, how are you going to get the Harry Potter cast to agree?

Neko-chan: I'm working on it! I don't have to worry until next chappy anyways.

Warnings: Yaoi, cuss words, and a smidgen of violence.


Naruto sighed as he looked out into the darkness surrounding the village. It was a very cool night, making the fox boy grateful for the heavy green vest that was part of the required uniform for Jounins. Pulling the before-mentioned vest closed to him, he stood, feeling a presence behind him, but not alarmed. There was only one person he knew that would visit him while he was on duty.

Three years…that's how long it's been. Three years since the villagers stopped abusing him, three years since they've accepted him, three years since they stopped looking at him like they were looking at the Kyuubi locked inside of him.

Three years since Sasuke came home…

"Evening." A deep voice said behind him as a pair of arms wrapped around the light haired boy's waist. Naruto couldn't help by blush slightly.

True, when Sasuke came back, Naruto was pissed. Not because he came back, but because he left. The first thing he did when he saw the Uchiha heir was smack him over the head before tackling him into a very relieved hug.

Yes, Naruto was a very strange boy.

But he didn't care. Sasuke came back, and that's all that mattered. Yet, the majority of the villagers weren't as relieved as he was. They were furious, they wanted him executed, but Naruto wouldn't let them. He begged Tsunade to give Sasuke another chance, he swore he'd take responsibility if the Uchiha betrayed the village. Tsunade laughed at that. 'Naruto' and 'responsibility' didn't belong in the same sentence in any way, shape, or form, but she agreed.

It was a long way from there, and the villagers still didn't trust him completely, but Sasuke didn't care, because there was only one person he wanted to trust him. That person, as mad as they were at the time, forgave him and welcomed him back with a smack on the head and a very painful glomp. And, a year after he returned home, he confessed and that person has been his lover since then.

Their appearances had changed as the years went on. Naruto lost all his baby-fat, and he was very lean, but not too much. His hair was still short, but it was straighter, and fell over his ears. He was also much taller now, but still at least a head shorted than Sasuke, The Uchiha heir had kept his hair growing long, knowing that Naruto had a small fetish with the dark locks. His pale skin had darkened and his face wasn't so cold anymore. That change had nothing to do with time.

"Ne, Sasuke, not now. I'm on duty, and my back still hurts from last night." Naruto whined as he felt pale lips travel across the sensitive skin on his neck.

"Mmm, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little bit of fun now, does it?" Sasuke asked behind him as his pale hand traveled up his love's chest. Naruto bit back a moan and tried to object, causing the male behind him to shake his head in amusement. His boyfriend was so stubborn sometimes. "Besides, Hokage-sama summons us. We have a new mission."

Naruto couldn't help but giggle a little. There was only one way to get Sasuke to respect Tsunade. "She gave us a mission undercover, didn't she?"

Sasuke nodded in reply. "Yeah, which means I can spend some time with my little kitsune."

"That also means we better get going before Tsunade-baa-chan sends Lee after us." Naruto pointed out, reminding him of all the times Lee walked in on them and started exclaiming something about 'youth'. Somehow, Gai appears a few seconds later and they go on and on and on, annoying the hell out of the two boys. Sasuke sighed and nodded as he remembered all those times.

"Right, let's go." He murmured and they both disappeared in a puff of smoke.


"It's about time you two got here." Tsunade said sitting at her desk, barely batting an eyelash as the two Jounin appeared in her office. She looked through some more papers before setting them down and looking at the two in front of her.

"What's the mission, Tsunade-baa-chan?" Although he was much older, 17, Naruto didn't lose an ounce of his child-like innocence. Despite the fact that he wasn't all that innocent, thanks to Sasuke.

"I have an old friend, his name is Dumbledore and he asked if I could send a couple of my best Jounins to protect his school. Here's the file with everything you need to know." She said handing him a manila folder. Naruto opened it, scanned though the page for a few seconds before handing it over to Sasuke.

When they were paying attention, she spoke again, "You two will be going undercover as students in your sixth year. Be sure to read it thoroughly, that file also has the story you have to go with to explain why you're going so late. You will be arriving at a place called the Leaky Cauldron. There, find a man named Tom, tell him your names, and he'll give you a room, separate rooms, may I add."

Naruto grinned sheepishly and Sasuke smirked. Tsunade was always doing that when they went on missions together. They would always get easily distracted, especially during the night, and the last thing they needed was them being too tired to protect anything.

"Anything else? Like, where this leaky pot is?" Naruto asked her.

"First of all, it's 'Leaky Cauldron', that's the name of the pub you'll be staying at. And you'll get there through this." She tossed them a glass bottle, which they both caught at the same time, as she predicted.

"What is this-" Before Sasuke could finish with his question, they were gone with a 'poof'.


Neko-chan: So? So? Did you like? Huh Huh? YIKES! -gets tackled by Naruto-


Neko-chan: I prefer the term authoress. Besides, you know you liked it.

Naruto: -growls, then suddenly feels blood lust behind him- Uh oh, Sasuke's awake!

Neko-chan: Oh, well, I'll leave you to take care of this. I'm off to get the HP gang drunk! Ciao!


Sasuke: Usuratonkatchi... (anybody know the real spelling?)


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