Chapter 5: Hanabi's Pain

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Its been two weeks since Naruto and the gang had returned from the Sasuke Retrieval mission. Most people were completely recovered from the past events. Lee still couldn't do very missions because of the surgery, but his training had resumed to frightening new levels. Everything seem to be peaceful in the Hidden Leaf Village. Many interesting things have happen. Neji had his curse seal removed and his personality took a positive turn for the better, he wasn't as cheerful as Naruto but it was a start. The Sasuke fan club fell through, because they lost their two presidents. The reasons were Ino's new relationship with Kiba was growing stronger, just not as strong as Naruto's was and Sakura had decided to jump from the Sasuke's club to the Naruto's. Naruto fan club however fell through too because there wasn't enough members (Just Sakura and one creepy old man who liked kids a little too much). Naruto's life had changed the most though.

Life with the Hyuuga sisters was difficult. Naruto loved them both dearly but like any other family they had problems to deal with. Well their problems weren't like other families though. Hinata had finally had enough of Hanabi's crush on Naruto, at first she thought it was cute but now she was starting to get ticked off. Hanabi's crush had turned into young love and she was starting to get slightly jealous of her sister. Slightly jealous was an understatement. Naruto however stayed blissfully unaware of Hinata and Hanabi's problem or he just didn't want to get involved. He was having trouble with his privacy. Hiashi had given him some seals that protected him from the Byakugan, but now the girls were getting brave (or desperate) enough to walk in on him when he was undress or taking a shower. They got out of trouble by just blushing and acting innocent but Naruto knew, no one accidently walks in on a person every damn time.

Bedtime also became a problem. Hinata and Naruto hadn't slept together alone since their last night at the hospital. Hinata tried to tell Hanabi to sleep in her own bed, but Hanabi always looked at Naruto and asked in the most adorable voice she could muster, he couldn't say no. Naruto hasn't slept well for a week, Hinata and Hanabi fought over him all night. Instead of Hanabi sleeping in the middle now Naruto was. He awoke ever morning with sore arms from the tag of war game they played.

This particular morning was no different. Naruto laid in bed, eyes wide open and sleep deprived. Hinata had a painful grip on his right arm, he felt like crying but real men didn't cry for those reasons. Hanabi had her arms and legs wrapped around his left arm, he was slightly disgusted by the fact Hanabi was drooling on his shoulder. It used to be cute but now it was just nasty. His last hope was the alarm clock, yet fate again wasn't on his side because he still had an entire hour left.

The long mornings he spent in bed gave him plenty of time to think. He realize Hanabi had a crush on him days ago, he didn't really mind it though. No he wasn't like Orochimaru or the old man in his fan club, who liked little kids in that way but he found Hanabi cute and fun to be with. He knew he didn't see her as a little sister but something more. Hinata though would always be the one in his heart, he truly loved her and his love for her seemed to grow everyday. Even when she crushed his arm.

When he thought his arm could take no more, he heard the second sweetest sound in the world to him. The alarm clock went off with a loud ringing sound. Hinata was having a very nice dream, Hanabi was out of the house for the day and Naruto was getting frisky. She loved those kind of dreams. Hanabi was having the same dream except for the friskiness, she always dreamed about spending time with Naruto alone.

The usual morning routine started, Hinata grinned at Naruto and Hanabi snuggled the area where her head was. Then they noticed each other and started to growl, like two predators fighting over a piece of meat. Naruto sighed and got up, Hinata beat him to the door though.

"Ashiteru, Naru-kun!" said Hinata with a lovely smile on her face.

"Ashiteru, Hina-chan." grumbled Naruto as he kissed her. It was sort of a uninspiring show of love, but what could you expect from someone who just wanted to sleep without any trouble.

Hanabi saw what her sister did, she was furious by this show of affection. So in retaliation, Hanabi walked calmly over to Naruto and gave him a tight beartrap hug, she then looked up at him was a slight blush and the sweetest smile she had. 'You think your so great Hinata, I show you!' thought Hanabi as she said, "Good Morning Naru-kun!" However this had little effect, maybe if he had more sleep he would of been taken by these shows of affection and love but he was too tired to give a damn.

"Morning, Hana-chan." mumbled Naruto as he did his usual head rub. Hanabi found nothing in the world could compare to it, but today's was kind of a let down. She was wondering what was wrong with her blond hero.

"Naru-kun is there something bothering you?" asked Hanabi as her sister frowned at her. 'How dare she ask my boyfriend how he's feeling!' thought Hinata as she thought of an excuse to get rid of Hanabi for the day.

"No how could there be something wrong when I have you guys?" said Naruto. If you listen close enough, you could hear a tiny drop of sarcasm in his voice. He was having a hard time, but he figured all families had some problems. His family just wanted to have sex with him.

"If you want to talk about it, I'm all ears." said Hinata trying to get Naruto to open up. Most of the time it wasn't hard to get Naruto to talk about his feelings, but if it involved the strange love triangle, he tried to keep it to himself.

"I'm just a little tired that's all, now what's for breakfast?" asked Naruto hoping he would have some time for himself.

"I don't know, let me cook today." said Hinata trying to get on his good side. Naruto saw right through this however, he was disappointed to see Hinata trying to earn favor from him. Naruto loved Hinata to the point that favors where unnecessary, because nothing in the world could make him love her anymore.

