Title: Carte Blanche
Prologue : Let it Roll
Fandom: X-Men
Author: Tanthoronial
Summary: A 24 year old girl shows up on the front steps of the Xavier Institute seeking refuge. The only thing that she reveals about herself is a codename and a desire to meet with the Professor. Needless to say the mansion's occupants are intrigued. But what will happen when the past she ran away from threatens to catch up with her? What will happen to the threads of life she had created? ROMY as central pairing.
Rating: Teen/Mature
Pairing: Rogue/Remy
Secondary Pairings: None
Warnings: Language, Violence.
I do not own and Marvel character in any way, shape or form. Apparently they cannot be bribed with marshmallow peeps, so I have to come up with another plan of attack—er persuasion.


Were neither clear nor descript
We kept it safe and slow
The quiet things that no one ever knows

- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

- - - - - - - -

A low whining sound emitted from a blind alley, building momentum until made an extremely high pitched sound. A dog howled in the distance to be joined by the baying of another, until suddenly a loud crash and then silence. The dogs silenced as they no longer heard infernal noise that hurt their ears.

"Ah told yah ta fix that damn machine," A woman growled as she threw a man into the device.

The young woman sauntered out of the alley, her boots clicking on the pavement, not looking back at the mess she'd made. Her auburn hair fell in waves around her head with two white streaks framing her angelic-like face. Her green eyes were cold and calculating as she rubbed her ears to ease the pain from that stupid machine. A black trench hung on her frame as she moved from the alley to the car that was waiting for her. She opened the rear door and slid unto the leather interior of the black Mercedes.

"Did you get the item?" A voice said from the seat next to her as the car began to move.

"Course Ah got the item, Ah always get it," She snapped, handing over something from inside her coat. She was thoroughly annoyed, annoyed with this life and with the machine that hurt her at the time enhanced hearing.

"Very good, you can relax for the time being. You will be contacted shortly," Was the crisp reply.

The car stopped and the auburn haired woman stepped out of the car shutting the door so it could take off again. She walked across the street to the dingy building where she slept and was supposed to live. She leapt over the small gate easily instead of opening the creaking metal. Striding down the gravel she went to the stairs and stopped at the third floor looking at the door to number 33. She placed her key in the pathetic lock and stepped inside. Home sweet home, she thought bitterly.

The small condo was sparingly furnished with a table and a few chairs around. Nothing comfortable or fashionable just things that were serviceable. She hardly spent any time here anyway, but she didn't want to live at the base for another minute of her life. She hated it there, the gleaming white washed walls were not only an eyesore but left a bitter aftertaste in her mouth all the years she'd spent cooped up between them. At least now she had some relative freedom, she been authorized to have her own place for good behavior.

She sat at the table and took out some of the junk she'd lifted from the tourists off the streets. A business card, apartment listings, a tube of lipstick, condoms, some cash and pictures. She moved everything into two piles, cash and crap. Bringing over the garbage can she swept the crap from the table. A picture landed face up, starring straight at her. It was of a young couple. She lifted out the picture gingerly, and sat back down resting her elbows on the table. The couple was grinning like fools affection showing through their every pore as the girl leaned easily into the man behind her with her hands resting over his, as his arms encircled her waist. Their postures were so at ease and effortless yet unreachable for the likes of her. She hung her head biting her lip and crumpled up the picture in her fist letting it fall into the trash as she walked to her bedroom.

She removed her outer clothing and slid on some training clothes, then sunk into the mattress. She stayed like that starring at the ceiling thinking of what had happened that day, in past days. It was all a blur, a mind numbing pointless blur. What was the point of life without emotions and human contact?, she relented. There is no point. And she knew it was the truth.

- - - - - - - -

She walked out into the park the next morning and sat casually on a bench facing across from a playground. She pulled out a magazine from her handbag and took out a pair of what seemed to be reading glasses. She turned the pages of magazine pretending to read it, although she'd read this one several times through having it memorized. She looked up at the park watching children running around laughing and grinning for the most part. Some would cry when something happened or throw a tantrum, only to have their parent rush over to them. A pang rang in her heart. She'd never known those things. She supposed she had at one point, but she'd never known the love the parents showed or the concern. They'd been to cold and businesslike for that.

A soft ding came from her right ear and she looked back down at her magazine. She moved her fingers against each other in what looked like a nervous habit. But she was really using the newest advancement in micro technology. A computer modem linked through a cell phone, able to piggy-back off of anyone's signal making it untraceable. And if that wasn't good enough the monitor was in a pair of glasses so one could still see the world around them and to sent a message one only had to move their fingers to form the letters. It was something she had strived had to obtain and was glad she had it now. They couldn't trace her activities this way.

Long time Graydon. Thought you forgot about me. She transmitted.

A momentary pause and then another ding and words appeared before her eyes. I could never forget about you Anna. And to what do I owe the pleasure?

Such a flatterer you are Mr. Creed. You said I could call on you at anytime and I wanted to test that out. She gently reminded him of his previous statement.

Well you know me I remember everything; there's no need to tell me things twice. What did you have in mind? Arrived with the sound of the ding.

I was hoping to call on one of those favors you owe me. I'll give you the details to it later. And Graydon, don't tell anyone about it. You know how I hate gossip.

Don't worry, my lips are sealed Anna.

I was hoping you would say that. She responded before going to send him the information he would need. Their conversation had been seemingly light but had a double meaning they both knew. It was a precaution that had to be taken, no matter how secure you thought the line was. She sat on the park bench for another hour before she put both her glasses and her magazine back in her bag and walked downtown with a genuine smile on her face.

- - - - - - - -

Author's Notes:

(1) The device I have Anna using is an idea from Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. It is used there, so it is not my original idea. But it could very well be a real thing, can't be too sure.

(2) To the use of Graydon Creed, well let's say in this fic, he's taken after his parents--and he might be a mutant. I haven't decided yet. But he's in no way associated with Friends of Humanity.

(3) Its an AU. I'm still keeping the basic things and tweaking a bunch of other things around to fit the plot line for the story.