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' Dammit! The girls might need my help, but I can't get away from this Youma!' Naruto thought. He was fighting against what the Negaverse called, their ' Ultimate Warrior'. It was actually a twelve foot scorpion with armor so hard, that Naruto had to use a Rasengan to stop it. But that wasn't the problem. Oh no, the problem was Itachi, coming back for a rematch with Zetsu, the Akatsuki member with a Venus Fly-trap around his body. He fought evenly against Zetsu, but with Itachi at his full strength, even with the Kyuubi's power, Naruto couldn't stand a once against both at once. That was when the Senshi appeared and began to fight with Zetsu that another Youma attacked. It occupied itself against Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter. Leaving Saturn, Venus, and Mars against Zetsu.

Naruto's fight

Naruto and Itachi were clashing with kunai at remarkable speeds. Itachi had activated his Sharingan while Naruto had two tails of Kyuubi's chakra out. Both were evenly matched so far until Itachi's eyes became the Mangekyou Sharingan, in which while Naruto tried not to look the Uchiha in the eye, he was getting beat down to the ground. Naruto finally pulled out a third tail of chakra, knowing that he could only handle five tails without losing control. Even with the added speed and power of the third tail, Naruto was still getting the shit knocked out of him. He then pulled out a fourth tail and started to even things out. Naruto got some punches n while Itachi had to block and vice versa. All was going good for Naruto until he heard one word.

" Amaterusu(1)." Itachi called as black fire came from his eyes. Naruto gathered chakra into a ball at his mouth and roared at Itachi, causing a beam of pure chakra to blast out of his mouth, colliding against the power of the Sun God.

Mars, Venus, and Saturn against Zetsu.

" Can you tell me why you are wearing a plant around your body?" Venus asked, causing everyone to hear, including Zetsu, to sweat drop. The Akatsuki member just created some hand seals and said.

" Doku Konoha(2)." causing purple leaves to fly towards the girls. They ducked and dodged the leaves while Venus was screaming her head off. She then looked at Zetsu after looking down, in her hands were pieces of blonde hair.

" No one, and I mean no one, messes with my hair!" she yelled, creating hand seals very fast. " Fuuton, Arashi no Yaiba!" she yelled and sliced Zetsu into pieces, only causing him to burst into smoke to be replaced by a log. The girls looked around when Mars suddenly shot an arrow of fire towards a tree that Zetsu had just popped out of. Saturn was about to use her attack, when all three of them were suddenly wrapped in vines, courtesy of one of Zetsus attacks. The plant user looked at the three of them and smirked.

" Well, even though you three were strong. We still defeated you. Now, prepare to die!" he said, shocking them with his other voice. His right arm morphed into a vine of thorns and was launched at the girls, aiming towards Saturn when all of a sudden...

Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter against Youma.

The Youma was a strange one as it had the appearance of a lobster, while instead of claws, it had swords. The jutsu weren't working well as Moon's Tsuki Ryu Endan was too slow to perform, and it seemed like the lobster would go after her, not letting her use her jutsu. Jupiter's Chidori was working well for her, until she saw that the Youma healed itself after cutting Jupiter's arm. Not off, just cutting it. Mercury's Daibakufu no jutsu wasn't much help either, they were up against a Youma that could be a problem to them. The Youma then kicked Mercury down onto Jupiter and Moon and was about to finish them off when... it stopped moving. The senshi were wide eyed as they looked around for the person that helped them.

" What happened?" Mercury asked and they heard a somewhat lazy voice answer her. ( Guess who)

" So troublesome, but Kage Mane no jutsu(3), success. Neji, would you like to finish this off?" the voice asked and a boy with silky long black hair about the same age as Naruto jumped in front of them and yelled.

" Hakke, 64 divine strikes!" he then started to attack the Youma with tow fingers of each of his hands.

" Two fists, four fists, eight fists, sixteen fists, thirty-two fists, sixty-four fists!" he finished, while another boy with pineapple shaped hair jumped in the air and threw several kunai with explosive tags attached to them and demolished the Youma.

Mars, Venus, and Saturn

Saturn closed her eyes, waiting for her life to end, but when no pain came, she opened her eyes to see a red-headed boy about Naruto's age standing in front of her, Zetsu's vine in front of him, blocked by a wall of sand. The boy then held up his hand and said " Sabaku Kyu(4)." Sand then wrapped itself around Zetsu. He then turned to the Senshi and said " It would be best if you close your eyes, it is not good to see what happens next." the girls closed their eyes to hear the boy say " Sabaku Sousou(5)" and heard a crunching sound while they felt the vines that were holding them fade away. The Senshi looked at him, wondering what he had done. The boy looked back at the girls and noticed something.

" You look like the females in the picture Naruto had given his toad." he said, shocking them.

" How do you know Naruto-niichan?" Saturn asked. Gaara's eyes widened little, but ignored her question.

" Where is he?" he asked. Venus was just about to retort when they saw a pink blur head towards Naruto and Itachi. Gaara sighed. He then headed towards Naruto as well, but said to the Senshi. " You must stay here. If you would get hurt and are precious to Naruto, then not even a demon can stop his rage." with that, he disappeared in a swirl of sand, leaving them confused.