"Thanks, I'm going to take a shower and get ready for today." said Naruto as he tried to remove Hanabi from his waist. She sure had a grip, it was like the jaws of life. It took him a minute to get out of her death lock, but he succeeded nevertheless.

As he walked to the bathroom door, Hanabi followed him sneakily. She had thought he wouldn't be able to sense her at all. 'Damn I'm good.' thought Hanabi as she hided in a closet by the bathroom and watch Naruto go inside. She was about to open the bathroom door, when she heard a "Hana-chan why don't you help out Hina-chan with breakfast?" 'Damn he's good.' thought Hanabi as she walked away with her head down.

Naruto stepped into the shower, but not before he checked to see if the girls were spying on him. He missed the innocent showers he used to take. The see through shower curtain wasn't helping ether. It was a strange present from both of the girls and apparently Jiraiya had give them the idea. 'I'm going to kill Ero-sennin, the next chance I get. It'll look like an accident yeah an accident.' thought Naruto as he turned on the water. The Kyuubi just laughed, but he sort of liked the pervert now. It had been a very long since the Kyuubi had any action and he was hoping the Hyuuga girls got their way.

Hanabi sat right by the bathroom door and listened for Naruto to turn on the water. This was her daily routine and knew that he never locked the door. She took that as a sign he wanted her to come in on him. She giggled as she fantasied about spending some quality time with her favorite blond haired ninja. It wasn't perverted by any means, she just wanted him to hold her and whisper sweet things in her ear. She smiled when she heard the water starting.

She sneaked in without making much noise, except a giggle or two. Naruto heard her as she opened the door though. 'She isn't very sneaky is she...' "Hana-chan what are you doing in here?" asked Naruto as he calmly stared at her. She was heavily blushing and had blood running down her nose. "I'm sorry Naru-kun, I didn't know you were in here." Hanabi thought she could get away with this excuse, no living being could stand her cuteness. "Hanabi leave now and give me some DAMN PRIVACY!" screamed Naruto but Hanabi just giggled and slowly walked out not taking her glance off him once. This happened everyday, and every shower he took. The same yell, the same cuteness, and the same damn invasion of privacy. He would of rather dealt with Orochimaru than put up with this, but he didn't have the heart to get angry at such a sweet girl.

Almost as if on cue, Hinata walked in innocently with a fresh batch of towels. He knew Hinata too well and could see right through her little plan. She did it everyday and it was the same thing too, he sort of wished she would have been more creative.

"Oh Naru-kun, I didn't know you were taking a shower." Hinata pouted and walked over to the shower. She pulled backed the curtains just enough to see his face clearly. Naruto notice she was still in her night gown that showed a good deal of her bosom and when she lend into the shower he swore he could see one of her nipples. She had a good figure for a twelve year old and Naruto's hormones weren't helping.

"H-Hina-chan wha...t" that was all he could say, his mind was going blank and his will power was weakening. "Naruto, would you like me to scrub your back for you?" whispered Hinata in the most seductive voice Naruto had ever heard. Hinata knew she had him, just a little more and she could take what was hers.

"'s breakfast coming?" 'Damn so close!' thought Hinata, but Naruto still had some control. He had told her that he wanted to wait until they were at least eighteen before they had sex. She couldn't stand it, just being near him drove her crazy. She need relief badly...

"Forget about that...are you sure you don't want me to join you?" she licked his ear as she said that. 'When did it get so hot in here!' panicked Naruto, the Kyuubi just laughed and said, "Do it!" But Naruto's self control stayed, but it wouldn't last long. He knew he was losing an uphill battle, Hinata was one tricky devil. He had one shot left, one last chance to save his virginity.

"I have to pee..." said Naruto who hoped to god it would kill the mood. Luck was on his side as Hinata just stared at him for a second. "O...kay, uh...I'll leave." she walked out and didn't even bother to look back. He had won, he had actually won. It was difficult, probably the most difficult thing he had ever done. But he was proud of himself. 'I AM THE KING!' thought Naruto as he turned the water to cold, icy cold. "Yeah you're the king alright...the king of all virgins." said the demon wishing Hinata would walk back in.

Breakfast wasn't as awkward as the shower was. Hanabi decided to sit in Naruto's lap and feed him. Hinata, trying not to be left out, join her sister on his lap and started to feed him as well. This didn't work so well with the oatmeal Naruto was eating. After awhile he got fed up of this and politely asked them to get off of him. This didn't go so well ether. Nether one of them wanted to be the first one off.

"Hina-chan, I think you heard Naru-kun. He doesn't want your fat ass on him anymore!" after that Hinata glared at Hanabi and said, "I don't think Naruto is a pedophile, so go find your own lap to sit on!" Then the cat fight started, for a eight year old Hanabi put up a decent fight. Naruto's patience was running thin, it hurt him to see two people he deeply cared about fighting over him. It wasn't like the fight between Sakura and Hinata for some weird reason. It was more like his heart was being torn in half and he couldn't take anymore.

"STOP IT!" screamed Naruto. The girls stopped and looked at him as if he was crazy. Naruto's eye twitched from that.

"Please stop fighting over me! Can't you guys just get along!" Naruto was near tears as the emotional dam broke. He hated to admit it but he felt like a girl.

"But! Naru-kun" the Hyuuga girls said at the same time. They couldn't understand the pain they were inflicting on him.

