Sorry to everybody I'm really sorry for making you people wait but I am going to finish this story!!!

After I left, I realized what I just did, I'm happy but there's a problem with all of this. Actually there's a BIG problem! What am I going to tell the team, oh god. The championship is going to be in 3 months, and the problem is that I'll be moving in another college in another city for 3 YEARS!!! And I have to go because my dad, he's gonna kill me if he finds out about Sharpay and all. Oh no, I'll be dead if anyone finds out and another problem: Gaby is in the same college I'm going to move to. WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY TO HER?! I'm moving to Ohio where Gaby is, but I can go to another college but the college I'm going to , Wrunette, is the only place I can play for the championship. Weird name for a college but that's a college for talented people so since Gaby is a great singer she's there, and me for basketball.

I noticed I was thinking about that for too long. It was 8:00 P.M, time to go to my dorm. I ran in to Sharpay and she saw the worried look on my face, I tried to hide it but it wouldn't fade away. " What's wrong Troy? I guess your thinking that someone might have caught us doing what we did, but don't worry no one asked about it, did they?" she asked me thinking that was the reason. " No," that's all I said because I noticed I was sweating. I ran into my dorm and jumped on my bed, and I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about how Sharpay will take care of the baby by herself, since I'll be moving. I think I shouldn't tell her at all, considering that I'll never see her again. I guess I won't see her sad face after she finds out. But I'll be back in 3 years, by that time Sharpay will probably marry Zeke and I'll be off the hook. But what if she doesn't? What if she looks for me? What if she calls the cops and I get arrested for leaving my child? All these stupid questions made me tired, and I finally went to sleep.