Fairy Tales and Broken Tiaras

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This fanfiction came to me one (early) morning at like, 2:00am, when I couldn't get to sleep. As I was sitting there trying to shun away my pathetic insomnia for once, it hit me. And even though, I SUCK at comedies, I wanted to try this, and hopefully finish it. Because it's pretty much planned out. Even though, I'm sure there will be lumps in the plot I'm going to have to sand down.

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The humor may be somewhat crude, and this is rated T for light fluff(I may not be the 'fluffy stuff' kind of writer, but, if your trying something new, why not go the oppisite?), language and other suches that may be involved later in the story that I don't know about.

Starfire, Raven AND(Ohnoway) Jinx get turned into Princesses. How they get turned into them is a whole different story.

Excuse any grammer mistakes, seeing as I don't have a spell check, but I do, however, always go over my work and try to make sure everything comes out okay.

Anyways, this is like, the longest Author's Note I've EVER written. So enough of the chitty-chat stuff, and onto the fanfiction!


Starfire sighed, sprawled out across her pink bed, the fuzzy pillow which her long red locks was spewn over peeking out from the corners of her neatly made bed. Of course, she had already been to the mall, and, of course, she had already made Glorg today. And as usual, she had brushed her hair sixteen times. It seemed she was having what earthlings called, a 'bad hair day'. Tips of red peeked out from beneath thin strands, "Must you be so annoying hair?" She grumbled to herself, blowing a peice of hair that had manged to find it's way into her bright green eyes. Jumping up to her feet, she simply began humming while making her way to the living room.

Robin's eyes were focused on a few newspaper clipings as he sat at a table, creases lined across his forehead, and determination was basically splattered on his face.

Cyborg and Beastboy were in the middle of a game, practically ignoring everything else but they're game.

A gloomy mistress sat on the couch with her legs crossed over one another, eyes fixed in on the small grey book in front of her.

And that was basically all that was going on.

Starfire sighed deeply as that same annoying strand of hair weaved it's way into her eyes yet again. Exasperated, she made her way over to Robin, "Friend Robin, do you wish to train?" She asked, knowing how Robin loved to train. That was one of his favorite things to do.

"Not right now Starfire. Sorry, but I'm much to busy." Came his reply.

Starfire was stunned. Robin. THE Robin not wanting to train? That was a surprise.

She began hovering up the floor, keeping her happy emotions at bay while she flounced over towards Cyborg and Beastboy, "Friends Beastboy and Cyborg! Would you like me to join you in the playing of the games?" She asked cheerfully, looking at them with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Sorry, Star. It's only a two-player game." Cyborg said, not bothering to look up from his game. Clicks from the game grew louder as his large fingers pressed rapidly against them.

"Yeah, sorry", Beastboy began dully, focused on keeping up with Cyborg's motions. "Go paint your nails with Raven or something." He mumbled.

A look of ice found it's way out of Raven's violet eyes, but, of course, Beastboy didn't notice it. But Starfire however, did.

"Booyah!" Cyborg's voice bellowed through the room before Starfire even had a chance to grunt, "Take that grass stain!" A grin spread onto his face, while his one human eye glistened.

"Hey, no fair!" Beastboy whined, in awe and both jealousy of Cyborg's ONCE in a blue-moon superior gaming skills.

Slumping with both defeat and sadness, she sunk to the ground and walked over towards Raven. Quietly, she opened her mouth and looked at Raven desperately, "Raven-" She began.

A vein at Raven's temple throbbed, "No, I will not go to the mall with you." She said coldly.

"Oh. Well, what about--"

"I will not paint nails with you."

"Oh. Then, how about-"

"And no, Starfire, I don't plan on dancing, nor, singing to Tameranian folk songs". Raven stated finally, before she raised her eyes to Starfire's to prove she was being serious. No happy glint shimmered in her dull eyes, either. Instead, it was more of a 'Get the heck out of my face, before you die' sort of shine.

But, as bored and irritable as Starfire was, she pushed on. "But Raven! I have already spent all my earth dollars, and I have already created the delicious Glorg, AND I brushed my hair many, many times already! And look, it's STILL untamed!" She shouted, running her fingers through her some-what tangled mass of hair, causing strands to stick out on the side. "See?" She said quietly.

Raven blinked. "Try hair gell, Starfire, it seems to help Robin". She said, standing up and closing her book. It sounded off with a loud 'thud', however. Proving that Raven didn't want to be bothered by a certain red haired alien girl.

Robin's eyes relunctantly lifted, and narrowed at Raven, "And just what is that supposed to mean?" He asked. A slightly cold sting ringing in his voice.

Uneffected by Robin's tone, Raven raised a brow, "You should know what it means. You use to much hair gell. But, it does prevent your hair from tangling itself like Starfire's."

