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"Hey! Hey, wait up, mate!" Ron cried as he, Harry, and Hermione tried to catch up with one pissed off Uchiha. Actually, it only looked like he was pissed, but it all honesty, Sasuke was dead worried. It wasn't evident on his face, but the air around him was panicked, and everyone who was close enough to feel it was hit with tense air.

Sasuke didn't like it when Naruto disappeared. Naruto had admitted to him what happened to him as a child that still happened to him even as an elder teen. It didn't happen that often and alcoholics that forgot the reasons they agreed to stop in the first place usually did it. But, all the same, it happened. Naruto never fought back when someone he didn't see as a deadly enemy attacked him. So there was no way he was going to fight against a bunch of weaklings who rely on sticks to fight.

Naruto, where the hell are you? He demanded, as if the blond could hear his thoughts.

Behind him, the Golden Trio was trying their best to catch up with him. Ron's father had told them that they were supposed to be good hosts and basically follow them everywhere. That meant at least keeping this one in sight, which was difficult since he seemed to be walking faster than they could run.

"What is with this guy?" Ron complained, trying to catch his breath while still trying to watch the raven-haired boy in front of them.

"Ron! Don't be so insensitive. It's clear that he's worried about his friend! It's very understandable considering we're in a war now!" she said in a hushed whisper.

"Worrying? Hermione, he's way passed worrying! I mean, look at him! He looks like he's going to bust a blood vessel!" Harry lost interest in their argument. He had a feeling that if anyone of his friends disappeared like that, he'd be worried out of his mind as well. Okay, he probably wouldn't be emitting the aura of someone who was ready to kill someone if he didn't find his friends, but that wasn't really the point.

Those two were strange, he couldn't deny that. From the few minutes they were with the two, the noticed that they couldn't go half a minute without getting to a fight. They would often shout insults to each other in an entirely different language. Then the next minute, they were chatting about something off subject and relatively peaceful. That could just be the way their relationship was, but Harry felt that the five were too different to really relate to each other enough to become friends. Yet, now, he was seeing a way to relate to the boy in front of him. Harry speed up slightly and, as Sasuke paused to look around, Harry put a hand on his shoulder.

He could have sworn he saw a flash of red when Sasuke jerked his head to his direction.

"Hey, look, I know you're worried, but maybe you should calm down a bit. You really can't help him much if you get yourself sick from worrying. How about we sit for a moment and maybe you can think of a place he would most likely be. If it's a specific type of place, we can help you find it." He said assuringly. Sasuke looked like he wanted to do anything but relax, but the boy did have a point. He was going about this all wrong. Sometimes, Naruto did disappear for the most absurd reasons. Mostly if he found an injured animal or he smelled ramen.

Meanwhile Naruto was walking down a very dark alleyway looking at everything in innocent curiosity, he got split from the rest of the group and was already getting a little nervous. The reason for this nervousness you ask? The point that everyone in the alley was staring at him as if he was either a freak, piece of meat, or some kind of mystical animal, Naruto rushed through the alley following the signs leading back to Diagon Alley. Suddenly he crashed into something and fell to the ground face first, "Owwie!"

Hearing laughter directed at him, Naruto looked up and saw a pale blond boy looking at him with amusement seen in his eyes.

Draco Malfoy was walking through Knockturn alley after looking through various shop and buying things that he saw fit for his use, he was on his way towards Diagon Alley to visit Gringrotts when felt someone bump into him. Looking down he saw a boy that was the same age as him with golden-blonde hair, "Owwie!" Draco didn't know why he started laughing but he couldn't stop himself from laughing, what the guy said was funny, if he was the same age as him then he wondered why out of all the things to say he says owwie?

"Oi! Who do you think you are laughing at?!"

"Well I thought that was kind of obvious that I am laughing at you boy." He answered as he looked down at him. Naruto's face turned red from anger.


Draco just stared at the boy after everything went silent, turning around slightly he noticed people were coming towards them in the alley, grabbing the loud blonde's hand dragging him out of the alley into the sunlight where those weird creatures wouldn't follow them. (Sorry those people in Knockturn Alley creeped me out seriously!) When they got to Diagon alley the blonde asked, "What was their problem?" Draco looked at him in surprise as he just shook his head, this guy must've been an idiot or something!


Draco watched as the blonde with him turned towards the voice, His name is Naruto?

The blonde's face changed into a happy one as he ran towards a guy with black hair yelling, "Sasuke-Teme!" and glomped him, Draco watched in confusion when he noticed Harry, Hermoine, and Ron ran up to them.

"Get off me dobe." Setting the blonde on his feet he looked at him with a look a mother about to give her children a scolding would wear, "Where were you, Naruto?"

The blonde grinned as he rubbed his head in embarrassment as he answered, "I got lost in Knock-something Alley? I think it was called that anyway and this guy helped me." pointing towards Malfoy who found out that the rest of them had just now realized he was there, talk about being neglected.

"Malfoy? Actually helped somebody?"

Malfoy snorted and crossed his arms as he stated, "Only this once...I don't want to ruin my reputation hanging around with that idiot." Ignoring the shouts from Naruto he turned around and went back towards Knockturn alley where he then disappeared in the darkness, Sasuke looked at Naruto with a look that made a chill go down the shorter boy's spine.

"Ummm...guys, I think we should get back to the shops. My dad's going to throw a fit if he comes back and we're not done with our shopping." Ron said jerking his thumb in the direction of the stores.

"Whatever." Sasuke mumbled as he took Naruto's hand and almost dragged him.

"Oi, you don't have to hold my hand like I'm some kind of kid!" the blond said huffing indignantly.

