Sixteen years ago, a nine-tailed demon fox named Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked a village called Konoha. The leader of the village, the Yondaime Hokage, sacraficed his life to seal the demon into a new born child, hoping that the child be viewed as a hero for such a burden. Sadly, the villagers treated the boy as a scapegoat for all of their pain, anger, and fear of the demon. That boy grew up lonely, but as he grew, he made friends one by one. That boy was Uzumaki Naruto.

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Sixteen years later

Uzumaki Naruto walked the streets of Konoha, he had returned from his three year training trip with Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin... to everyone else, to Naruto, they are the snake-pervert, Obaa-chan, and Ero-sennin. He had just gotten back and gained the title of Jounin from the reports of what he had done during the training. Since Jiraiya was the seals expert, Naruto also has a vast knowledge of seals, just not as much as Jiraiya himself. He has learned alot, including how keep his emotions in check. On an even more spectacular note, before gaining the level of Jounin, the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade obaa-chan to Naruto, had forced him to get a new wardobe! He no longer wears that neon orange! Now he wears black pants, a black and white muscle shirt, his jounin vest, black fingerless gloves with metal on the back of the hand, and a long sleeved buttoned up black shirt. He also wore black shinobi boots. But now, Naruto wore a tuxedo. Why you ask? Well, he's on his way to a wedding, and he's the bestman.


Umino Iruka was nervous. Why was he nervous? Because he was getting married in a few minutes, and Naruto hadn't shown yet. Just then, the door opened and Naruto walked into the room. He congradulated the man he looked to as an older brother.

" Nervous Iruka-sensei?" he asked. Iruka just nodded, feeling he might throw up if he talked. " Don't worry Iruka-sensei, you love her and she loves you. And when you proposed to her, didn't she jump on you and screamed yes?" Naruto was grinning while he remembered what had happened. Iruka smiled.

" Yes she did, but I want to give her everything she wants, she desrves it." Iruka said.

" Iruka-sensei, we should probably stand up, she's about to come." Naruto said, and as he said it, the doors opened. She walked slowly down the aisle, her purple hair in a bun, her violet eyes mesmerizing Iruka. She was his Goddess, yes, the Snake mistress Mitarashi Anko, was his Goddess.


Tsunade stood infront of the to-be-wed couple. She was in her Hokage robes. She then spoke.

" Do you, Mitarashi Anko, take Iruka to be your lawfully wedded Husband?" Anko's eyes watered with happyness at those words.

" I do." she said. Tsunade smiled and looked to Iruka.

" Do you, Umino Iruka, take Anko to be your lawfully wedded Wife?"

" I do." he said firmly. Tsunade smiled, " you may now kiss the-" she was cut off by an explosion. The people in the room turned around to see what had caused it, to see a very pale man with black hair and yellow eyes. Orochimaru.

" What are you doing here, Orochimaru!" Tsunade asked, enraged that he had came. The snake sannin only laughed. He then turned to Anko.

" I'm just here to give you a wedding gift. For your husband to be." he then did some handseals and launched his neck toward Iruka, fangs pointed out. He was just about to bite down on him when a black blur came infront of Iruka.

" Don't you dare try to give Iruka-sensei a curse seal. I'll kill you for that!" Naruto yelled but as he charged, he felt a blinding pain in his neck. " AHHHH!" he yelled in pain. Inside his head, he tried to talk with the Kyuubi.

' Oi fox, whats happening' he asked in his head.

" Brat. Because yougot in the way of the snakes curse seal, I have to break it down, that's what all the pain is." the Fox replied.


Orochimaru looked on in shock at seeing his curse seal breaking. ' Damn brat, once the seal breaks, he'll have twice his power, I have to do something.' Then a dark thought past his head. He started to perform handseals as Anko, Iruka, and Tsunade were trying to see if Naruto was alright. The rest of the Rookie nine and Gai's team, were fighting the Sound nin that came along with Orochimaru. Including Kabuto, the new Sound five, with their leader, Uchiha Sasuke. Once finished with the hand seals, three of the sound five came and fought with the three looking over Naruto, while Orochimaru ran to Naruto and put his hand on Naruto's forehead.