"I can't take your bickering any longer, your sisters for god sakes!" The girls looked downwards, his words stung. He got up and stormed towards the door. As he walked out, he said, "And stop peeking at me when I'm in the god damn shower." The day didn't start that well for the Uzumaki household.

Hanabi and Hinata stared at the door for a few moments, before they got up and got ready. Hinata had her medical training today and Hanabi had a free day. The academy didn't have school on the weekends. As they got ready, they made normal small talk. Surprisingly, the main topic wasn't about Naruto. They asked each other what the other one had to do that day. The civil way they talked with each other would have made Naruto proud. It seemed as if Naruto wasn't there, they acted normal as if they didn't mind the other's company.

Naruto walked around Konoha as he looked for something to do. Jiraiya had given him the day off from his training. He knew from the last time he had Rasengan training, resting was essential.

After a nice stop at Ichiraku, his day was getting better. Ramen always helped when he was feeling stressed about his life. He was trying to think what he could do, maybe he could visit Hinata at the hospital today. But he still was slightly pissed. He wasn't angry with the girls, no he could hardly ever get angry at them. He was angry about how he had walked out on them. The guilt trip he was going through annoyed the hell out of him. He was so deep within his thoughts he didn't notice he was being followed.

The sly ninja was hiding from sight, she had been following the blond since the ramen shop. She was taking her time and watching for an opening to strike. It had been nearly an hour since she had started being a stalker, and she had to admit she was damn good at it.

After awhile, Naruto decided to take a short nap in the park since he didn't get enough the night before. As he was laying down and geting comfortable he wondered what Hinata was doing at that exact moment. Suddenly like a bolt of lighting, someone tackled him. It wasn't that painful but it had surprised the hell out of him and he also noticed the person smelt like roses. They rolled a bit, it wasn't like rolling down hill but it still was quite a bit. Naruto looked down at whatever had slammed into him, and it didn't surprise him at all who it was.

Hanabi was just laying on his chest breathing hard. She had put a lot of energy and time into this and she wanted to enjoy every moment. Naruto just frowned down at her with an annoyed look on his face. He had wanted to be alone for more than an hour.

"What are you doing...Hana-chan?" She looked up at him like nothing had happen this morning. She smiled and giggled, she thought Naruto looked handsome when he was frustrated.

"Just giving you a hug, my Naru-kun!" For the first time in his life he had found someone more cheerful than himself and it sickened him. She then proceeded to nuzzle her face into his chest.

"No I meant why are you here?" Naruto wasn't as annoyed as before, something about Hanabi nuzzling him calmed him down greatly.

"You told me I could spend the day with you remember!" She tried to pout but she was too happy from the fact that Naruto hasn't yet knocked her off of him yet.

"Oh yeah I remember..." He had completely forgotten that he had promised the next time they both had free time they would spend it together. At the time he was just trying to get her off of him, he didn't know it would come back and bite him in the ass this badly.

"So what do you want to do, my little rosebud?" Naruto thought if he could tire her out, he might have a chance.

Hanabi just blushed and giggled like a school girl, when she heard his little nickname for her. "How-w-w abou-ut we-e..." she couldn't finish, she was too busy doing Hinata's little finger thing and blushing. Naruto found this adorable, almost as much as when Hinata does it.

'Maybe this won't be that bad.' "I have a bad feeling about today. You probably don't need to lose your virginity to an eight year old it's kind of creepy." said Kyuubi, he might be desperate just not that desperate. 'WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT...' he looked down to see Hanabi had moved from his chest and was heading towards his crouch with another head nuzzle.

"Whoa Hanabi, we need to talk about boundaries." said Naruto as he jumped up. "What are you talking about, Naru-kun?" she looked at him with innocent written all over her face. But he had a strange feeling that Hanabi knew what she was doing. He sighed and gave up, he didn't want to give the birds and the bees talk today.

"Never mind just stay about this line." he drew a line across his stomach. He didn't even let Hinata pass that line and he wasn't going to give her sister special treatment. "Okay but why?" Naruto swore he could see a evil glint in her eye. He cursed the fact he was so damn handsome.

" would you like a piggy back ride?" She squealed with excitement and ran behind Naruto. She didn't even wait for him to bend down. In less than a second she was gripping hard to him, climbing him like he was some mountain. The sad thing was she wasn't that much shorter than him. Just a little more than a foot. She had a powerful grip on his neck too, just barely enough room to breath.

"Are you ok?" she whisper in his ear as she tired to turn him on. But she had a problem with spiting when she whispered, so Naruto got a indirect wet willy. Even if he was having some trouble there was little chance that she would let go. This was a once in a lifetime chance to be this close to the man she loved and nothing would ruin it.

"Y...e...a...h" choked Naruto. He knew it was hopeless. Every time he offered some kind of touching to Hanabi, she wouldn't give it up for at less an hour. Even with all of her strange quirks, Naruto found himself liking being this close to her. It wasn't like snuggling or holding Hinata in a romantic sense, but it had a unique feel to it.

Hanabi rubbed her face into the back of his head and giggled, "Lets go!" Naruto wondered why she was doing this and he thought he heard her sniffing his hair. Hinata was the only one he knew that like to sniff his hair or him. He didn't mind at all though because he figured it was the fact that he smelt so good everyone had to have a smell of him.

