A/N: All of the mamodos in my story will only be ages 2-15. So if you gave me one that is too old then I will make it's age fifteen.

The New Mamodo Battle

Chapter 10


"So now that we're allies what do we do?" asked Koji. "How do I contact you if I need your help?"

"Well, I live in Tokyo," said Callista. "What about you?"

"Same here," Koji replied. They each exchanged telephone numbers, and addresses. "Alright now that that's settled I guess I'll see you later," said Koji with a wave. "Let's go Zane." They both headed towards the door, when the heard a scream.

"What was that?" shouted Callista.

"I don't know? Do you think it was another mamodo?" asked Koji.

"Could be," said Callista.

"Then we got to go help! We can't let anyone get hurt!" yelled Koji.

"Right," said Zane with a nod. They opened the door quickly. It slammed against the wall and left a dent, but the both were to excited to notice. Both teams were out the door in seconds.

-10- (For now on in a scene change I will put the chapter # between two dashes)

"AHHHHHH!" campers were running around screaming. There was a woman and her son cowering against a tree and two figures were standing in front of them. One of them looked fifteen. He had a black cloak on him and a hood up that was covering his head. He looked a little like the Grim Reaper himself. His hands were the only things sticking out of his sleeves, and his fingers were sharp like knives. Standing behind him was a young girl, who was the age of fifteen. She was standing on prostetic legs. She had long purple hair that went all the way o her hips. She was wearing a black trench goat over her black turtleneck. She also had a long black skirt on and knee-high black boots.

"Hey Yuurei," said the boy unemotionally. "I'll let you choose how we kill these two."

"You're so kind Desu," Yuurei said a little sarcastically. "How about we torture them with our first spell and then kill them with our third."

"I like the way you think Yuurei," Desu said. "Go, use it."Feasen." She said the spell nonchalantly. Desu put both of his hands out with his palms open wide. Out of both palms came ghosts.

"Go... torture them to the verge of death," Desu said evily. Four of the ghosts grabbed them. Two for each human. The woman screamed and the boy began to cry.

"ZOLDA!" screamed a voice. A lightning blast flew at Desu. He turned around and dismissed the boy. He stuck out one of his arms with his palm wide open. The attack collided with his hand and exploded creating a huge smokescreen. When the smoke cleared Desu was in the exact same pose. He looked to the source of the attack and saw Koji, with his book open, and Zane. They were both glaring at them.

"A mamodo," Desu said.

"What are you waiting for!?" Koji shouted to the woman and her son. "Get out of here!" The woman hesitated and then grabbed her son by the arm. She took off running away from Desu and Yuurei.

"Not so fast," Yuurei said unemotionally.

"No," Desu said. "They don't matter anymore, but the mamodo and the boy do."

"Yes," Yuurei said. "How about we play with them a little before we kill them?"

"I guess that wouldn't hurt," Desu said.

"You won't get away with what you have done!" Koji shouted.

"Yeah!" Zane shouted as well.

"You look familiar," Desu said.

"Well there's no way you have ever seen me because I have never met you in my life!" yelled Zane.

"Ah yes," Desu said. "You're the son of the two mamodo I killed the day that the mamodo god showed up."

"What!?" shouted Zane. "What do you mean my parents went out to watch King Zatch's speech."

"Yes, they were there," Desu said. "They were trying to protect Zatch Bell, but the ran into an obstacle. That obstacle was me. They tried to fight me off, but I killed them with one spell."

"NO!" screamed Zane.

"Yes," Desu said. "The mamodo god and I had that day planned out since Zatch Bell became king. We can't have a soft-hearted weakling like him be the Mamodo King now can we. At first we tried to kill him, but then he escaped with his book partner."

"I won't let you be the mamodo king!" shouted Zane.

"Neither will I!" Koji agreed. "Get ready Callista!" Koji thought even though she couldn't hear him.

"How do you expect to defeat me when you couldn't even use one spell in the Mamodo World?" Desu asked.

"How do you know about that!?" shouted Zane.

"Here," Desu said. He threw a crumbled up piece of paper to Zane who caught it. He unfolded it. It was a note that was written to him. He read it in his mind as Koji crouched down beside him and read over his shoulder.

Zane, I am writing this letter to you one hour before King Zatch's speech. Your mother and I have heard talk of an attack on King Zatch's life. We are going to try to protect him, but chances are we will die. These mamodo must be extremely powerful to be able to take Zatch Bell down. I know that even though you have never been able to use a spell before that you will learn and become a powerful mamodo. If your mother and I both die and King Zatch somehow survives we want you to search for him and protect him as we did. No matter what be willing to give you life for him, my son. I know deep in my heart that you will become a powerful mamodo, but please with that power stay and destroy the evil. I am counting on you son. I love you.

Zane dropped the letter in shock. "You..." was all he could manage to say.

"Yes, you see I'm not that bad am I? I will even kill you now so you can be with your parents," Desu said.

"I won't let you!" Zane said.

"Let's go Zane!" Koji shouted. "We can't let him get away with this! ZOLDA!" Zane's pupils dissappeared and he shot an even bigger stream of lightning than ever before.

"Yuurei," Desu said unemotionally.

"Kyoumania," she said unemotionally as well. Desu put out his hand like he was grabbing something. A scythe appeared in Desu's hand. He swung it horizontally at the wave of lightning, splitting it in half.

"NO WAY!" Koji yelled.