" Kinjutsu, Jikoku Kadou!(1)" he yelled as Naruto's body glowed white and disappeared. After he was done, he looked to his Sound nin.

" Retreat! We cannot win today. Retreat!" Orochimaru yelled. He then looked to Tsunade and smirked.

" Well, Tsunade-hime, I'm sorry for you loss." he laughed and disappeared.

Tsunade looked around to see the damage of what had happened. Everyone else looked fine, until she looked at Anko and Iruka. Anko was pale, and trying to soothe a sobbing Iruka. What he was sobbing about, she didn't know, until Orochimaru's words came back to her.

" Well, Tsunade-hime, I'm sorry for you loss."

She paled and looked around for Naruto. When she found none, she fell to her knees and cried silently. It wasn't until Jiraiya came up to her, did everyone notice. Naruto was gone.


Five fifteen year old girls were walking in the park. One had short blue hair, and blue eyes. One had blonde hair that went to her waist, with light blue eyes, one girl brown hair in a pony-tail with violet eyes, a raven-haired girl with black eyes, and a blonde haired girl that had two balls of hair on the top of her head, with blue eyes. They were all wearing a school uniform and walking home from school when they heard a scream of pain. Thinking it was a Youma attack, the five quickly transformed into the Sailor Senshi of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Moon. ( I'm not going to put how they transform in this fic, its too hard for me. And they are not goint to yell their whater it is called.

The transformation was all of them now had white leotards, and mini-skirts. They ran towards the screams and what they found shocked them. A boy, no older then them, was screaming in pain and holding his neck, as if the pain started from there. They quickly detransformed and took him too the hospital, but on the way, he stopped writhing in pain. He looked up, and saw that he was being carried by his two arms.


Naruto POV

The pain in my neck slowly stopped, and once it did, I felt as if I had slept all day, I was suddenly awake. I tried to see who was helping me, when I heard a ding sound.

' Where the hell am I?' I asked myself.

" Kit, it looks like that damned snake put us in a different reality, I sense no Shinobi or Demon Lords around." I heard Kyuubi say.

' Dammit what the hell am I gonna do now? How the hell am I gonna get home?' I paniced in my mind.

" Relax, I'll figure out how to get back there, I still need to destroy Konoha for sealing me into you."

' Ha! You wish you could do that, but you can't.' I answered, and ignored the fox.

I looked up, and saw that I was in a hospital, and the nurse looked at me with something I've never seen before. Kindness. She helped me into a wheel chair but I shook my head. I slowly stood up to try and thank the people to help me. But when I saw that they were five cute girls, I blushed and tried to talk.


" T-t-thank you for taking me here, but can you tell me where I am?" Naruto asked, as he didn't recognize the hospital. The girls looked at me and the blue-haired one started to talk.

" You're in Tokyo. What's your name? Why were you screaming in pain?" she said. Naruto thought for a second and said.

" In order, where the hell is Tokyo, my Name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I was in pain because of bite on the neck from a bastard snake-man."

The blue haired girl looked confused when Naruto said he didn't know where Tokyo was, and when he said snake-man. She looked to him and smiled. " Where are our manners, I'm Mizuno Ami." The blonde haired girl with out buns, came up and shook his hand.

" Aino Minako, it's nice to meet you, Naruto." she said. The raven haired girl then stepped up, " My name is Hino Rei, and the clutz who dropped you earlier is Tsukino Usagi." she pointed to the girl with the tennisball hair, who was fuming at the girl named Rei. Then the girl with brown hair came up.

" My name is Kino Makato, nice to meet you." NAruto grinned and was about to say something when an explosion was heard. The six quickly went outside to see what was going on when Naruto saw a creature with a sword for an arm.

' What the hell is that?' he thought.

" That is a Youma, a low level one at that, you should have no problem in beating it. Hell, a Genin could be this one." Kyuubi answered. Naruto was about to charge and fight, when he heard someone talking to the youma. He turned and saw five girls in short skirts and leotard fighting the monster. The red skirted one then held up the tiger hand seal.

" Mars fire Snipe!" she yelled and shot a a beam of fire towards the youma. Seeing that these girls didn't need his help, and with that nurse telling him to go inside the Hospital, he just followed the nurse. Not seeing the finishing moves of the Sailor Senshi. AFter a few minutes aof walking around, looking for the girls he had met. He finally found them running up to him.

