This story was written as a dare/suggestion.

Dedicated to Kairi15

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The night was humid. A strong wind blew in, pulling at the branches of the trees, siding of homes, and the coats of those foolish enough to stroll out into the evening darkness. It was late autumn, and the majority of the native community had locked themselves indoors, cranking up the heat to create pseudo-summer weather inside their miniature homes. Windows glowed orange, and more than one homeless had turned to grocery stores or bowling alleys to escape nature at her worst.

In the center of a huge property, consisting of mountains, wildlife, so much as a shore, a rather small abode was suffering the same effects of those in downtown Tokyo. Within the recesses of her home, the infamous manipulator of rekai was sitting down for a warm cup of tea with the younger ice maiden who lived with her.

Yukina smiled at Genkai, pouring the last of the herbal tea into the old woman's porcelain mug. "Would you like me to make some more?" She asked cheerfully. Honestly, this was the weather she loved best. Snow was in the air. Hopefully, by morning, a thin blanket of powder would cover everything, brought in by the nightly gales.

Genkai waved her aside, legs crossed in front of her. "No need. This shall be enough to warm my old bones for now." She wrapped both of her frail hands around said mug, taking a deep swallow, filling her soul with the warmth of the drink.

Yukina nodded, and set the kettle back on the small pillow that prevented it from burning the wood floor. Then she, too, lifted her smaller, daintier mug and imbibed a bit, her fragile frame relaxed. She set her empty cup next to the tea pot, and reminded herself to take them to the kitchen later. She had to do the dishes. When Genkai had finished, the aqua-haired girl took her mug as well, and lifted all three glasses on the tray, stepping outside to bring them to the kitchen. She carefully slid shut the paper door behind her, so that Genkai would not get too cold.

Balancing the tray quite easily, she stepped down to the ground that served as a courtyard in the center of Genkai's U-shaped home. Just beyond the stone guardian, Yukina froze, and turned her concerned eyes out into the night. Because of the light coming from her home, it was difficult to see far into the darkness. She shivered, but not from the cold. That she was used to.

She shook her head. A bad feeling... But it was probably nothing. Taking a deep breath, she continued onto the kitchen, and quickly slid, in turn, that paper door shut behind her. Yukina set the tray on the counter, then rinsed both glasses and the kettle, setting them on the rack to dry. She dried her hands on a towel, then went back to the door.

She hesitated before opening it. It had felt... like someone was watching her. But that was absurd. Nobody was around for miles, and who in their right mind would come all the way up here in the middle of a storm? She slid the door open quickly, half expecting some gruesome manner of demon to be waiting on the other side.

But no, she was alone, safe. With a sigh, she went back to Genkai, and gave the event no second thought.

Deep in the night, just within eyesight of Genkai's home, two crimson eyes flashed, reflecting the darkness. A white scarf billowed menacingly in the wind, and a purple orb blazed momentarily before the entire apparition simply disappeared.

Fin Prologue

Not my best work, seeing as I don't know where I'm going with this story yet..