Naruto and Itachi's attacks were still clashing when Naruto's attack began being overpowered. He quickly did a kawirimi somehow and switched places with a log. When Itachi stopped his attack, he looked at Naruto.

" Well, Naruto-kun, it seems that some old friends of yours have come to save you again. I will be back, but since there is now a chance of having more help. Be careful, I will be back with others." with that, he disappeared in a swirl of leaves. At that moment, he saw two people appear. One in a swirl of sand, the other in a flash of pink.

He was stunned as he saw Gaara come out of the sand. But was knocked out of his shock when someone hugged him.

" Naruto! I missed you so much! What happened?! Why don't you want to come home?!" Sakura asked, hugging him tightly, not allowing him to answer her questions. At that moment, The Senshi all came to see a pink haired girl hugging Naruto. Following them, were Neji, Shikamaru, and Kakashi, who had been exhausted by using the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Senshi were detransformed and Rei had had enough. She went straight up to Sakura and pulled her hair screaming.

" Hey you scank! What do you think you are doing to my boyfriend?!" she yelled at her. Sakura had gotten her hair free and was now glaring daggers at her.

" Who the hell are you calling a scank bitch?! I'm going to kill you bitch!" the kunoichi yelled and was about to lunge at Rei if Naruto hadn't reacted so quickly.

" Gaara, stop her!" he yelled, causing sand t wrap around Sakura. She struggled for a while until Naruto said they weren't going to let go if she didn't calm down. She calmed down, but still glared at Rei. " Alright, now I want to know how you guys got here, and why are you here." Naruto said when they got back to his apartment.

" Troublesome. Hokage-sama asked us to give you some weapons that would help you against the Akatsuki. And also try to get you to come home." Shikamaru said. Naruto's face darkened when he heard that they wanted him home. The senshi were all scared when they heard that. Rei immediately went to Naruto.

" Naruto-kun? Please tell me you aren't going to leave us, leave me..." she said sadly. Naruto already knew what his answer was, but Rei had confirmed it.

" You never wanted me at Konoha when I was there. You say you want me to go home, but I'm sorry that you came here for nothing, since I'm already home." Naruto said firmly. Neji grew tired of what the blonde was saying.

" Naruto. You said you were going to become Hokage. What about your dream? What about your promises?" he yelled, activating his Byakugan, causing the Senshi to flinch. Sakura then went to punch Naruto, Rei was about to block it when sand wrapped around both of them. While a shadow held Neji from moving.

" You should be ashamed of yourselves." Gaara said. " He has tried everything he could to make you happy, but when he has a chance for happiness, you all try to get him back? Hokage-dono never said anything about that."

" Kazekage-sama is right. Though we want Naruto back, he doesn't want to come back. We should respect his request. But resorting to violence because of this is just too troublesome for me." The lazy Nara added.

The two looked down in shame as Gaara and Shikamaru let them go. Kakashi chose that time to look up from his perverted book.

" Naruto, even if you don't come back with us, I want you to know, Hokage-sama really loves and misses you. She wanted you to have these," he handed Naruto three scrolls. One, he knew was the scroll of forbidden seals, and two smaller ones.

" As you know, that is the same scroll you had stolen when you wee twelve. The scroll with the blue linings is the scroll that Hokage-sama wants you to have to help you fight Akatsuki. The last one is from, your father." Kakashi finished. When Naruto had heard that the last scroll was from his father, he didn't know what to do. He shakily opened the scroll, wishing it was just a horrible joke, but when he opened it, there was writing.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this, then you have finally proved to me that you can protect yourself. If you didn't know, this is your old man, Kazama Arashi, also known as the Yondaime. I hoped the Village would treat you well, but I know they might not. Just know that your mother and I do love you. As you know, I am a Kazama, the fastest clan in Konoha, but your mother, her name was Uzumaki Kagome. If you want a picture of her, just ask Sarutobi-jiji, or the current Hokage. I'm sorry for all of the pain that you went through because of me, but please be strong. You also have a bloodline limit, from your mother's side since my bloodline, is the ability to go as fast as light. You have Doujutsu called the Ankokugan(6). It allows you to ser through any type of darkness, Genjutsu or otherwise. It will also create darkness only you or other Ankokugan users to see through. To activate your bloodline, you gather chakra into your eyes and your eyes should turn from whatever color your eyes are, to a midnight black. Your mother also has a letter for you after my letter. After his letter is also a seal that holds the kunai and techniques for them. Please use them well and become a better man than me, make sure if something happens to the village, that you will protect your precious people.

Your old man,

Kazama Arashi, Yondaime'

Naruto couldn't believe what he was reading. His father had left him his jutsu and other stuff. He quickly unrolled the scroll even more to see his mother's letter.