Hanabi loved everything about Naruto, from his unique smell to his cute little whisker marks. She was hoping that Naruto and her could have a romantic day. Her plan for the day was to confess her feelings to him while they watch the sunset. In her mind, she thought she wasn't being that obvious with her crush on him and he had no idea. It was going to be the perfect day and the start of them as a secret couple. She didn't want Naruto to break up with her sister but she did want some of the romance that her sister was getting.

"Where did you want to go again, Hana-chan?" "Any where you want, my wonderful Naru-kun." sighed Hanabi in his hair. Luckily for her, Naruto didn't hear her. "What was that?" asked Naruto who was praying to Hinata to forgive him today.

"I said...uh...let's walk around town." said Hanabi who was enjoying the warmth Naruto gave her a little too much.

"Ok but you have to get down." His back was breaking, Hanabi by no means was too heavy for him. He was just having some back problems from the way he sleeps.

"WHAT! Are you sure I mean your so strong and...handsome." she was trying every trick in the book to make sure she didn't have to get down and she knew Naruto was a sucker for compliments. Naruto saw right through this, maybe a week ago it would have worked but he had built up an immunity to her. But he also knew it would take something drastic to get her off his back.

"How about we hold hands for a little bit..." she was alright on the ground snuggling his right arm. Naruto sighed as they started to walk, it was going to be a long day.

They walked arm in arm for nearly an hour before Naruto got tired of it and pulled his arm free from Hanabi's iron grip. Even after that, Hanabi thought the day was still going perfect. It was turning out to be more romantic than anything she could of hoped for. Naruto on the other hand found the day to be more awkward than the morning argument. Five times Hanabi tripped and Naruto had to catch her. After the third, he started to think she was doing it on propose.

Naruto's plan to tire Hanabi out, was backfiring. Even with the Kyuubi's help he had barely a tenth of the little love devil's energy. Maybe it was the power of love or something equally as corny but she was zooming around with more get-up-and-go than Naruto ever had.

They keep on going, until they bumped into someone. No it wasn't Hinata, but it was the next worst possibility for Naruto. He had a feeling things would get very bad. Today just wasn't his day.

Sakura was having a bad day. She wanted to see her Naruto-kun badly. Over the pass two weeks, she had come to terms with her feelings for Naruto. Ever since she learned that they wouldn't be on the same team anymore, she has been looking for him so she can tell him her true feelings. Sakura thought if she told Naruto that she loved him, he would break up with Hinata and start to worship her again. When she bumped into Naruto it seemed like fate was on her side. However she didn't notice the little white eyed girl clinging to him.

"Hi Sakura..." 'DAMN I didn't want to see her...' thought Naruto as he put on his fake grin that said he was glad to see her but didn't want to spend any time with her. Sakura was never good at reading facial expressions though.

"Naruto-kun! What are you doing today and I don't see Hinata any were." Sakura was smiling inward, she really didn't want to fight Hinata again and was sort of afraid of her now.

"He spending time with me." Hanabi growled at Sakura, she could sense Sakura's crush on Naruto and wasn't in the mood for another rival in love.

"Oh hello there, my name is Sakura what's yours cutie?" Sakura believed that she had a way with children which she certainly did not, most children found her scary and way too loud.

"My name is Hanabi. I'm guessing you're the tramp that everyone is talking about." Naruto was surprised that Hanabi could change her mood from getty to bitchy in under sixty seconds flat.

"My you have a mouth on you, but I think you need to leave me and Naruto alone for awhile." Sakura was getting slightly pissed off at the young girl. 'Who the hell does she think she is messing with MY Naru-kun!' thought Hanabi who was worried this would ruin the mood she was trying to create.

"I don't think Naru-kun wants to spend time with a common street hooker, he has more class than your father has!" Naruto was shocked that Hanabi was getting this angry. She never disrespected Hinata like that, maybe there was a difference in the situation.

"Why you little..." Naruto cut Sakura off. "Hey guys lets go in there!" he pointed to the usual dumpling restaurant that he and Team Gai went to, when they had the time to hang out. They walked in and sat at a table. Hanabi clung tightly to Naruto's right side and Sakura had innocently put her right hand on Naruto's left.

Naruto hated the situation he was in. He could sense the tension between Sakura and Hanabi and had a feeling they would kill each other if he wasn't between them. Hanabi's grip tightened and Sakura started to growl. He knew he didn't have very much time before they broke into a cat fight. He looked towards the bathroom and got an idea how to save his ass for the moment.

"Why don't you guys order right now. I got to go to the bathroom for a sec." Naruto knew there was a small chance this would work and a good chance Sakura would try and follow. He had seen her do that to Sasuke and he knew not to trust her.

Luckily Hanabi saw the trouble in his eyes, she thought he wanted to get away from the whore that was with them though. "It's fine, I know what you like and I'm sure Miss. Prostitute here can help. She probably knows what men want anyways." Sakura just glared at Hanabi as if she was the most horrible person in the world. Naruto just thanked Hanabi and walked away. "So hussy, what do you want to eat?" asked Hanabi as if it was completely normal to call a girl a hussy. Sakura was minutes away from bitch slapping the young Hyuuga girl though.

Naruto washed his hands for the fifth time. He was running out of time and he knew it. It was a bad idea to leave those two girls alone too long. The fight was probably already started. He needed advise and he looked to the only person who could help him, or at least the only person in the bathroom who could help him. 'Damn it Kyuubi, give me some help!' Now normally the Kyuubi would just laugh at him and call him stupid, but this time he knew that if he didn't help his container out of this pickle, it could be the death of them. "I've got a plan, but it's dangerous and incredibly stupid." 'That's good enough for me!'