" Naruto, did you see them?" Minako asked. Naruto was confused until Kyuubi told him they were talking about te Sailor Senshi. He slowly nodded but was curious.

" Who were they though?" he asked.

" Those were the Sailor Senshi." Usagi explained.

" Naruto, what is the last thing you remember?" Ami asked. Naruto thought for a moment and looked to Ami.

" The last thing I remember was Iruka-sensei's wedding being crashed by that snake bastard. But, that was in Fire Country, I'm in Tokyo, and I don't think that is anywhere near Fire Counrty." he said. Then he thought of something.

" Oh man! I need to find a job, and an apartment while I'm here! Dammit!" he turned to the girls and said " sorry everybody, but I need to go and look for an apartment and a job. He was about to leave, when Ami spoke up.

" Um, Naruto, you can stay at my apartment for a while. My parents are hardly ever home, and it gets lonely sometimes." she said. Naruto looked at her with hopeful eyes.

" Are you sure Ami-chan?" he asked. She nodded and he smiled a smile he hardly ever used. A real one. " Thank you. I promise, that if you ever need any help from me, just ask, and I'll do it, no matter what." The girls took Naruto around town that day, showing him all of the places that they would go, and to his displeasure, enrolling him into school. Luckily, he was the same age as the girls and had a chance of being in their class. After they were done for the day, Naruto and the five girls went their seperate ways, Naruto following Ami to her home.

" Are you sure you want me to stay with you, Ami-chan?" Naruto asked on the way to her home. Ami looked at him and smiled.

" Ofcourse, like I said earlier today, it gets really lonely at home sometimes." she assured him. Naruto just nodded and smiled and they continued walking. When they got there, Ami opened the door with her keys and led Naruto in. Once in, Naruto's jaws dropped in awe. This apartment could fit his apartment three times over!

" Wow! This place is huge!" Naruto exclaimed.

" What are you talking about Naruto? It only has three bedrooms and a bathroom, and a kitchen." Ami said, seeing the suprised reation from him made her think that his life was bad. She then took up the courage, and started to ask him a question.

" Naruto?" she asked, Naruto looked to her. " What was your life like back in er... Fire Country?" she asked. Naruto began to sweat a little.

' Shit! What do I tell her?' he thought.

" Tell her the truth except for me." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded in his head and started to explain.

" Well, sixteen years ago, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked my village, Konohagakure. It was defeated by the leader of the village, the Yondaime Hokage the most powerful shinobi, but to defeat the demon, he had to sacrafice his life. I was borne on that same day. Ever since I could remember, I was alone, and since I was born on the same day as the death of the Yondaime and the demon Kyuubi, almost the whole village thought I was the demon reborn." he paused to let all of the information to sink in.

" I was the villagers scapegoat to all of their anger and sadness. I was beaten severely everday of my life after my third birthday. It got so bad, that I was afriad to got to sleep at night, for fear of assassinations. Because of the death of the Yondaime Hokage, the Sandaime had to return to the title of leader. He sent guards to protect me, but sometimes the guards would try to attack me. One night, it was the worst..."


A four year old Naruto was sleeping in his worn futon, unaware of the shadows coming for him. Slowly, they tied him up and dragged him out of bed, causing him to wake up from the rough wood. He looked up to see three villagers and one of his guards smirking angrily at him.

" Now we have you Demon. You are going to pay for all of the pain you've caused." one said. The rest of the night, they tortured Naruto by stabbing him, burning him, and other painful experiances until they left him for dead in the morning, hanging from a tree.

End Flashback

" After I healed, Sandaime-jiji caught the ones who did that to me and ordered them to be executed. After that, the attacks went down a little, but once I started to go to the academy, they started up, even more then last time. The academy was to train me how to defend myself, because with begging Sandaime-jiji, he alowwed me to enter the Shinobi Academy. All of the students ignored me there, so I acted like a class clown to get attention. I was still hated there, the teachers stole my school book and said that because I had lost it, I couldn't get a new one, thus making me become the deadlast of my class. It wasn't till my last year there, that a teacher caught interst in me, he knew that I was a smart student if I was given the time. After I gradutated, we had a mission to go to the Land of the Waves. That was where my resolve started."

