The New Mamodo Battle

Chapter 1: The Mamodo King, Zatch Bell

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It's been five years since Zatch Bell and Kiyo won the mamodo battle.

"Zatch I can't believe you actually brought me to the mamodo world," said Kiyo Zatch's partner.

"Yeah you're the first human ever to come to the mamodo world," said Zatch.

"Really?" said Kiyo surprised.

"Yeah only the mamodo king can bring humans here," said Zatch. "Oh yeah I brought Megumi here too she's with Tia."

"She is? I haven't seen Megumi for five years," said Kiyo surprised.

"Yeah we're going to meet them right now," said Zatch. "Then I'm going to make a speech telling every mamodo that there will never be a mamodo battle again and that you need a human to let you do your spells. And since humans never come here they can't use their spells to fight!"

"Good idea that way mamodos will never have to fight again," said Kiyo. They walked on.

"Kiyo!" shouted Megumi. "It's been a while."

"Yeah I know did Tia tell you about what Zatch is going to do?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah I think it's great no more violence among mamodos!"

"Kiyo, Tia, Megumi," said Zatch. "Come on!" They ran up to a platform and looked down. Below them were thousands of mamodos waiting for the king to speek.

"Wow Zatch look at all of these mamodos," said Kiyo.

Zatch payed no attention to him. "Mamodos I have come to tell you all something important," shouted Zatch. "For now on there will be no more mamodo battles, and I have put a spell up so no mamodo can do a spell unless a human has their spell book!" The croud started talking amongst themselves loudly. How could the king put an end to such a tradition? BOOM! There was a big crack of thunder. Then lightning and a small mamodo came out of the lightning.

"AH!" shouted Zatch taking a step back.

"What's going on Zatch?" asked Kiyo.

"I don't know Kiyo," said Zatch.

The mamodo was about Zatch's height. He glared at him. He had bright red eyes and jet black hair. He wore a green tee shirt. "What did you just say!" screamed the mamodo.

"Uhh," said Zatch at a loss for words.

"No one puts an end to the mamodo battles and no one stops spells from being used in the mamodo world!" he screamed.

"Who are you?" shouted Kiyo.

"I am the god of all mamodos and my name is none of your business!" screamed the mamodo god.

"But but I'm the king," said Zatch.

"That doesn't matter I am the god!" screamed the mamodo god.

"Zatch this is not a good guy we have to destroy him and I don't care how strong he is!" shouted Kiyo.

"Right!" said Zatch. "I'm glad I brought you here. Look what I've got." Zatch pulled out the red spell book.

"Ok Zatch let's go!" shouted Kiyo. "ZAKER!" Zatch's pupils disappeared and lightning came out of his mouth.

"Heh!" laughed the god mamodo. "ZAKER!" he screamed and he shot lightning out of his mouth. It quickly overpowered Zatch and hit him.

"AHHHHH!" screamed Zatch. "KIYO we have to get out of here!"

"Right!" he said. Kiyo picked up Zatch and ran. So did Tia and Megumi.

When they got away Kiyo set down Zatch and rested.

Back at the place where the god was:

"We must get a new mamodo king!" he shouted. "The mamodo battle will be held now! But this time I will send out five hundred mamodo just like when I fought in it! I will be king untill the end of the mamodo battle!" Mamodo started to dissapear and all over the world. Then it stopped. "Now the mamodo battle begins!"

"Damn it!" said Kiyo. He was watching from behind some bushes. "I've got to tell Zatch!" He ran back to where Zatch, Tia, and Megumi were. He explained everything. "Hey guys are you ready for another mamodo battle? Let's make it five hundred two!"

"Ok Kiyo!" yelled Zatch. "I'm still king as long as he hasn't sat on the throne meaning I can transport us back to the human world!" With that said Zatch transported them all to Earth.

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