Hanabi was running out of creative ways to call Sakura a slut. It was difficult for an eight year old to come up with these things. The more she got to know Sakura though, the more she disliked her. The feeling was mutual, Sakura's kindness and forgiveness was at an end. She didn't care that this girl was a child, a person can only be called loose so many time before they got fed up.

" much money does a tart make these days?" The question was asked in the innocent tone that Hanabi used to make people like her. It was almost sickening how vicious Hanabi was being.

"That's it you little bitch!" screamed Sakura as she grabbed Hanabi by the hair and tossed her outside. Hanabi went quite a ways before she crashed into a food cart. She wasn't big enough to break it, but it did make a big thump.

Sakura was seeing red as she jumped on Hanabi and started to beat the living shit out of her. It was disturbing, the way Sakura was hitting the sweet little girl. Most people around them were too shocked to do anything about it. They didn't hear the cruel things Hanabi said, so to them it seemed like a shinobi was beating a little child to death.

Hanabi might of stood a chance against Hinata, but that was because Hinata would never hurt Hanabi. Sakura on the other hand was unbelievably pissed. Very few people got away with calling Sakura Haruno a hooker and Hanabi wasn't going to be one of them.

When Naruto walked out of the restaurant, he got a surprise of a lifetime. Hanabi was bitting Sakura's arm while Sakura was using her other arm to beat the snot out of the young girl. It was the second most pitiful thing he had ever seen Sakura do. He kind of expected this from Hanabi though. He ran up to them and knocked Sakura off of Hanabi kind of roughly.

Sakura was taken back by what Naruto had done. He seemed to care a lot about this young girl and it broke her heart. "What the hell are you doing to her! Sakura," said Naruto with just a hint of bitterness in it. He picked Hanabi up and hugged her tightly. Hanabi just looked over Naruto's shoulder and grinned at Sakura, it seem to say look what I have and you don't.

"" was all Sakura could say for herself. She knew it looked bad for her, beating children wasn't the best way to get someone to love you.

"WHAT! How could you call this sweet, innocent, beautiful, wonderful girl a whore. I'm ashamed of you and what you have become!" said Naruto.

"W-wait i-it-it isn't as bad as you thin-nk it is!" cried Sakura. Naruto turned his head away from her before she could explain herself.

"Are you ok? My little sweetpea!" asked Naruto while he was holding Hanabi. She was very tough for a eight year old but decided to play this out a little.

She sniffled a "S-she's a b-big fa-at meanie..." after that she buried her face into his shoulder and shivered. The people around her thought she was shivering because she was afraid, but she really was shivering from pleasure because she was so close to Naruto. It was worth getting beat up for this or at least she thought that.

"Don't worry my sweet firecracker, I will protect you from that horrible woman." he whispered in her ear. However he whispered it loud enough for Sakura to hear. It hurt like a kick to the head to hear the one you love call you horrible. But Sakura was in a guilt trip for attacking the poor girl, Hanabi's powers of cuteness were amazing.

Naruto carried Hanabi like one would carry a bag of heavy potatoes. Hanabi didn't mind this at all though because Naruto's hand was on her butt. He didn't notice the goofy smile on Hanabi's face as he walked away holding her still. Sakura watch as they left, it hurt but she expected it to hurt a lot more though.

After they were out of sight, another Naruto walked out of the dumpling store. That shocked her so much that she fell backwards into the food cart that Hanabi had crashed into. She was so embarrassed that she forgot why she fell back. Naruto walked over to her and helped her up. She liked the feeling of Naruto helping her, it warmed her to her core.

"Why are you here?" asked Sakura, she prayed that Naruto had forgiven her for the cat fight.

"I sent out a clone to take care of Hanabi so we could spent some time together." said Naruto with a shy smile. This was what she wanted to hear, Sasuke never ever was this way with her.

"Lets go to the park." Sakura smiled at Naruto. She was planing to confess her love with him there. "Race ya!" said Naruto as he took off as fast as he could. "WAIT!" she screamed in her annoying voice that she thought was cute.

Once they left and the dust settled, a ninja dress in orange cloth walked out of the same damn store once again. He then took off towards the hospital, hoping he wouldn't get caught by the two girls. In the bathroom, Naruto had decided to go check up on Sasuke before he went to find Hinata and walk her home. The strange day had made him miss her normalcy greatly. Sure she was a bit of a sex fiend, but she was his sex fiend.

It took him awhile to reach the hospital, he had to take the long route to avoid the park. If there was one thing that Naruto hated more than Orochimaru was hospitals. They were difficult and the nurses wouldn't help him at all. It was a pain in the ass to find Sasuke's room, he had to walk all over the place before he reached it.

The room was quite normal, except for the fact that there was two ABNU guarding the door. Inside was a depressing sight though. There wasn't a single flower or get well card in the whole place. Normally, the room would be bursting with flowers and tomatoes. Naruto still wasn't use to Sasuke's love for tomatoes. The sight of the room made Naruto feel heavy with guilt. He never once stopped by and checked to see how his brother was doing. Yes, Naruto still considered Sasuke his brother, even after the whole I plan to kill you for power thing. The reason that he never came was he didn't know what to say. It didn't really matter that Sasuke was out though.

