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"-and that's what she said," Yusuke finished, waiting for a response.

It was dawn. Yusuke had gotten no sleep the night before. He'd talked with Kuwabara and Shizuru for another hour or so, then snuck into Keiko's room to talk to her until the sun had cast it's first rays upon the world. And now he was sitting across from Genkai, delivering the news.

Genkai took a sip from her tea. "This is all very troubling."

Yusuke raised his eyebrows. "Troubling? The fact that a dangerous demon has a crush on my fiancé is troubling? And that's not the understatement of the year.." He trailed off, yawning.

Genkai looked up. "So you've found out that it's Keiko?"

"Well, it's obviously not Yukina."

"On the contrary."

"What? But Yukina's his twin sister! How could he..." Yusuke shook his head, catching her glance. He silenced immediately.

"The reason that you stayed out all night two nights ago was to see what demon was stalking Yukina. You did not find the demon while Hiei was spending the night here. Does logic then not point to him?"

Yusuke cringed. "He's in love with Yukina?"

Genkai sighed. "I think it's time Yukina learned the truth about her brother. Bring her to me, will you?"

"Genkai, are you alright?" Yukina practically flew into the room, her crimson eyes wide. "Yusuke said it was urgent!"

Genkai smiled kindly. "I'm fine. Could you close the door? Then come join me."

Yukina nodded, mute. She sat down across from the old woman. Even both sitting, Yukina towered over the latter. She feared the worst news. Genkai couldn't possibly be dying!

"I've located your brother."

Yukina froze. For a second, time stopped. Like the déjà vu feeling she had had last night when Botan had woken her in the quiet darkness. A roaring sound filled her ears. "W-What?"

"Your twin brother. The koorime that was banished for being the son of an ice maiden. I've found him."

Yukina felt faint. "Where.. is he?"

"He's here."

She could feel her heart beat, deafeningly in her ears. "He's.. here?" She was too shocked for coherent words, she was barely able to even repeat what Genkai was telling her.

Genkai nodded.

The paper door opened. "Yusuke said you had a –" Hiei froze, staring at Yukina's eyes, filled with tears. It took a moment to understand, but he understood completely. Yukina was trembling. That could only mean..

His heart was pounding so loud, he was sure that Genkai could hear it. They had told Yukina about her twin brother. He wouldn't be surprised if they had told her about his.. feelings for her, either. He had been listening to them last night. Honestly, he hadn't expected them to figure it out so quickly. But who was he kidding? It was the infamous Yusuke. "No..."

A handful of tears slid down Yukina's cheeks. "Hiei.. my bro-"

He cut her off, doing something that would silence her for sure. He locked her words in her mouth with a kiss, pulling her frail body towards him. He just wanted this.. And then maybe his heart wouldn't hurt him every night.

Genkai sipped her tea.

Finally, someone was being honest around here.

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