Fairy Tales and Broken Tairas

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Covered in a bright white glow, the entire crew fell into the book, and, onto it's magically, strange realistic pages that felt like ground. The group rubbed their tushes as they all grumbled, standing up and rubbing their heads.

"Okay.." Raven muttered, "We're here."

"Yeah! Now off to save said beautiful princess". Doc said eagerly, and began trotting forewards.

"Definitely." Grumpy said, moving his arms around to make sure that he was out of that ghastly bubble, "Someone has to make a sacrifice and kiss the princess."

"If there has to be a sacrifice made, then, I'll do it." Doc said with a sigh, trying to seem sympathetic for the poor girl.

"Yeah right! You just want to kiss her!" Happy shouted angrily, "If anyone's kissing her, it's me!"

Raven's hands took on a glow, "Hey! Shut up! Look - no one's kissing her. If anyone should kiss the Princess, it should be -"

"Good God. That's sick." Grumpy said, gagging. "You want to kiss the princess?"

"Would you shut up already and listen? I was going to say that the PRINCE should kiss the Princess.. not me."

"Oh.. that's good then.. because that would make you-"

"Moving on! Let's go guys!"

So, Raven and her group of misfit dwarves trailed through the forest to find, strangely enough, a large stone tower sitting in front of them.

"Let me guess.." Raven monotoned, "Rapunzel." And indeed, a long golden braid trailed over the edge of the tower, falling to the ground. Raven stepped up to the tower, took the golden locks in her hand, and gave them a sharp tug. A high, shrill, annoying scream echoed as a girl fell from the tower and landed on the ground with a 'thud'.

A very short girl jumped up, her oval face scratched with a small scrape at the upper part of her left cheek. She rubbed it and frowned at Raven, "Oh no you didn't", She said with a heavy brooklyn accent, oddly enough chewing, and popping, a large wad of bubble gum in her mouth.

Raven's lips twitched into an almost grin, her eyebrow popping upwards, "Oh yes, I did. Let me guess; the screwed up version of the perfect, pretty princess, Rapunzel?"

"Yeh", She said, her tone of voice distorted with a bad accent, "that's me, girly. Now, why did you pull my braid? Only the PRINCE was allowed to climb up it."

Grumpy tossed her a quick wink, "Climb back up the tower, and I'll climb up that braid for ya."


Raven shrugged, "He's twisted."

"No," Grumpy grumbled, "I'm a gorgeous ladies' man. Don't be jealous. Jealousy makes someone look bad."

".. You're forgetting I'm a girl. The Lord only knows why I would be jealous."

"No, I'm not. You are forgetting that you're the one who wanted to smooch Sleeping Beauty."

"Would you give it a rest?" Raven hissed angrily, "I already straightened that out, you simpleton! Don't you listen at all?"


"Anyway", Rapunzel said impatiently, "Why did you pull my hair?"

"Because, we're trying to find our friends," Raven began,

"And these 'said friends' are lost in fairytales", Doc continued her sentence,

"Yeah, only you aren't her." Grumpy said, frowning, "But you could actually make do..."

"Ew." Rapunzel said, squinting at the little man, "Obviously, I'm not these 'friends' of your's, am I?"

"Apparently", Raven said with a sigh. "But why on earth are we in Rapunzel's fairytale when we were trying to get to Sleeping Beauty's?"

"Beats me", Doc said with a shrug.

"Oh...", Rapunzel seethed, "her. You're looking for goldilocks? Then you're going to have to go across the street, dollface. That's where... she... is at"

"I'm detecting some dislike." Raven said dully.

"We aren't looking for goldilocks!" Happy said, shocked.

Rapunzel rolled her eyes, "It's obvious I hate her, yeh? And I know that, moron." She sniffed. "You better help me back into my tower, 'cause 'said prince' is coming at noon."

"Fine, fine", Raven said, her hand glowing black. Covered in a black aura, the brooklyn princess was gently lifted back into her window.

"Thanks", She called down with a smile, which ultimately faded, "Don't tug on my braid, hon."

"Got it. Won't happen again." Raven said, and then paused, "Where is Sleeping Beauty again?"

"That hag is right across the street. Give her this message, yeh?" She asked.

"Sure", Raven nodded, "What is it?"

A parade of swear words and came out of the princess's rosy lips. She smiled, "Thanks! Good luck with finding your friends."

Dopey was stunned. His ears were perked up, and all of the seven dwarves sat there goggle-eyed and shocked at the pretty princess's words.

