"You ever wonder something dude?" Troy said to Chad after having a break from basketball practice."What, Dude?" Chad said trying to get water out of his water bottle but had none. "You know,how you could wonder about love but never actually know how it feels?"


I really don't know why I'm thinking about this but you know a man has to ask.And anyways why was I asking Chad,he won't understand.Guess I got to talk to Sharpay.I left the court leaving Chad and his "unfilled" waterbottle business.

I arrived at Sharpay's usual designed locker. "Hey,Sharpay,I need some advice," I carelessly just said,without looking at Sharpay."What kind Troy?"Sharpay said wearing something she never wore before. "Wha" that was all I could after seeing Sharpay with baggiejeans for girls and a dark green coulored T-Shirt,also I've noticed she had no highheals on just sneakers,and no hairstyle. "What!" Sharpay said(can't believe she didn't notice)

"Have you seen what you were wearing today?" Troy asked with his mouthdropped. "Yeah,So?" Sharpay answered,closing Troy's mouth."You look cool," he had to admit he she did."What about the advice?your wasting time here," Sharpay's usual talk again. "Oh yeah!Could you help me find true love?" Zac asked forgetting all about Sharpay's clothes.


I really didn't know what to say about that so all that came from my mouth was: "Ask Tina, she's the love doctor." That was stupid, but I didn't know what to say! Guess,that's all that came out. Troy left to Tina, and I left to my English class. Hope Tina doesn't do as bad as I did.

Hope you guys like the first chapter and REVIEW! By the way if you're wondering Tina,isn't in the cast of High School Musical, she's just made up.