"The last thing we need is for you to go wandering off again, dobe." To the average person, he sounded irritated and annoyed, but if you peeled off all that, Naruto could see his partner was truly concerned.

"I'm sorry." He whispered in a way that Sasuke was the only one who could hear. There was no answer, and Naruto knew that they were going to have a talk when they get the chance.

"So, did Malfoy really help you?" Ron asked as they weaved through the crowd.

"I guess. He seemed to be really interested when he saw you guys running up with teme, here." Naruto said. He noticed an odd look on Harry's face and raised an eyebrow. Turning to Sasuke, Naruto saw that he noticed it as well, but seemed to understand it a bit more.

"Well, I for one am wondering what he was doing in Knockturn Alley in the first place! Not shopping for school, I can tell you that!" Hermione said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Am I the only one noticing that Malfoy, the slimy git who has tormented us on a regular basis, actually did something decent?!" Ron cried.

"Hey, he can't always be bad!" Both Ron and Hermione turned in shock at Harry's outburst. He seemed to be giving them a defiant look, but then he realized what he said and looked a little flustered. "I mean, he has to do something nice once in a while to keep karma from biting him in the butt. How else do you think he lasted this long without some jinx permanently damaging him?"

The pair seemed to accept this and Ron crossed his arms while nodding in agreement. "You had me scared for a moment there, mate. I honestly thought you were sticking up for the slime."

"Who do you think I am, Ron?" Harry gave him a grin, but, to Naruto and Sasuke, it seemed forced. Naruto would know better than anyone since he's spent his entire life forcing grins.


Naruto and Sasuke were currently stumped. They were finally in a position that neither of them expected to be in even when they found out what their mission was going to be about. They were given things to tell people for specific questions asked. Where they were from, what their school was like, what they did in school, why they were going to Hogwarts, about friends, they were even allowed to tell the truth about their family (not the whole truth, mind you). Since they had all that registered in their minds, they were completely caught off guard by one…simple…questions…

"So, could you tell us about yourselves?" Mr. Weasley had asked when they got into a limo-like car. Apparently the Ministry of Magic provided it, so it seemed like a small car on the outside, but a stretch limo on the inside.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"Like hobbies, what you like and don't like, stuff about you." The three magical teens seated across from them seemed instantly interested. Now, usually, Naruto would go on a rant on how he was going the be the greatest Hokage, how he adored ramen, and he may have slipped up and say how he hated that Sasuke never let him on top. That answer would both confuse and traumatize them.

"Well, I like sparring with teme over there! What I like…well I like ramen! Especially when Iruka-sensei or Sasuke-teme treats me! What I hate…well, I hate it when Sasuke calls me a dobe or usuratonkachi." Naruto muttered.

"What do all of those mean, anyways?" Hermione asked curiously.


"You know, teme, sensei, dobe, usuraton…something."

"Usuratonkatchi." Sasuke corrected…just because he can.

"Well, teme is like 'bastard'. Sensei is teacher, dobe is…grr…dead-last. Usuratonkatchi is another way of calling me 'stupid', a ruder way, mind you." Naruto informed them. They nodded in understanding, even though Hermione and Mr. Weasley were the only ones who understood.

In an attempt to change the subject, Naruto decided to find out about his irritating 'savior'. "So, you guys didn't seem to like that 'Malfoy' guy too much. How bad is he?"

This got the golden trio's attention and Ron scowled and Hermione looked a bit offended at the thought of Malfoy. Harry, on the other hand, seemed to have a far off look on his face.

"Bad is an understatement! Ever since our first year, he's done nothing but make sure our lives were a living hell, just because we wouldn't lick his shoes. He tried making friends with Harry here when we first came to Hogwarts, but Harry knew a slimy git when he sees one, eh mate?" Ron asked, slinging an arm around his best friend.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. I didn't think I would like him with the way he was treating Ron, and Ron was my first friend." Harry replied.

"Really? So what did he do that's so bad?" Naruto asked, becoming curious.

"Well, in the first year he tried getting us in trouble by challenging Harry to a midnight duel, never showed, the coward. Not only that, but he tried to get us in trouble again by following us when we were giving Hagrid's dragon to my brother. During the second year he called Hermione a…a…" Ron looked unsure about what he was going to say, it must have been that vulgar.

"He called me a mudblood." Hermione said.

"He did not!" Naruto gasped, and Sasuke coughed to hide his laughter at how dramatic Naruto sounded, even though it was obvious he didn't know what the hell a 'mudblood' was.

"He did! And in the third year, he tried to get Hagrid fired! And it was his first time teaching too! Also tried to get Hagrid's Hippogriff executed. Luckily it ran off before the executioner got a chance to get him." Harry and Hermione gave each other secret looks, saying there was more to the story than that.

"That's a relief." This time, Naruto's reaction was sincere, even though he didn't know what a Hippogriff was, he never liked the execution of animals for the crime of being animals.

"Then, in the fourth year, when Harry was chosen as Hogwarts champion for the Triwizard Tournament, even the there was already a champion and there was only supposed to be one, he kept on telling everyone that Harry cheated and went everywhere passing buttons that insulted him. Last year, he helped that Umbridge hag get the Gryffindors in trouble! You can't imagine what she put poor Harry here through! And, you want to know something, that's only half of what he's done to us." Ron finished gruffly as he crossed his arms and huffed angrily.

Naruto had to admit that he was amused with Ron's complaints, but, from the looks of it, only Ron was as furious as he was with Malfoy. Hermione seemed a bit irritated, but not as mad as him, and Harry hardly seemed mad at all. In fact, he seemed to have an understanding look on his face, as if there were reasons to Malfoy's offensive behavior, and he knew them, understood them.


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