The group hustled across the perfect, almost polished looking, brick path. The atmosphere went from, 'yay', to 'nay' in the sense of gloominess. It was bright and birds were singing at Rapunzel's place, but here where the princess was supposed to be at, there were the most omnious trees, and the sky was smokey grey. No animals were in sight.

"Well, if I'm right, Sleeping Beauty should be up in that tower.." Raven said, pointing to the tall, slate grey tower that gave off an icy aura.

"Great!" Happy said with a smile. "Let's find her!"

"In due time." Raven said with a sigh. "Instead of climbing that ill purposed, I'm sure, staircase, we will teleport."

"Great." Sleepy yawned, falling asleep.

She sighed. A large black bubble appeared over them and before they knew it they were in the tower. Sleeping Beauty was lying on her bed in a picture perfect way, her arms crossed over her chest, a flower laced through her slender fingers, and her blonde curls all around her face.

"She's pretty..." Bashful said with a giggle.

"Yes..." Raven agreed ruefully, "but she's not Starfire. How are we going to find her if-"

Her words were cut off as Sleeping Beauty sat up, and yawned. "Hey.." She said, and rubbed her eyelids, "Who are you?"

"Sorry, princess", Raven apologized in a monotone, "We thought that you might be our friend, and Rapunzel said-"

"Rapunzel?" She asked, an angry tone in her voice, "For future reference, don't ever listen to her. Trust me."

"I kind of got the hint that you two don't get along."

"It's not a kind of issue, it's an obvious one!" Sleeping Beauty cried angrily, "She stole my boyfriend. That's the reason I've been asleep for a hundred years."

"... Wow..."

"No kidding, huh?" She asked and sighed, "That's just how life works out sometimes."

"Yeah.." Raven said, uninterested and distracted, "Look, I'm trying to find my friend, and obviously, you aren't her, so could you suggest another fairytale, or "princess" that lives by?"

"Sure.. my mind might be a bit rusty, though. Leave the tower, and go straight until you come to a fork in the road.. go left and follow it for a day. You should be at the Arabia, then. Go to the palace there and ask for the arabian princess."

"Great." Raven said, "Thanks. But how do you know if she's even still alive?"

"Oh, you mean... you don't know?" Sleeping Beauty asked, and then erupted in laughter, "You silly girl. Princesses don't die! We aren't mortal, like you. Well. We are, but then we're not. Every ten years, we drink from this fountain..-"

"Of youth?"

"No. Of perpetual youngness!" She said and chuckled again, "Anyway, it gives us an extra ten years on the expiration date of our lives. So we can live as long as we want and stay young and beautiful." She said, and added a toss of her curly hair, smiling.

"That's... well... interesting." Raven said, "But how do you know my friend will be this 'arabian princess'?"

"Cht", She scoffed, "Who knows? I'm probably not ever going to get my beloved prince back, either, babe. It's called tough luck. You'll deal."

Raven raised an eyebrow, "Whatever", She said dismissively, "But here's a question, since we're already here... have you seen a tall girl with red hair and green eyes? Kind of an orange tone of skin. Very bubbly and annoying."

"If you're talking about a monster, there's one right across the road!" She giggled, refering to Rapunzel, and then shook her head, "Sorry, I haven't seen a girl. You're the first girl I've seen in a few years, and you are not a lovely sight to behold! Too pale, hideous hair... and whatnot." She smiled.

"Hah", Raven said a bit angrily.

"S-she's not hideous.." Bashful protested shyly.

"Yeah, even I agree", Grumpy said gruffly.

Raven's eyebrows rose high on her head, "You, Grumpy, are giving me a compliment?"

He ignored her and continued, "She may be a bit ugly.. heck... a whole lot ugly, but she's not hideous."

"Gee", Raven said monotoneously, "Thanks."

"My pleasure", Grumpy said, a light hint of 'ha-ha' on his voice.

She did her best to ignore him. "Well... I guess we're off to Arabia..."

"Mmm", The princess said, her attention on her nails.

"Come on, guys", She said, and started making her bubble to teleport them out of the tower, then stopped, "Oh, and Princess?"


"Rapunzel wanted me to give you this message.." She said with a satisfied look, repeating what the brooklyn princess had said. After the shockingly colorful words escaped her lips, she waved, "Bye, bye, Princess!"

They left a shocked beauty standing in a lonely tower, and for the first time in her life, Sleeping Beauty had nothing to say.


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