Zaneta: Well, it's another cross-fic I co-wrote, this time Hellsing and Harry Potter! Of course this one is different in both senses. This one is with my little brother (whose pen name is Omega Prime) and that this does not follow the idea of the Hellsing operatives going to Hogwarts.

Summary: When hints of Millennium activity are seen in Hogsmeade, Rufus Scringemour ends up meeting Integra Hellsing. Despite the past they form an alliance to overcome their foes.

Notes: For the sake of the plot, the Harry Potter story is moved forward three years.

This story contains spoilers from the Harry Potter book 'Half-Blood Prince'. We are against the ending, but are using it for the sake of the plot. However, Umbridge haters will enjoy a later chapter.

This is Omega's first fic so please be kind. Flames ignored but constructive criticism is welcome.


"Sir Hellsing, I'm happy that you could come to my office in person," the Prime Minister said kindly, "Would you like anything? Tea? Whisky?"

"A cup of tea would be very kind thank you." Integra Hellsing replied, sitting down.

The Prime Minister nodded and called for his secretary. "Would you be so kind as to prepare Sir Hellsing a cup of tea?"

The woman nodded and left, arriving moments later with a tray, a teapot, two cups and saucers, a jug of milk and a bowl of sugar cubes were on it. Integra took her cup and added put some milk in before pouring the tea. "So Prime Minister, what is it that you wished to talk about?"

"Well, as you can imagine, if the House of Lords got wind of the Order of Royal Protestant Knights, well, there would be pandemonium, but I wished to learn more about your work."

"There isn't really much more to say than when we met alongside Her Majesty. What the police can't take on, we do, it's as simple as that."

"And… that mostly involves vampires?"

"Correct, surely a man such as yourself has read Bram Stoker at least once."

"Once, a long time ago."

"The story isn't far from fact, the finer details were adjusted in terms of how events took place, but a lot of it is fact."

"And how do you figure this?"

"Simple, my ancestor was the one who dealt the final blow for the infamous Count." Integra stated calmly, sipping the drink.

"To the Prime Minister of Muggles. Requesting a meeting. Urgent. Kindly respond immediately. Rufus Scringemour, Minister for Magic."

The Prime Minister turned to the portrait, "I am currently in the middle of a meeting with someone. Can't Scringemour wait?"

"Prime Minister, if it is urgent, let the man speak, personally I would like to meet this Minister for Magic, I have reason to believe that our men have been bumping heads every now and again as of late anyway, yet no one can seem to prove it, so as you can imagine, I have a few queries for him."

"Oh all right, tell him I have a guest, but she wishes to discuss with him anyway."

"I must entreat…"

"Don't worry, I've been aware of the existence of magic for several years, I simply had not met a wizard face-to-face." Integra answered.

"Very well."

The man in the portrait vanished and a man with a greying lion's mane for hair and bushy eyebrows emerged from the fireplace seconds later.

"And who is this Prime Minister?" he asked.

"Rufus Scringemour I take it? I am Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, director of the Order of Royal Protestant Knights, or Hellsing Organisation, specialists in the extermination of rampaging vampires." Integra stated by means of an introduction.

"Sir Hellsing works for the Queen herself Mr Scringemour, and only a few know of the existence of the establishment. The secret of your community is in safe hands."

"Although the memories of my men don't seem to be, save one." Integra added, "I don't suppose that with the recent vampire attacks you've been getting involved have you?" she asked.

"Well, we've noticed a rise in attacks, we believed that our own war had something to do with it." Scringemour admitted.

"Heavens no, most of them were made by artificial means, although the details remain far from clear. But perhaps you could explain something to me that has been plaguing my organisation as of late."

"I believe I could."

Integra took a map card of A6 size and handed it to him, "This shows an area where we've identified several attacks by ghouls, yet for some reason when my men make to carry out reconnaissance duty, they can't seem to find anything. Of course, we believe the group behind the production line is involved, they're vicious warmongers, and they would revel in something like this."

"Are you aware of any with knowledge of magic within this group?"

"Does anyone in the wizarding world know how to wield a musket?" Integra asked as an answer, "We had magic musket balls plaguing us until the vampire responsible was dealt with. Left a dip in the military's numbers I can assure you."

"I see, if this is the case then I would very much like to discuss the matter more with you Sir Hellsing." Scringemour stated, "Prime Minister, the incidents that Sir Hellsing here has just mentioned were what I came by to report. The victims were mostly wizards but there were a few other fatalities."

"I see, well I hope that you can come to an agreement as to how to clear up this mess, you need all the resources you can get with the war you're in."

"War?" Integra enquired.

"I'm afraid to say it, but a very powerful Dark Wizard is trying to wipe all except pure magical blood from the earth, all those who get in his way also end up dead."

"Funny, Hitler thought exactly the same way." Integra murmured, "But moving swiftly on, I suggest that you come to my estate with whoever you deem appropriate for the matter at hand, does Thursday evening at nightfall sound fine to you? As you can probably imagine for an organisation of this nature, my best agents are more adapted to a nocturnal routine."

"Of course. Good day to you both," and with that he left.

The Prime Minister sighed, "I'm sorry for you to go through that Sir Hellsing."

"Not at all, it might get me some answers in the holes in my reports." Integra answered, "Is there anything else you wished to discuss with me?"

"No, if you have no more details to give me I don't believe so."

"I think the fact that my top agent is a vampire who knows the queen on a personal basis would scare him half to death," Integra thought, but out loud she stated, "Then I shall finish this and I'll be on my way," and with that she put down a recently emptied teacup and left the office.

As the door closed the Prime Minister sighed, he was supposed to be chosen by the public in order to monitor and influence the way England was run, but between the knights, convention of twelve and the wizarding world, he felt powerless.

Authors' rants

Zaneta: I almost feel sorry for the Prime Minister here.

Omega: I thought you hated politicians.

Zaneta: I said almost, I couldn't care less about politics.

Omega: Best get on with the preview now.



The briefing has gone underway as dusk falls on the Hellsing Mansion, and Integra is already strained by discovering why there are gaps in her recent reports, apart from a few pieces divulged by Alucard. Speaking of Alucard, who was in himself worthy of rumours like Voldemort, going to take how the Wizard Community feels about the wizard's name? Why is Integra helping wizards, who are supposedly atheists, anyway?

Find out in Chapter 1: 'The Briefing'