' Dear Naruto-kun,

I am so very sorry for all the pain hat you must have went through. If you haven't figured this out yet, I'm your mother, Uzumaki Kagome, the last of the Uzumaki clan. I'm sorry for not being able to be there with you, for you when you were scared or hurt, hold you when you were sad. Naruto-kun, please forgive me. And since I won't be there for you, I wanted to give you three things, the first two are your birthday presents, and last of the family heirlooms. In the seals after this letter is a katana handle without a blade, it is actually Z level chakra blade. If you didn't know, Z is the highest level when being compared to weapons. It is called the Kage no ken(7). In the next seal, are all of my jutsu. Learn them well. Good luck my son, and please forgive me.

Your loving mother,

Kazama Uzumaki Kagome'

Naruto sighed. He couldn't believe what he had read. He then grew angry towards Konoha. Angry for the fact that they had shunned him and beat him, even though he was the son of their greatest hero. Naruto re-rolled the scroll up and looked at the other Nins in front of him.

" Thank you guys." he said through clenched teeth. Rei instantly went to his side, as did Hotaru.

" Naruto-kun, what's the matter? You don't look so well." Rei said. Hotaru nodded.

" Aniki, is something wrong?" she asked her older brother. Naruto just shook his head and started to gather chakra into his eyes, changing them from blue to a midnight black. He looked at the Nin, causing Kakashi to gasp in suprise. On Naruto's face, was the angriest face he had ever had on his face. Every one flinched when they saw that his eyes were now black.

" You have come here to try to take me back to Konoha. I'll tell you one thing, I am not going back to that hell hole." he said coldly. Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing.

" But you promised that you would get Sasuke-kun back! I lost him. I can't lose you too..." she sobbed. Naruto glared at her through his black eyes.

" You can't lose him? You never had him you bitch!" Rei yelled. Sakura was about to retort when Ami spoke.

" She's right you know. You treated him like garbage. Your whole team did. You don't deserve to be his friend-"

" Ami-neechan, that's enough." Naruto cut her off. His eyes slowly turned from black back to his original blue.

Kakashi sighed when he got over the chock of seeing Naruto's eyes when he heard Ami talk.

" It's true that we never treated Naruto the way we should have, but you must believe that we are sorry. We truly are sorry." he said. Naruto sighed. Everything was going fine for him here, until Akatsuki had shown up. He had a girlfriend, other friends that liked him for who he was, even though they knew about the Kyuubi.

He looked at the clock, it was five till 8 pm. He sighed and stood up.

" Shikamaru, Gaara, can I talk to you privately?" he asked. The two nodded and followed him to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, Gaara asked Naruto what he needed.

" I need to ask you guys a favor." he said, " Can you please escort Makato, Minako, Ami-neechan, Usagi, and Rei-chan home?" They raised their eyebrows at what he said.

" What about Hotaru?"

" Don't worry, I'll take her." he said. The two nodded and they went back into the room. " Ok, I think it's time you girls left as its getting late and you have school tomorrow. Usagi-chan, Mina-chan. Shikamaru will escort you to your houses. Rei-chan, Mako-chan, and Ami-chan, Gaara will escort you two to your homes. I'll take Hotaru-chan home."

At this, Rei asked her question.

" Naruto-kun, why can't you take me home. No offense Gaara-san, it's just that I wanted m boyfriend to take me home." she said. Naruto came over to hug and kissed her cheek.

" I want to take you home to, its just that incase the others try to attack Hotaru-chan, and Gaara or Shikamaru don't now what to do against them, she could be really hurt. They wouldn't try to attack you, since their after Imouto, so Gaara is the best choice to protect you against a youma or something." Naruto then thought for a moment until looking back at Gaara.

" Gaara, I really have to introduce you to this summon named Bibu." He said, causing the girls to sweat drop. Rei nodded and followed Gaara, Makato, and Ami out side, as Shikamaru had already left with Usagi and Minako.

Gaara, Rei, and Ami

After dropping Ami off at her house, Gaara and Rei walked in silence. They walked a block until Rei couldn't stand the silence.

" Gaara-san, can I ask you a question?" she asked, Gaara nodded and she continued. " When did you first met Naruto-kun?" Gaara sighed, he stopped and sat down a near-by bench.

" The first time I saw Naruto, was when we were twelve, and at the time, he acted like an idiot. But because of his idiocy, I owe him my life, and the lives of my siblings. Then the next time we met was three years later, when I was kidnapped by S-rank missing Nin and Naruto risked his life to rescue me. Although he failed, he saved me by sacrificing his life energy when he found out what my healer was doing, and she didn't have enough life force left. I died that day, and Naruto actually brought me back from the dead. I owe him my life. Out of all of us, Naruto deserves to be happy as much or even more then we do. That is why I am happy that he is happy here." He started walking while he was talking and they ended up in Rei's house. Gaara bowed to her and said " Please, take good care of him, he'll need you more then ever." He then disappeared in a swirl of sand, leaving Rei to think about Naruto, and how proud of him she was.

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None of them ever noticed the two other Senshi watching them.

1 Sun God's Fire

2 Poison Leaves

3 Shadow Bind

4 Desert Coffin

5 Desert Graveyard

6 Eye of Darkness

7 Blade of Shadows