Ok, following some recent comments in my inbox I need to make something clear. ForteOmega, my younger brother, is the real author. We started this project together but after a while I let him take over to allow me to focus on original fiction and my studies, but I do edit it and help when he has the bane of all authors, writer's block.

However, as I have stated in my personal profile, I am studying for a degree, meaning I don't have a lot of time on my hands during term time, especially near the end of the terms, when the exams start. Last summer Forte had GCSE exams and this year he has AS Levels, in which his grades have fallen below expectations, so he has had to direct his efforts on his studies.

We are also studying in opposite regions of the country. I am in the North West, he's in the South East, and he hasn't been on MSN recently.

And to anyone who asks 'Isn't it on your computer?' the answer is no, I do my work on a personal laptop, even when I'm at home. Forte also has an old laptop that he uses for his work and then uses a USB Flash Drive to transfer it so that he can send it to me. However, he prefers waiting for me to come home and let me read it. Also, the laptop I'm on now is two days old, and my old one's hard drive died.

I personally have 4000 words to write up, I also have to plan a mock dissertation (ugh!) AND write a country profile on Japan for my year abroad module. looks at the stack of stuff on desk I have full intention of majoring in Japanese so I don't have to worry so much about the Tourism, which is the real killer in terms of workload.

As a result of all these factors, Bound for Chaos is on hiatus, next time I see my brother on MSN, I will speak to him about the story to see how many chapters we have at the moment (not counting the ones on here) if we have enough, I'll put up two a day for you from the 25th March, as I will be coming home from Canada early on the 24th, and do so for a week.

I'm sorry for the disappointment this causes for our readers, as I have had a flood of reviews and alerts telling me you have put this story on your favourites and your subscriptions.

Enjoy your Chinese New Year