There are 20 things Sasuke wants you to know about his relationship with Naruto.

1. No, they are not boyfriends. They are not dating, they are not in love, they are not making babies, Naruto is not his wife, he is not Naruto's wife, and they are most certainly NOT BUM BUDDIES.

2. They just have sex.

3. Sasuke is willing to admit to Naruto, the sex is good. Though in his head he concedes this is one hell of an understatement.

4. Sasuke would like to make it known that Naruto has a lot of stamina.

5. And yes, fine, Naruto has grown up and has a body to die for, but just because Naruto is bigger and stronger does not mean Sasuke bends over for him.

6. There is no dominating or submission, just sex. (with Sasuke on bottom.)

7. Sasuke will admit to a slight, SLIGHT, thrill to being topped. So slight, its barely even there.

8. Sasuke REFUSES to admit he LOVES it.

9. Sasuke does not care about the obvious lack of Uchiha-babies his relationship (Sasuke would like to make it known him and Naruto are not in a 'relationship') with Naruto will produce. Sasuke does not do children. So the fact Naruto doing Sasuke produces none is fine with him.

10. And no, they DO NOT enjoy each others company.

11. And okay, fine, sometimes their arguments…excite him. But that's only because he always wins and not because it leads to sex most of the time.

12. And no, NO, despite what Naruto claims, Sasuke DOES NOT LIKE CUDDLING.

13. But after sex, Sasuke is tired (as mentioned before, Naruto has lots of stamina), therefore he likes to rest. And he usually happens to be in Naruto's arms, so he rests there. When he 'cuddles' Naruto, he is asleep and thinks Naruto is a pillow.

14. Though Sasuke admits to himself he never quite 'cuddles' his pillow like that…

15. And okay, after sex when Sasuke is tired and lying in Naruto's arms, Naruto does whisper, 'I love you…'

16. When Sasuke turns red it's because he is embarrassed for Naruto.

17. He does NOT get a thrill down his spine when Naruto says it to him.

18. He would describe it more as a pleasant, tingly feeling…

19. And NO, Sasuke NEVER says anything back…

20. …because Naruto already knows...