Robin snorted, "Uh-huh". He said, gaze shifting to his papers once again, "Well, you are vampire pale". He muttered as a retort, scanning the last few sentences he had read before.

Irritated, Raven's right eye twitched, "I'm going to my room now". She said, standing up and stalking down the hallway, before her voice bounced off the dark hallway, "Oh, and I LIKE being pale". She growled bluntly, voice fading.


Jinx yawned, her bright pink eyes glazed over and her brows furrowed. "Urgghh. Being a TeenTitan is no fun". She whined, shifting her weight awkwardly as Kid Flash chuckled.

"Sure it is!" He said brightly.

"No, it's not. At least as a villain, I got to fight".

"You get to fight! Just gotta wait 'til someone tries to commit a crime".

"But that could take FOREVER".

"No.. I'm sure it won't.." Kid Flash assured her with a shrug, giving her a small grin before yawning. "Although, the action hasn't been all that great lately".

"No kidding". Jinx huffed, rolling her eyes. She still had that attitude thing going on, but that was something in her personality that could be a good thing. Because aggrivating your enemy could be good.

As if on cue, a loud blaring noise screeched through the air.

Jumping up, brightened up by a thousand times more, Kid Flash smiled, "See?" He chirped, "The alarm went off! Finally, some action!"

"Yeahhh.. yeah.." Jinx said flatly, her spirits somewhat lifted as she got to her feet, resting her palms on her hips.

"Okay.. so.. Titans Go?" Kid Flash said, a little weaker.

"I'm not ready for the 'Robin's Famous Battle Phrase Copy' yet". Jinx said flatly, arching a brow, "It's so corny. Just fight instead of wasting one second of shouting overdramatically 'TITANS GO!".

Kid Flash nodded slowly, not agreeing with her actually, but he didn't want to start an arguement while the City was being terrorized.


Flames erupted from cracks in the cemented-over ground, while cars were blown over by waves of air, and water spat from pipes underground uncontrollably.

"Where is it coming from?" Starfire asked, flying through the air as her eyes glowed green.

"Not sure". Raven replied flatly, hood fluttering slightly in the breeze as her vivid purple eyes remained their color.

As usual, Raven, Starfire, and Beastboy took to the air, Cyborg drove his car, and Robin rode his motorcycle.

"Beastboy, where do you assume the villain is causing trouble at?" Starfire asked, glancing at the changeling for a moment before her head flicked back straightwards.

A 'caw' left Beastboy's lips, and he flapped his wings. Of course, he had taken on the shape of an eagle.

"What was that?" Starfire called over, trying to yell over a loud humming noise and screams from the people.

"Starfire, Beastboy is a bird. Stop talking to him". Raven said before stopping entirely, seeing the rest of the titans all come to a halt as well.

"Robin, hurry up with the titans go thing.." Raven urged flatly.

"Uh.. Titans, go!" The jet-black haired boy shouted, motioning the titans to attack head-on.

"Wait.. who is that?" Cyborg called to the rest of the titans, getting out of his car to get a better look at the villain.

Raven and Starfire descended to the ground, and Raven pulled down her hood, while Starfire tilted her head to the side and blinked, "It looks like... uhhh.."

"No one we've ever fought." Robin finished, narrowing his eyes.

The figure came into clearer view, and a grin tugged at the girl's lips. Her hair reached almost to her shoulders and was very wavy, but went in a kind of zig-zag design at the bottom, and odd enough, was a deep, emerald-hazel shade of green. Vines wrapped themselves around her wrists, climbing all the way up to her slender shoulders. A deep green, sort of ripped shirt covered her upper half. It had leaf designs embroided on it in certain areas, making it have an earthy sort of look, as well as an elegant one. A fragile, yet stirdy, green necklace perfectly fitted around her neck, and a circle shaped jewel with a (real) leaf inside of it hung on the material. Material that looked like it possibly may have been a skirt before, but ended up getting ripped and torn because of a battle with something feirce hugged her hips. Ballet-style shoes covered her feet, and an fragile looking crown sat atop her head. Her bottom eyelashes were lined in a thin line of eyeliner, her pale skin painted in a glow as the flames continued to erupt from the earth, and her lips were covered in a glossy layer of light cotton candy pink lip gloss. In her right hand was a scepter, with a green ball at the end of it. Vines ran up the sides of the glowing green ball, and white roses sprouted from them.

"Whoaaaa. She's hoooootttt". Beastboy said, eyes wide and focused on the newcomer intently as he looked her up and down.

Raven's eye twitched, "Shut up, moron". She said coldly, her violet eyes darkening as she slapped him on the back of the head.

Beastboy's eyes relunctantly shifted to Raven as he frowned, "What? It is a crime to think someone's pretty?"

