DISVLAIMER! i don't own final fantasy 9, it's characters, the places mentioned in it, or any of that good stuff. i do own a copy of the game, and i'm nearly done it now, too. anyway, every gramatical error was planned to be part of this story. it's for effect. I mean, this is supposed to be Quena.

The sun was no up when Quena wake. S/he rub his/her eyes with lazy. The air no smell good outside tent. Sea smell too strong…. Much salty no taste good. S/he waddle out with many big stretch. Black mage Vivi there, sat by shore, and no look happy.

"Hungry?" Quena ask. "I go catch big fish? Tasty to eat."

"huh? Oh, Hello Quena. No, I'm not hungry."

Quena sit near Vivi, in close.

"no hungry and no happy? Why so?" Vivi look out sea for much time before answer, golden sparkly in eyes. "you sure you no hungry? Quena ask, just when Vivi start say "do you love anyone, Quena?" then Vivi blush, under cloak very deep, where Quena no see.

"Quena love FROGS! And Quena love all good foods." 'that good answer' s/he think. Vivi give deep sigh.

"not food Quena, a person. Or, a… (whatever you are)… Qu, I guess. Love is for someone you live for. Someone who makes you happy when you see them, just by being there. Even if….. you're… hungry, I suppose." Quena Blink Twice. 'Vivi must hunger very much. he hunger-mad already!'still, Quena try understand.

When that no work, Quena try explain.

"when Quena hungry, Quena Eat, Quena become happy. When Quena no happy, Quena see food, Quena think of food, it make Quena happy. How you say Quena no love food?" Vivi still no think that good answer. He sigh deep again.

"no. it's different."

Quena no quite understand. Quena think hard, but no understand come.

"Vivi… Vivi love someone?" s/he finally ask. Vivi look deep at Quena, then turn head fast away.

"no, Quena. That's why I'm not happy. I don't think I love anyone anymore. I can't remember really loving anyone but my grandfather." Vivi Blink rapidly many fast times. "I've… I've never told anyone that before. you won't tell?" Secrets! Quena Much exited by secrets.

"Quena tell no one!" Quena nod head with vigorously.

"AAAWGH, MAN, I COULD EAT MY FRICKEN' CHOCOBO, I'M SO BLOODY HUNGERY!" by holler from tent, Zidane sound very hungry.

"CHOCOBO TASTE GOOD?" Quena say, while run back at tent, where chocobo parked. "WANT SOME! "

Zidane poke messed blonde head from tent flap.

"whaaat theeee….. NO QUENA DON'T EAT IT!" Zidane run from tent, at flying quick toward Quena. "FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE HE'S BEEN! " Quena chortle and flop on belly. Quena think of the friends s/he have, in turns. Quena thing long of one. Happy when hungry, unhappy when not hungry. Quena start to understand. Quena love someone.

(but Quena still pretty hungry.)