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Riku was mad. Riku was more than mad, he was furious.

"Riku, it's not like it was on purpose I mean-"

"They knocked you over and who the hell knows what happened to your leg?" He pointed to what was my leg, but instead had a bandage around the calf part since the opponent's cleat had dug into it during the face off.

"I just have holes in my leg, no big deal."

"Oh yeah, holes in your leg, no deal!" Seifer put a hand on his shoulder and looked at him sternly.

"Hey you're the center now; take your anger out on the field." He said and Riku looked at him before his shoulders relaxed.

"Good job Seifer," Cid turned around from looking into the sky for no apparent reason before looking at all of them. "It's tied up boys, and Riku's going in as center. We all know he's a bit feistier than Sora here, so when that ball gets out grab it." I zoned out a bit, I didn't really need to listen to this because I wasn't going to be playing.

The holes in my leg, yeah, I kind of screwed up the face off and fell backwards. For those who don't know this, our face off is where we practically tackle each other to get the ball. So the other kid who was twice as wide as Rai and just as tall, trampled me down and when the ref called it since I didn't get up because I was screeching in pain, Riku threw down his stick and raced up to the other kid, ready to punch his lights out. Seifer quickly had thrown down his own stick from his position at at the attack wing, followed by Rai who thundered out of the goal like a rhino and grabbed Riku in a bear hug to stop him.

"-Sora?" I blinked and looked up at Riku who was looking at me worriedly."Oh wha?" I blinked again, the throbbing in my leg distracting me.

"I- oh never mind." He put his hand on my head and ruffled my hair. "Just don't go anywhere; I don't want you standing on that leg." He said before removing his hand and sliding his helmet on. Rai and Seifer headed each other with their helmets before Riku and Seifer nodded together and took their place on the field.

Riku was not as large as that other kid, but boy, he's gonna get one hell of a shock when Riku's through with him. The very first one, Riku trampled over him, leaping up with the ball while the other boy was on the floor dazed. He ran straight at the goal and shot it, scoring a point. Yeah, Riku's pumped.

After the 'good games' were done and our team poured water all over Rai for practically rampaging down the field with the ball and scoring, and then the orange Gatorade all over Riku and Seifer. Riku for scoring and getting an assist, and Seifer for receiving the assist and scoring. Seifer grabbed some of the kids and started to rub his knuckles into the top of their heads and I laughed.

"Is your leg better?" Riku came right over and I nodded my head. "Don't worry about me! Go celebrate and I'll be hobbling right behind you!" I joked but when I said 'hobble' Riku's eyes narrowed. He didn't like that idea.

"Or you can like take me to go see the nurse?" I asked slowly and he smiled and nodded. Sometimes this boy doesn't know how to have fun.

"President's on the move, over!" I rolled on the floor and hugged the wall, looking around it to see Roxas with his own walkie talkie.

"How long do you think this will go on?" Axel raised an eyebrow at me and Riku shook his head.

"I find it's better to let that one get it all out. I'm not sure about yours though." Riku said. The two of them became great friends, and would often refer to us as if we were their property, or like their pets. At first Roxas and I retorted but when we found out that there were very nice 'rewards' to letting them saw what they wanted, we let it go. Although the dog collars they got us as a joke pushed it a bit far, never-the-less, Roxas and I wore them on occasion.

"Roger that Sora, the driver is on his way, over." Roxas said slightly tugging at his silver plated collar that had a tag saying: "Roxie, property of Axel. If found, return or you will be burned."

"It's a good thing that I got extra tickets for this concert, otherwise it would just be the two of us, and that'd be no fun without you!" Axel said to Riku and Riku flipped his hair behind his shoulder.

"I know, because I put the fun in funeral." I turned and made a face at Riku's joke, which although they thought was funny I didn't all too like. But hey, that's them I guess and I've gotten used to it. Especially Riku.

"How long are you going to keep up this president thing, Sora?" Riku grabbed me around the waist and nipped at my neck, making me gulp.

"Not until next year when you really are Class President." I managed to say and grinned as we rounded the corner to meet up with Roxas.

"Greetings officer!" I saluted Roxas and he saluted back with a smile.

"Cloud's on his way captain." He replied and as soon as we stopped at the doorway Axel instantly attached himself to Roxas around the waist.

"Now Roxie, you can take all the pictures you want of this man that you so call 'handsome' and 'beautiful,' but just know that for each picture, I get something in return." He smirked and Roxas shrugged.

"Not like I care." Roxas shrugged him off making Axel pout and I laughed.

"Hey you four love birds come on out here or me and Leon are going with your tickets!" Cloud yelled at us from his car.

"It's not like you have 4 people going though!" I yelled out.

"Well… we could get hookers!" Cloud yelled back, earning an angry and possessive glare from Leon that said that no one but him was allowed to touch the blonde. Cloud nervously laughed and said it was a joke before glaring at the four of us.

"Well, let's not waste any more time, on to the concert!" Axel said and we started out. It's the summer and we're all still together, walking out to go to a concert. We don't know what will happen tomorrow, or if anyone else could have figured out what went on this school year, but we do know that the future will definitely be spent with each other. I don't think this could have gone any better for us, even if we did make a maching to switch brains like I had originally said.

I swear we could have made one.

In case anyone was wondering, yeah, Goalies in lacrosse (at least from what I know) can go anywhere they want on the field.

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