Raven's eyes narrowed in a menacing scowl, "If she's a villain, then, yeah, pretty much".

"But Cyborg thought Jinx was pretty!"

A vain pulsed at Cyborg's temple while his cheeks redened, "We have been over this!" He shouted.

Beastboy mimicked him mockingly in his head, but nodded, "Yeah, I know but--"

"No buts! Now let's take care of this stupid girl". Cyborg grumbled.

The girl faced the titans, her innocent expression being replaced with a sadistic one, "All earth will perish beneath my hand". She said, fire growing in her eyes as a thick vine sprouted from the ground and gripped a car, crushing it.

"You, my good lady, need to get a hobby". Robin growled, running at her, his staff extending and twirling in his gloved fingers.

The woman smirked, dodging his attack and creating a wave of magic to send him back.

"Magic, huh? Let's fight fire with fire". Raven said, before her eyes turned a bright white glowing color and her hands engulfed in black, "Azarath Metrion Z-"


She was knocked to the ground by little flowers. Little, but very strong. "What the hell? Get me out of this stupid mess of poor excuses for flowers!" She shouted, struggling to get loose.

The changeling changed into a Rhino and charged at her, of course, he failed miserably.

Cyborg sonic canon seemed to bounce off, and Starfire's starbolts only seemed to be mis-fired and shot directly back at her.

The titans had finally met a good match.

That is, until Jinx and Kid Flash showed up.

"Okay. So, who's this flower child?" Jinx asked, raising a brow and looking at the powerful girl.

Kid Flash shrugged, "Don't know. Don't care. Let's get her".

Jinx snorted, seeing all the Teentitans in their sticky situation. "Pathetic". She scoffed to herself before sending a wave of hexes towards the clad in green girl.

But they didn't work.

"Oh.. kaayyy...?" Jinx blinked, jumping up and creating little bursts of pink energy and tried that.

But that didn't work either.

Irritated and unable to even touch the girl, she frowned, "Well crap! This sucks!"

Kid Flash chuckled, "I'll take it from here, then". He said, running around the girl until he became nothing more than a blur. Dirt and dust flew up, creating a tornado. And when the dust all cleared, Kid Flash was in four layers of mud, it covered his entire body except for his head and hands. "What just happened?" Were his words as he struggled to move from the uncomfortable position.

"Titans, don't try to defeat me. Your attempts only makes me laugh." The girl said, examining her nails before looking back up to see a fuming Jinx.

"But since you amused me so well, I have a grand idea that will make me laugh even harder. Oh, I can't wait". An evil gleam sparked in her green eyes, with a wave of her hand, green magic sparkled in the air.

Jinx shook her head, Well, what kind of magic is it? I don't like the way she's smiling... She thought, before instinctively, her hands and eyes glowed pink, and she threw bolts of her magic into the green, creating a pink and green swirling mass.

Street lamps flickered on and off before popping out and shattering, windows creaked and cracked before they burst to peices, and the ground even accompanied long narrow nooks in the road.

Of course, whatever magic the villainess had in mind for them was stopped. And that was a good thing.


Moments later, Raven's eyes fluttered open. "What.. the hell just happened?" She muttered, shifting her weight to one side before getting to her feet. Her eyes glazed over, and her body suffering tremdous aching, she rubbed her temples. "Where am I?" That was when it hit her. Her eyes flew wide open, and her body stiffened. She was wearing a dress. No, she, Raven, was wearing a dress.

Her eyes fell down on the bright and dull colors of her dress, and she shuddered.

That was when she lost it. "Dammit! Who's idea of a sick joke WAS THIS!" Her voice boomed through the air, like an icestorm, she glowed with dark power. "WHO DID IT?"

None of the Titans seemed to be around, however.

She was the only one there.

And even the town looked different. It was so.. cheerful.


"Who died and made Starfire queen?" She groaned, looking at the dark golden-yellow narrow cobblestone fashioned pathways, and old fashioned shutters on the windows. Every woman was dressed in what the maidens seem to wore on those movies, and every man, the same thing. Children giggled and played while they danced past Raven.


"I. Need. Darkness". She said to herself flatly, seeing as how no one noticed the change of the town. What happened?

Her dress was ruffled slightly at the bottom, and wide, but narrowed down at the bottom, blue sleeves covered her arms. A corset was fastened around her stomach, it was blue, red and yellow.

Raven gulped, feeling a choker-type necklace around her neck, she lifted her dress slightly to find high heeled shoes on her feet. And not just ANY high-heels, mind you. They were yellow.. and had bows.





I shall explain everyone else's situation later! Bah!

My head hurts from writing all this. So you will have to wait 'til the next chapter to see who is what.

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