Naruto walked towards the bed in the middle of the room. The feeling in the room was sort of morbid. He had a feeling that no one would visit Sasuke because of his betrayal. It hurt Naruto to know this, he was afraid that Sasuke would lose his title in this village over this problem. Sasuke needed Naruto know more than ever, he would suffer from the loneliness as Naruto did.

He sat down on a chair that was pulled over to the bed. Naruto had a feeling Sakura had done that. The fact that Sakura had tossed her love for Sasuke away, greatly disturbed him. She should of remained loyal and kept her love for him. It was painfully obvious that she didn't really love Sasuke. Naruto knew that if he had abandon the village and came back, Hinata and Hanabi stay by his side no matter what. He wondered if Sakura could feel true love, she seemed so fake when he thought about it. He never thought about his old feeling for Sakura, when he looks back now it almost seemed sad.

Naruto looked over Sasuke with a look of pity. The poor boy looked like hell. His face was a sickly pale color, his lips and eye lids where pale purple. He looked so frail, nothing like the rival he remembered. It hurt so much to see him like that, he wanted Sasuke to just jump up and smack him in the face for being so sappy and teary eyed. Naruto decided to catch Sasuke up on current events.

"I'm sorry my friend. It's been kind of hectic lately. Did you know that Hinata had feelings for me...I must of been the only one to not know..ha..ha..ha right. Well I got to fight her father too, it was epic...Please wake up just wake up! I'm sorry I failed you in the forest of death...if only I was stronger if only I was smarter...I could of done more. You don't deserve this...I'm sorry please forgive me!" Half way through he had grabbed Sasuke and shook him. He started to cry on Sasuke's shoulder, he always felt guilty for not being able to prevent Orochimaru.

"Dobe...get the hell off of me," it a small whisper but Naruto heard it.

"WHAT!" screamed Naruto as he jumped up and landed quite roughly onto Sasuke. Naruto couldn't believe that Sasuke was up and seemed like his old self. It warmed his heart greatly to see Sasuke like that.

"What's wrong with you and get that stupid grin off of your face." asked Sasuke. He was never good with feelings.

"It's just your so damn ugly." said Naruto as he playfully punch Sasuke in the arm.

"Why don't you look in a mirror?" Naruto had missed this, he hated to admit it though.

"What's going on and my head feels bad..." said Sasuke as he laid right back down.

"You don't remember?" Naruto was surprised that Sasuke sat in bed calmly. He thought Sasuke might try to run the moment he got up.

"All I remember clearly fight with Gaara, after that it kind of gets blurry..." Sasuke was wondering what the hell had happen and why he felt so nauseated.

"You don't remember anything else? Like a valley..." Naruto wonder if the seal removal had wiped a few memories with it.

"Sort of, it all seems like a dream...except for some of it." His voice was nothing more than a little whisper, he seemed troubled about something. Could he have remembered what happen was the biggest worry of Naruto.

"What parts do you remember?" asked Naruto. He knew he should get someone to help them but he didn't want to leave Sasuke yet.

"Sakura...she told me she loved me, and Kakashi something about friendship," said Sasuke. He was wondering were Sakura was, he thought she would be the first one to see if anyone.

"I see...well...let me get you caught up I guess," Naruto explained everything, even the things he should of kept to himself. He saw the pain in Sasuke's eyes when he told him about Sakura's little episode. Naruto had a feeling that he should of kept that piece to himself.

"I see...I'm sorry Naruto I didn't mean to hurt you." Sasuke hated to admit his feelings. He was always afraid that Itachi would come and take away the ones he loved.

"'s not your fault. But if you want to make it up...get me some ramen." Sasuke jumped up and punched Naruto in the face for his lame attempt to change the mood.

"Ouch what the hell was that for! Teme" screamed Naruto. That punch hurt quite a bit.

"For you being a Dobe...thanks man." They enjoyed a smile together, it was a rare thing when Sasuke smiled so Naruto knew he needed to savor it. They spent a few hours talking before Kakashi came in. He gave Sasuke the normal smile behind a mask and asked Naruto to leave so he and Sasuke could talk about their training. Naruto just grinned and told Sasuke to come over when he got out of the hospital. To Naruto's surprise Sasuke accepted the offer. Naruto gave them one last smile and a loud bye, before he ran out the door.

Once outside the hospital he slowed down. Naruto didn't want to spend more than a few moments in that hellish place. It was also getting late and he knew Hinata would be done training soon. The only problem was he didn't want to go back into the hospital and look for her.

"Naru-kun what are you doing here?" He heard someone behind him say. Naruto looked back to see his white eyed angel holding a small bag of bottles.

"Hina-chan, I was visiting Sasuke and I wanted to walk you home." said Naruto as he grab Hinata by the waist and gave her a peck on the lips. She just blushed and giggled at Naruto's little display of love. All day she had been hoping that Naruto would come and walk home with her.

"Why thank you Naru-kun." He let go of her and they started to walk towards home. Hinata held Naruto's arms and rested her head on his shoulder. He really didn't mind this at all coming from Hinata. After awhile he noticed the bottles she was carrying and started to wonder what they were.

"What are the bottles for Hina-chan?" Hinata just blushed and giggled in a perverted way. It became obvious to Naruto that the bottles must have something to do with sex.