He told her almost everything, how he had met the Demon Brothers, helped fight against Zabuza, just trying to get his forehead protector when he stabbed his hand with his own kunai too continue the mission. And the final battle with Haku, where his resolve was made.

" After I defeated Haku, he told me of his past, how he was just like me, I then told him my resolve. ' That as long as I live, I will not let another feel the hell of being alone, to be hated or feared, I will do my best, to make others to believe in hope again!' And to this day, I have met five people, who I helped see the truth. My friends, Sabaku no Gaara, Tsuki-hime, Sasame-chan, Harutka-hime, and Isarabi onee-chan." He then told the rest of his past, up until the wedding of Iruka and Anko.

' He had such a hard life already by the time he was four. I can tell in his eyes that he wasn't lying about what he said. Oh Naruto, that will not happen here." she thought. She slowly walked over to him and gave him a hug.

" Naruto, you won't have to worry, this will not happen to you here. You will have friends that will help you, you wont have to be alone." Naruto, not used to being hugged, flinched at the contact, but slowly returned the hug.

" Thank you Ami-chan, but maybe we should go to sleep, we have school tommorrow." Naruto grinned, and they both went to their bedrooms, to sleep. For Naruto, it would be the best sleep he's ever gotten.


Next Day

" Class, we have a new student today. Please, stand up and introduce yourself." The instructor said,

Naruto stood up and did just that.

" Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, it's nice to meet you." he said, and he then sat down. The class was rather boring to Naruto, he couldn't really learn from this language arts class, but tried his best. Where he really wanted to go was to PE, he couldn't wait. Unfortuanatley, his PE class wasn't until after lunch.



Naruto walked with Ami to the lucnh table that she and her friends sat at. Sofar, they had every class together, but so far, it was only two classes. They sat down and waited for the others to arrive. A few moments later, Usagi and Makato came down. Usagi looked at what Naruto was wearing. He had on the school uniform for boys, but she had to admit, he looked pretty good. They talked and ate for a while until the bell rang. Naruto looked at his schedule and grinned.

" I have gym next! Oh man, i'm gonna rule in this one!" he said, jumping around.

" Great! Now I won't have gym alone." Makato said. Naruto grinned and they walked to the gym, where Naruto got his gym clothes and changed. He now wore a blue tank top, and white shorts. He grinned when he walked into the gym to wait. He then saw Makato walk over to him and sat down.

" So, are you ready for gym? Sanshi-sensei is really tough on new guys." she warned. Naruto scoffed.

" Please, nothing he could give me can be worse then my old school." Naruto smirked.

" How was your old school, Naruto?" Makato asked curiously. Naruto was about to answer when Sanshi walked into the gym.

" Listen up!" he yelled. " We have a new student in class, and you all know what we do to new guys." he said to the students. He then turned to Naruto.

" Uzumaki! You are to go through this obstacle course, in five minutes. If you don't, then you will get detention!" Naruto looked at the obstacle course in front of him. It looked just like the the obstacle course in the academy, but it was for first years. He could go through this easily. He looked at Sanshi and smirked.

" So, when do you want me to start, Sanshi-sensei?" he asked. Sanshi just smirked and pressed the button on his watch. As he pushed the button, Naruto ran about 1/4 his full speed, which was still pretty fast. He climbed the rope ladder up a steep wall, ran accross the rope he was supposed to used to get to the other side, rolled under the barb wire and jumped over the fence and got to the other side. All in two minutes. Everyone was shocked. The new kid, just did the senior obstacle course in two minutes, he even ran acros the rope like it was a tight rope. Naruto smirked when he saw their faces.

" So... whats next?" he said, causing Sanshi to faint. He laughed at the other students faces and just went to Makato who congradulated him.


Far away from Naruto, a dark figure watched him.

" Eudial, have you found the next target?" it asked. A woman with red hair came out of the shadows.

" Yes master," she said, I believe this one is it, he ran at a high speed and did many impressive feats. He has done too many things to not have a pure heart."

" Excellent, I will prepare a youma for you. You are dismissed." the figure siad. The red haired woman bowed and left.

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