"Oh these...well when I was training with Shizune-sensei, she offered me these massaging oils to help me relax a little." The truth was that Hinata had talked to Shizune about her problem at home and how Naruto didn't want to have sex yet. Shizune gave her the oils to spice up their love life a little. Hinata thought it was a great idea and knew how to fix it all together. "Naru-kun when we get home will you give me a massage?" Naruto knew he should of said no but the voice Hinata had used, turned him on greatly almost as much as when he caught her masturbating.

"Of course I will, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't!" Hinata just smiled gently as they walked the rest of the way home. In her mind though she was grinning evilly, she was so close to getting into Naruto's pants she could taste it.

Once they got home, Hinata asked Naruto to sit on the couch while she changed into something a little more comfortable. Naruto just nodded absent mindedly, he was kind of excited to see what Hinata was going to do next.

Hinata looked in their closet to find something with enough sex appeal to get Naruto's attention. She had a few kinky things but non of them really seemed to be what she wanted. It had to be classy with a hint of seduction. The only thing that came close was a strange leather thing she had gotten from Tenten as a joke. She gave up and decided underwear would work well enough.

Naruto was about to fall asleep. He had been waiting for a good thirty minutes for Hinata to come out of the room and he was tired from the day's escapade to keep his eyes open. As he started to doze off, Hinata walked into the room.

To say Naruto was stunned was a understatement. He was about to have a massive nose bleed and could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. Hinata was dressed in only lingerie, very sexy lavender lingerie that you could practically see through. She giggled at Naruto's response and walked over to him in the most seductive manner she could think of.

"What do you think, Naru-kun?" she whispered in his ear as she kissed him quite passionately. He was having a hard time not grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to him, soon he gave up and place his hands on her. Her skin was so soft and smooth on her butt, Naruto was blushing greatly now. Soon Hinata brushed her tongue over his lips, signing him to open his mouth and let her in to taste him.

'Ramen' was the first thought that went through her head as her tongue explored his mouth. He tasted very rameny or at least that was her opinion. She could also feel Naruto's hands on her backside giving her a nice squeeze. She shuddered as the pleasant warm feeling washed over her, it almost seem like a dream. If she would of known that this was all it took to get Naruto turned on, she would of done it days ago. Even though Naruto was her's for the taking, she wanted to play along and enjoy it some more.

She broke the kiss and Naruto started to pout, "How about that massage, love?" asked Hinata as she turned around and sat down right in between his legs. Naruto hoped that she wouldn't feel his erection as she lend back and captured his lips again in a small kiss.

Inwardly she was giggling greatly, she of course felt the pressure on the lower part of her back and knew exactly what it was. It took all her will power not to yank down his pants and plunge herself on his growing manhood. She just pointed towards the bag of oils on her right and waited for Naruto to start.

Naruto let out a moan as he felt Hinata move to point towards the oils. It seemed like she was purposely grinding herself against his groin to make him suffer. He reached over and grabbed the bottles, they smelled like roses and lilies. He poured the them all over her back and started to rub and knead at the soft skin. Hinata groaned sexual as he did that, she was enjoying it a lot.

She could feel the familiar pressure and warmth in her loins. It got to a point were she couldn't take any more and started to rub herself. Naruto saw this and he remembered the day at the hospital. She started to moan Naruto's name as she pulled her panties down. His hands had moved from her back to cupping her breasts as she started to gently rock back and forth. He just pinched her nipples through her bra while sucking on her neck. The moaning got loud and loud as they continued, she keep on crying out "God yes Naruto...OH yes please touch me!" One of her breast fell out of the bra and Naruto gently raised it up to his lips. He began to suck on it, while his other hand snaked it's way down to Hinata's wet undergarments. She cried out louder as she felt Naruto help her reach her goal. Her climax was close, both of them knew it.

Hinata screamed out Naruto's name, right as the door opened. They turned to see who had caught them in their unique position. There in the doorway was a teary eyed Hanabi who just ran away the moment they looked at her. Naruto called out for her to stop but she was long gone. Hinata just got up and was about to chase after her when she felt Naruto's hand on her shoulder.

"It's probably not a good idea to go outside in what your wearing, I'll go get her ok." said Naruto as Hinata blushed and nodded. She hoped Hanabi would be okay, it is pretty devastating to see your sister masturbate with help from your true love.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to her." Naruto rushed out the door. He knew where she goes when she is troubled, he had no doubt that that's were she would be.

Hanabi's day was crappy, that was the only word she could think of that described it perfectly. First that creepy bitch with pink hair had started a fight with her. Then her beloved Naruto switched himself with a clone. Now she was wondering around the Konoha looking for him. It had been quite a while since the clone had puffed and Hanabi was getting tried of looking for Naruto. All she wanted to do now was go home and get a juice box. Yes, she knew it was childish but she didn't care. She was too miserable from Naruto ditching her to care.

It was late by the time she reached the apartment. As soon as she reached for the door she heard something strange. She couldn't put a finger on it, but she could of swore she her moaning coming from inside. Shrugging her shoulders, she opened the door. Nothing in the world could of hurt her as bad as what she was feeling when she saw her two roommates. There right in front of her was Naruto, her one and only true love, helping her sister masturbate. She didn't even notice the tears forming in her eyes. Only one thought ran through her mind and that was to run away. Too preoccupied with her hurt feelings, she didn't even notice Naruto calling to her.

Hanabi ran and ran, pass Ichiraku, pass the park, pass the dumpling restaurant, and pass the hospital to the place Hanabi went when she needed comfort and support. Naruto ran after her knowing exactly where she was going. It was one of the things they shared in common. Whenever one of them was hurt, they always went and sat on the swing by the academy. That special piece of school equipment served as both of Hanabi and Naruto's safe spot. Every time the villagers insulted Naruto, or when Hanabi couldn't take her life anymore they would go there and swing. It seemed strange to find comfort in that simple action, but they enjoyed it and for their entire life they never knew the other did it. It was only when Naruto told her that they realize they were more like each other than they thought.

Hanabi reached there first and started to swing. Since no one had school that day, there wasn't any people. She felt so tormented, she knew that Naruto loved Hinata. But it still hurt to see them like that. Deep down she had hoped that Naruto would love her as much as he loved her sister. Seeing them like that crushed her spirit, it was more painful than anything she had ever experienced. She didn't want to cry, but the tears came anyways.

Naruto saw Hanabi swinging back and forth, crying her heart out. He wondered over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders, trying to help her out of the sea of depression he had created. Seeing the cheerful and positive girl cry was one thing he hated to see, the pain in his heart was unmeasurable.

She felt his strong hands on her, she knew who it was but didn't turn around. It was too soon to see him, her darling Naruto, it hurt too badly. The moment Naruto lend down to hold her, she got off of the swing and tried to walk away. Naruto reached out and grabbed her arm, he pulled her towards him. She cried out and tried to fight it but he wouldn't let one of his precious people hurt anymore. "Leave me alone!" she cried out as she slapped him, still he didn't let go. "Why! why won't you just leave me alone!" again she attacked him and he did nothing, he didn't even try to defend himself as she struck again and again. "Why...please...why me" she gave up, and allowed him to comfort her.

Naruto felt her head smash into his chest, he could feel the tears soak him. Before she could back out, he wrapped his arms around her protectively and held her. She seemed to burry herself into him, almost like she was looking for love, his love. They stayed like that for an hour before Hanabi finally stopped crying and looked up at Naruto.

"So..rry I guess know..." Naruto just grinned "It's ok, you have every right to be sad. I need to be the one who says sorry, my little Hime-chan."

Hanabi was shocked by this new nickname, the only one Naruto called his princess was Hinata. "Naru-kun...I wanted to tell you something today..." Naruto was taken back for this, he thought she would want to talk about the incident.

"Sure Hana-chan, you can tell me anything." he smiled down at her, to her it was just like when they first met. " you! It started as a crush and then you were the one who saved me from the sad life I had...that's when I started to love you...I don't think I can stop loving you...I know you only love my sister but I just..." she was cut off by Naruto who pulled her into another hug.

Naruto never knew it was love, he had always thought it was just a crush...not love. As he hugged her, he thought about the way he felt about it. He knew he loved her back almost or more than she loved him, but he didn't know what kind of love it was. Romantic, friends, brother and sister, he couldn't figure it out. It almost seemed like all of them mixed together. He needed more time to figure it out.

"Hana-chan...I love you too, probably more than you could ever image," she smiled and started to cry tears of joy, "I just don't know what kind of love it is." her smile faltered, 'How could he not know what kind of love it is'

"It's more than the love one has for a best friend, and it's more than the love one has for a sister, I just don't know what's after that." Naruto was truly puzzled he knew of all the kinds of love but this one was different and he couldn't figure out why.

"Could you love I love you and my sister loves you?" she knew it was a long shot but it was the only shot she had.

"No it's not but close...very close, in fact if only you were a little older. I don't know just give me time to figure it out...please don't give up on me yet." He wouldn't be able to bare it if she stopped loving him, he knew that.

"I won't I could never stop loving you, it hurts to think about it. But could you do one thing for me?" asked Hanabi. She needed something from him and didn't know if he would be willing to do it.

"What is it Hana-chan?" Naruto promised himself that he would do whatever she wanted, it was the least he could do for her. He still felt he owed her, he never wanted to her hurt that bad ever again.

"Give me a kiss..." she wanted to feel what her sister got to feel everyday.

He lend down and kissed her on her forehead, he thought that was what she meant.

"No...I want a real kiss, not one you normally give you would give my sister." she whispered it out barely loud enough for Naruto to hear. He felt odd about intimately kissing a eight year old. But when he saw her eyes and how they seemed to beg him for a small taste, he couldn't say no. Besides he did promise himself to give her whatever she wanted this one time.

He lend down and stole her first kiss. It was sloppy and inexperienced, but to Hanabi it was a dream come true. She felt his hands on her small shoulders as she reached up to his head and felt his golden mane. Her legs gave as she collapsed into him, it didn't stop the kiss though. Naruto found it to be slightly strange, but he enjoyed it. Even stranger, it didn't feel like cheating at all. It felt natural like when he kissed Hinata. The kisses were as different as night and day, but they both felt right to him.

The kiss seemed to last hours before Naruto finally broke it, he smiled intimately and said, "That was nice...Hanabi-chan." She just nodded and nuzzled his chest, she might of started off hurting but now she never felt more loved than at that very moment. She wondered if that was what her sister felt ever time they did it.

"Let's go precious Hanabi." he said gently as he picked her up in his arms. Naruto had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to walk for a few moments. It looked like Hanabi had her perfect day with Naruto as they walked towards the setting sun.

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